Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

When purchasing an apartment in a new building, even with a renovation, immediately tune in to the fact that a lot will have to be changed in it. And often you have to invest in glazing, although there are brand new windows. This is especially true for panoramic or stained glass options. The glasses supplied by the developers usually do not protect from external cold, but they easily give off internal heat. To create a favorable microclimate and save on heating, you will need to replace cold glazing with warm one.

Methods for installing warm glazing

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Thanks to the warm glazing, the loggia can even be turned into a nursery

Cold glazing involves the installation of one layer of glass with low air tightness. This option is only suitable if you want to protect your veranda or terrace from dirt and wind. But it will not work to create a comfortable microclimate of a living room on a loggia or balcony, especially in winter.

The cost of warm glazing is higher due to the greater amount of materials required and the complexity of the work. In new houses, it is rarely installed, and already the apartment owners themselves have to solve the problem of warmth and comfort in the house.

There are five ways to replace cold glazing with warm glazing. Most of them allow not only to reduce heat loss, but also:

  • eliminate condensation on the inner surface of the glass;
  • prevent moisture from entering, which saves from the formation of fungus and mold on the walls and ceiling;
  • reduce the level of noise coming from the street.

After that, the balcony or loggia can be made a full-fledged room.

The choice of methodology depends on what result you want to achieve, and how much money and time you are willing to invest.

Method # 1.

Replacing single glass with a multi-chamber glass unit

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

The easiest way is to replace cold glazing with a plastic glass unit

This is the simplest method , which can be implemented without even involving masters. At first, the new window will keep warm well, the installation costs are minimal. But there are many pitfalls behind simplicity.

Such a loggia or balcony will immediately catch the eye due to the difference in the thickness of the glazing. And this is fraught with a fine from the municipal authorities or problems with the owner of the house.

There are other disadvantages as well. The foam, which is used to fill the gaps, quickly collapses. This leads to depressurization of the structure. And because of the subtlety of the profile itself, "cold bridges" appear along the perimeter of the window. The flaw can be leveled by pasting the aluminum base with foam foam 0.

1-0.5 cm thick.

Method # 2. Installation of the second window row.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

With double glazing, it is important to synchronize the opening of the sash

From the side of the room, an additional window structure is mounted almost close to the already exposed ( at a distance of 10-15 cm).

Usually, frames are made of metal-plastic and double-glazed windows.

The advantage of this technique is a significant decrease in heat losses and low cost. The second window, even with a little construction experience, can be installed independently, the help of industrial climbers is not required. But it also has several flaws:

  • a decrease in the usable area of ​​the room - not suitable for narrow balconies and loggias;
  • the appearance of condensation on the glass, their fogging, which leads to the development of fungus and mold;
  • Difficulty opening the doors if not perfectly aligned.

Installing an additional structure overloads the base plate.

Before installation work, check whether it can withstand the load, otherwise the balcony will collapse. To avoid this, you can expose the rack supports. But if the balcony is located high above the ground, it is unprofitable: the racks will have to be "pulled" to the full height of the building.

Method # 3. Thermal insulation of profile elements

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

A clamping bar is used to insulate the facade from the outside

It is assumed not only to replace thin glass, but also modification of the profile.


  1. Remove the glass sheet.
  2. Clean the profile surface by removing silicone inserts, sealant residues and gaskets.
  3. Install the new glass unit on the old frame using the pressure plates with thermal inserts.

Frame elements are closed from the outside with decorative covers painted to match the color of the facade. Swing and sliding systems must be replaced.

Warming occurs due to thermal inserts. The method will not give ideal heat saving - it should not be chosen for the northern regions, although the indoor microclimate will improve. The advantage here is an increase in noise insulation, as well as maintaining the size of the window, which is important for the appearance and light transmission.

Method No. 4.

Extension of profile parts

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

The gaps that appear after installation can be covered with strip strips

This technique is almost as good as the cardinal replacement of window glazing. To complete it, you need to remove the glass and clean the profile elements to perfect smoothness. The frame base is additionally strengthened.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Instructions for replacing cold glazing with warm one

A new thickened and insulated frame with thermal inserts is reinforced on top of it. If there is a mismatch in the internal profile strips, the old ones are deleted.

Double-glazed windows with 3-5 chambers are installed inside the frame. The height of the frame is adjusted with aluminum extrusions.

When the profile elements are added, gaps are usually formed that are covered by decorative overlays, strips with clips for fastening, clamping strips.

The advantages of this method are high thermal insulation, noise protection and ease of repair: glazing elements can be easily removed. Moreover, the work will cost less than a complete replacement of cold windows.

