Features of modern kitchen

Features of modern kitchen Signs of modern kitchen interior design + design ideas

Life is not stands still, and after some time, even such a stable phenomenon as the kitchen interior begins to change. What was relevant and fashionable 10 and 20 years ago is now uninteresting and outdated. Today, while the pace of life is accelerating, the kitchen should simplify a person's life to the maximum and bring him comfort and convenience.

This can contribute to the emergence of a large number of unusual household appliances, accessories, as well as an excellent opportunity to decorate all premises and use every square meter of living space with maximum benefit.


Modern style has many features common to styles:

  • Clarity and simplicity lines.

  • Styles are sometimes mixed, even completely different ones.
  • Free space.
  • Neatness, cleanliness, lack of chaos and order in everything.
  • Thoughtfully arranged pieces of furniture and accessories, taking into account convenience and functionality, as well as ergonomics.
  • The correct combination of materials and colors, and sometimes even the play of contrasts.

  • The use of modern materials, which have an increased level of wear resistance and maximum practicality.
  • Smooth and even surfaces.
  • Using smart technology to save residents time.
  • Multi-level backlighting that serves both a practical and a decorative function.

Next, we suggest taking a closer look at what modern styles are.

Modern style trends in kitchen design

Nowadays there are many very popular interior styles that are considered modern and are used to equip the kitchen space.

Let's take a look at everything briefly:

  1. Features of modern kitchen Minimalism - is a special style that makes it possible to get rid of the feeling of crampedness, constraint in a confined space by getting rid of everything unnecessary. It will be characterized by solid surfaces, geometric shapes, restraint of colors, materials of natural origin, a lot of free space and a lot of light. Furniture should be functional to the maximum (ideally built-in), and the combination of rooms is also encouraged, the decor should be at least.
  2. Art Deco is a style that was created to surprise and even delight, and is the opposite of minimalism.

    Its distinctive features are a bold combination of shades, as well as following original ideas that are often taken from other cultures and countries, exclusive and bright objects as decor, the use of expensive household items and materials, and decoration of luxury rooms.

  3. Eco-style is characterized by clear and simple silhouettes, materials of natural origin, mainly light shades, a lot of free space, thematic decor, but not very much, as well as ceramic dishes and wicker furniture ... Plenty of natural light is encouraged.

  4. Hi-tech is distinguished by its modernity and practicality at the same time. It can be used even for the smallest rooms, but at the same time create the effect of visually expanding the space. The style will be characterized by straight lines, clear forms, the use of modern materials like concrete, metal, plastic, glass, the presence of a large number of light sources, as well as love in glossy surfaces. Be sure to use the latest technology, because high-tech is characterized by stylization for the future.
  5. Country is an unusual style that brings rustic simplicity to everyday life, creates an atmosphere of warmth, simplicity and comfort.

    These are simple shapes, materials of natural origin, freedom from urban conventions, the choice of light and dark colors of decoration. The arrangement of pieces of furniture can be completely different, and it is also characterized by the use of decor in large quantities, and especially thematic.

  6. Shabby chic is a very unusual idea for modern cuisine, and literally translates as "shabby chic", and the style originated in the early 90s. It is characterized by pastel shades and light colors for walls and other parts of the interior, a slight dilapidation of decoration, candles and lamps, materials of natural origin or artificial with imitation, special attention is paid to decorative elements.

  7. Kitsch n is a mixture of different styles, and natural and artificial materials are used for it, dissimilar things are combined, and you can also choose unusual, bright and defiant colors.

  8. Modernism - is the style that is ideal for living in a city apartment in a metropolis, where there is a constant lack of time. The main features are a sense of spaciousness, functionality and comfort, convenience and simplicity in bringing the kitchen to its proper form. The style will tend to use a bar counter rather than a dining table. When applying shades, you need one main color, and the rest will be the background, simplicity of forms, materials that are easy to clean, excellent lighting and a minimum amount of decor are welcome.
  9. Contemporary - an unusual and rare style based on linearity.

    Its features are simplicity and minimalism, straight lines, geometric prints, various accessories, restraint in decor elements. Within the framework of the style, you can choose almost any color, and dilute the calm with bright, catchy ones. He was able to combine the tendencies of other styles, and took from them the maximum amount of comfort, simplicity and elegance.

Next, it's worth talking in more detail about what colors are a sign of a modern kitchen.

Colors and shades for modern interiors

Above we have considered different color solutions for kitchen planning, and we will stop for a detailed consideration.

The color around us in the kitchen will affect the appetite and mood, and this fact should be taken into account when choosing the colors of the kitchen set, as well as other elements of the room.

