Features of mosquito nets for roof windows

Features of mosquito nets for roof windows Mosquito nets

Like any other window products, nets are used to protect insect protection. Unlike standard grids, dormers should have a special design for ease of use of the window. Mansard nets are made from a transparent, woven material. This color will not be conspicuous, creating darkness in the room. Thanks to the small holes, it will be impossible for insects to enter the room.

The mosquito net will also help to get rid of excessive accumulation of dust in the room, but if it is too dense, it will be difficult for fresh air to enter the room.

Models of nets

One of the most popular mosquito nets is Velux. Their main goal is to protect the room from various insects, while such a grid will fit very stylishly into many interior styles of rooms, it will not look attracting attention.

Excellent air permeability through such a structure, for high-quality ventilation of the room. This company has a wide selection of colors, gray and transparent colors are in great demand.

Thanks to a special handle, the net can be freely moved around the window. In order to wipe the window or completely remove the grid, it is enough to lift it up.

Features of mosquito nets for roof windows The difference from the standard mesh is that these have special guides and a strong frame base. The mesh can move up and down perfectly. The cloth is made from fiberglass.

The materials used are transparent. The main advantages are their durability, and good transmission of sunlight into the room. The base is made of aluminum. It has light weight, long service life and stylish appearance. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for its products.

They also have a custom-made mesh service, so if you wish, you can choose a mesh of any shade. There are also models with remote control. This option will be ideal for windows that are high. They are divided into two types: powered by sunlight and from electricity. Grids work great with different curtains if you want to hide the light.

This is especially true for sunny weather.

Additional features

Special nets for roof windows are very different from nets for standard windows. She not only has a different visual appearance, modern manufacturing technology, other fasteners, but also has slightly different, broader functions.

Due to the fact that the grid has the ability to open, it can serve you in its original form for a very long time. When the window is opened, it lowers and actively protects the room from insects and dust.

There are many different nets, but the best quality ones that are worth purchasing are from companies: Roto, Velux, Fakro.

The advantages of these structures:

  • Features of mosquito nets for roof windows Protection from debris, dust and insects.At the same time, it is possible to ventilate the room,
  • Practical appearance of the nets. It is attractive and has a long service life.
  • This mesh is very easy to maintain and dust-repellent.

  • Due to the fact that the mesh is small, even the smallest insect will not enter the room.

When purchasing a mosquito net for a roof window, it is recommended to choose firms that are well known and that give a guarantee for products.

The mosquito net is not afraid of exposure to sunlight, it does not deform and is resistant to high humidity. It is difficult to do without bridge mesh in the hot season. For roof windows, the use of classic nets will be very inconvenient.

It is for this reason that special mosquito nets are used, because they provide excellent protection against insects, dust and dirt.

Appointment of nets for the attic

Installed mosquito nets make it real to ventilate the room in summer, there is no need to fear that dust or any debris will enter the room. In the evening and at night, the windows can also be left open, bloodthirsty insects will not penetrate through the mesh and will not disturb your sleep.

A lot of nets are guaranteed for about a year, because the mesh size is one millimeter, this will not give insects a pass. You will need a net for a manard window if you like to spend time in the attic in the summer, do not like buzzing insects and you do not like dust and any debris flying around the room.

Mosquito nets are installed differently from usual ones, so when they are not needed they can be simply removed.