The disadvantages include a decrease in the transparent part, and, accordingly, in light transmission. But with the correct selection of the frame width, the disadvantage can be minimized.

Method No. 5.Radical glazing replacement

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Complete replacement is the ideal solution for keeping warm and looking good.

The method is the best, but also the most expensive. You will need to dismantle the old glazing completely, down to the concrete or brick base. In its place, a new, fully insulated, post-transom facade is installed.

Such technology is not feasible on its own. We'll have to hire professionals, attract industrial climbers.

But the replacement will happen faster than in all other cases.

Only this method can be selected if frameless glazing is installed in the new building: the glasses are not fixed to the frame, but fitted to each other. This is a beautiful option, but not tight enough and is good for cold and moisture. If you want warmth and comfort, you will have to change.

Selection of materials for a new window

For warm glazing, aluminum structures or plastic double-glazed windows are suitable.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Aluminum insulating glass units - light and strong

The advantages of the first option:

  • increased strength;
  • no deformation due to temperature changes;
  • anti-corrosion properties.

Since the aluminum frames are lightweight, the base plate will not be overloaded. The new glazing will last a long time and will reliably protect against heat loss and street sounds. But the installation of windows is rather complicated, and the material itself is expensive.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Plastic windows are inexpensive and easy to install

Plastic is notable for its budget and ease of care.

It is not difficult to install windows, even do-it-yourself installation is possible. Double-glazed windows will protect you from cold and noise, but are prone to condensation. Plastic structures weigh a lot: they can only be mounted on a concrete or stone base.

If funds are available, wood-aluminum windows can also be supplied. The frame here is made of solid wood, covered with aluminum overlays.

A standard glass unit is inserted into it. Wood allows you to avoid "cold bridges", and metal protects it from the effects of external negative factors.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Wood-aluminum models retain heat best of all

In addition to the material for glazing and fittings, you need to choose the right paint for the frames. New window structures will have to be painted in the same color as the old ones so as not to disrupt the design of the facade.

When choosing a material for windows, pay attention to the absence of external defects on the glass and profile:

  • chips and cracks;
  • frame distortions;
  • turbidity of glass;
  • differences in thickness.

Experts do not advise placing plastic double-glazed windows on aluminum frames or performing warm-cold glazing in one opening. This will lead to increased heat loss, fogging of windows and micro-leaks of moisture. The latter is fraught with the appearance of mold and fungal growths on the walls and ceiling.

Prices for metal-plastic windows


Design work and coordination with the UK ​​

Modern multi-storey buildings are designed to fit perfectly into the infrastructure of the microdistrict. Different double-glazed windows in one house make its appearance untidy, and the owners of loggias that stand out from the general appearance of the house run the risk of receiving an administrative penalty.

To avoid this, a project to replace cold glazing with warm glazing is required. He must take into account the structural features of the building, its design, the amount of materials and other costs.

Content of the project

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Not only general drawings are required, but also diagrams of modified nodes

The document must include drawings and explanations to them. Graphically express:

  • glazing of a balcony or loggia at the moment;
  • view after replacing structural elements;
  • filling each glazing section separately;
  • master nodes and connections that have changed.

The documentation must indicate the brand and formula of the glass unit, the type of profile parts, the colors of all elements (according to the RAL system).

The document also includes a description of the order of work, calculation of the load - wind in all cases, snow - if the window is located on the roof. On the title page of the document indicate the address and contact information of the customer and the contractor.

Approval rules

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

If all residents of a high-rise building decide to change the glazing, the permission of the expert commission is required

The project is coordinated with the management company or other organization in charge of the apartment building. If during the internal installation of additional insulation, communication with the management company can be avoided, then the involvement of industrial climbers will definitely require permission. Although in the first case, it is worth securing consent, since serious insulation increases the load on the supporting plate.

Approval is required, even if industrial climbers are not attracted, if:

  • The thickness of the filling of the facade structure changes.
  • The dimensions of the light openings are reduced (the metal-plastic profile is approximately 2 cm wider than the aluminum one).
  • Facade elements are structurally changed.

If all residents of an apartment building at a general meeting decided to completely change the appearance of the building, they will not only have to coordinate the project with the owner of the building or the management company, but also contact the municipal construction and architecture authorities. The expediency and possibility of such re-glazing are assessed by a commission of experts.

If the glazing is replaced without permission, fines will be imposed on the property owner. In addition, in most cases he will be forced to restore the appearance of the facade at his own expense.