It will be of great importance whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, who lives in the apartment, as well as when and how it is customary to eat in your family:

  • Red color - creates a holiday mood, carries only positive emotions, is suitable for passionate natures, but increases excitability and appetite.
  • Orange - encourages movement, improves appetite, tones, improves mood. It perfectly matches the dark range, and also helps to visually fill the kitchen space with warmth.
  • Yellow - creates coziness and gives energy.

  • Green improves mood, has a beneficial effect on appetite, soothes.
  • Blue and blue have a calming effect, reduce appetite, and also create a cool effect and visually make the room look bigger.
  • Purple is the colors of inspiration and wisdom, adds a touch of luxury and looks great in a glossy finish.
  • White is the color of harmony, purity, calmness and lightness, it is a neutral / base color. It is versatile, combined with almost all other shades, suitable for a small kitchen, and for spacious rooms.

  • Black is also a basic and versatile color, in a small amount it adds elegance and luxury to things. It helps balance out other colors and also enhances contrast. It goes well with bright colors, as well as chrome and metal surfaces. It tends to visually give the surface, but only with moderate use.

Colored kitchens are very effective, but you should experiment with color carefully.

The optimal number of bright shades for a kitchen interior can be considered two colors when combined with a neutral one. A modern kitchen interior in the best design will have neutral walls, ceiling and floor in combination with a bright set in the kitchen. Combinations of contrasting colors will look great - black and white with any other bright shade, as well as when they are combined with each other, which will always be fashionable, expressive and elegant.

Fashionable decorative elements and design novelties

In addition to standard materials and methods for decorating the kitchen, there are modern ideas and novelties that are also noteworthy.

Features of modern kitchen Glass skins (i.

e. a glass apron) will protect the walls from mud, moreover, such an apron will be easy to install and will not be inferior in properties to tiles.At the same time, it is possible to execute any graphic images - both simple patterns that will be in harmony with drawings on pieces of furniture, and photos / drawings of gorgeous quality.

F Printing and wallpaper are also new developments in kitchen design. You can decorate one wall, for example the one that is closer to the table, with photo wallpaper on a modern theme.

This design will look especially great with neutral wall colors. The use of 3D wallpaper is a kind of application of new technologies in practice. Such canvases are resistant to wear, easy to clean, practically do not fade, and are safe for people. The disadvantage is the high cost and small assortment.

Acrylic and metal for decoration is also one of the features of the modern kitchen.

The fact is that acrylic can be given any shape, it will not fade or fade, it is easy to maintain, durable and beautiful. The use of metal will also be characteristic of the modern style, and will also beneficially complement the interior of the kitchen space. Gloss with matte-type inserts looks both solid and fashionable. Curved lines of drawers and countertops, rounded corners also found their application for kitchen sets, and this is not only modern, but also safe, especially when there are small children at home. Stretch ceilings are more typical for a modern interior than plastered ones.

They look great with multi-point lighting, which will need to be thought out in advance.

Arrangement of pieces of furniture

Now a little about the general principles of placing kitchen furniture, and there are six options for a modern layout:

  • The corner kitchen (L-shaped) is a great option for small spaces where a lot of people gather.
  • U-shaped - furniture is placed against three walls, if the room is impassable.
  • Parallel (two-row) kitchen - for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need a lot of storage space.
  • Linear (single row) kitchen - for narrow small rooms, and also suitable for a studio apartment.

  • A kitchen with an island is ideal for a large room, and the island can be both a work area and a dining area.
  • A kitchen with a peninsula is a kind of partition that is connected to the working area and can serve for delimitation (zoning).

The dining table must be at least 1 meter away from the working triangle (food preparation area). For a small kitchen, a table with chairs is ideal, although kitchens with sofas look more comfortable. Moreover, the sofa can play the role of an extra bed, and also be a storage area.

By the way, about the latter - the zones should be arranged according to the principle of convenience (things that are often used should be at hand, that is, in the lockers that are closest to the work surface).What you use irregularly can be folded higher and lower, and rarely used things will be advisable to hide in the far corners of the headset cabinet.


A sign of the modern kitchen interior is also the combination of the kitchen and the room, that is, the creation of a kitchen-studio. In a small size, such a fit will be useful and effective, and in this case it will be convenient to use a retractable tabletop or bar counter. With the help of a sill, steps, the use of different materials, as well as columns and countertops, you can zone the space, visually make it into parts with different purposes.

The design of the living room and kitchen can be combined using common decor elements, or each room can be distinguished and decorated in different styles. By the way, for such a kitchen, a powerful exhaust system will be mandatory elements that can clean the air well and maintain the living room microclimate.

Using smart technology

A modern kitchen should have cooking devices (induction hob, hob, touch-sensitive oven, airfryer, bread machine) , appliances for storage and climate (hood, air conditioner, freezer, refrigerator) and various helpers for the kitchen (mixer, food processor, etc.).