Documents for contacting the UK ​​

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Check if the specialists of the selected installation organization have permission to work at height

Having prepared the project, the owner of the premises must write an application to the UK for work. In addition to the project documents, the application must be accompanied by:

  • an extract from Rosreestr on ownership or a copy of the certificate;
  • a certificate stating that there are no debts for utilities;
  • copies of certificates for the materials to be used in the glazing;
  • a guarantee of the contractor who will perform the work.

If it is planned to carry out high-rise work, confirmation will be required that company personnel have permission to carry out such work.

Do-it-yourself glazing change

If your apartment is located on the upper floors of a high-rise building, you can improve the microclimate in the apartment with your own hands only from inside the loggia or balcony. All other options are possible only with the involvement of industrial climbers. It is easier for residents of the first floors and low-rise private houses: you can try to cope on your own. The easiest option would be to replace the glass unit with the most suitable size and color scheme, but with increased heat-shielding properties.

Preparatory steps

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

It is better not to buy standard models, but to make original ones according to individual sizes

First of all, you need to draft a project for future work.

Even if you don't plan to report them to the management company, the changes will be minimal. If you do not have enough funds for a professional project, try to at least schematically reflect future windows graphically. To keep things clear, take careful measurements.

Experts do not recommend buying frames of standard sizes. When taking measurements, keep in mind that you need a gap for construction foam of about 3 cm on each side.

The next step is to select the required materials. Work will require, first of all, new double-glazed windows. The number of cameras in them depends on the region: two-chamber models are suitable for the south, and five-chamber models for the far north. In addition, you will need:

  • a sealing compound;
  • a seal;
  • fittings;
  • a heat insulator for walls, floor and ceiling (if it is a loggia or balcony).

First, make a list with approximate prices, and then, according to the scheme, calculate the quantity and cost of the necessary materials, including the cost of delivery and other additional services.

When purchasing building materials, stock up on about 10 percent of the total required amount.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

It is better to cover the floor on the loggia with plywood

If the insulation and finishing of the floor at the time of glazing is completed, it will be necessary to ensure the safety of the coating. You can close it with a dense plywood sheet or fiberboard.


Self-glazing is possible only if you have experience in construction and installation work.

How to do it - step-by-step instructions:

Step 1.

Remove the leaves by removing the pins from the hinges from above and removing the structure from the lower pins. Then remove the old frames completely if necessary. Clean the opening from plaster, dirt and treat with a special sealant.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm Step 2. Try on new frames using a building level to avoid distortion.

You can use wooden pegs for leveling.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm Step 3. Attach the new frames using anchors and screws with plastic dowels or special steel plates.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Step 4. Install new glass panes, check their tightness.

There will be no spontaneous opening and closing if the window is set flat. Features of replacing cold glazing with warm Step 5. Zap up the gaps, leaving the sash open during the process. Then close them and wait for the foam to set. When it "stands up", remove the wooden pegs, and seal the holes again.

Prices of polyurethane sealant

Polyurethane sealant

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Step 6 . After that, you can insulate the walls of the loggia or balcony.

Sometimes, to save money, the aluminum frames are not changed. They are insulated with polyamide thermostats to eliminate cold bridges. With the original frameless glazing, this will not work: you will have to replace the window structure completely.

Video - DIY balcony glazing technology

Possible problems and errors

Improper replacement of windows can not only spoil the appearance of the house, but also lead to more serious consequences, up to and including its destruction. So, it is forbidden to cut rack elements in aluminum structures and remove other load-bearing parts. There are other nuances to consider.

Features of replacing cold glazing with warm

Different-sized glazing spoils the appearance of the building.

Main problem points to avoid:

Error Possible negative consequence
"Foaming" of voids inside the aluminum rack elements.

Internal break
Removing parts from the outside of the curtain wall. Changing the appearance of the facade, the probability of moisture leakage to the neighbors.
Installation of a double-glazed window only at the top on the sash and sewing the bottom with dense materials, if it was previously transparent. Ugly exterior, condensation, overload on the base plate.

Table 1 - Installation errors and their consequences.

In most of these cases, it will be necessary to carry out work on glazing and insulation again, which is fraught with serious costs.

It is also not recommended to choose another color of frames or glasses, to use tinted films. Protection from immodest glances and the sun is carried out by blinds and curtains.

Video - Typical Glazing Errors

Carefully prepare for the re-glazing process. High-quality design work, the choice of materials by the masters or an adequate assessment of one's own capabilities will help avoid unnecessary spending of time and money, make the room warm and not spoil the appearance of the building.


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