Features of shatterproof dishes

Features of shatterproof dishes Unbreakable dishes - the best options and how to choose the right one for the home

Glass plates are much better in terms of practically than earthenware and will not be inferior in beauty to porcelain. They are also distinguished by their inertness, strength and smoothness. Modern glass dishes can even be microwave-safe and dishwasher safe. The absence of porous structure and glaze will exclude cracks.

Table glassware is safe, not afraid of cooling and heating.

To choose comfortable, high-quality and shatterproof plates, it is worth examining what glass they are made of, what temperature range they can withstand,

and also whether they are suitable for heating food in the microwave and can they be washed in dishwashers. We will also consider what material unbreakable dishes are made of.

General information

External differences

Even from external data it will be easy to understand that in this case glass is used for production different types and differing technologies. Plates that are made of glass can be opaque, transparent, dense and not let in light.

The most versatile and at the same time simple option would be unpainted transparent glass, and such plates made of smoky dark glass are in fashion.

They are not so visible stains from dried water droplets and streaks. Shades can vary and range from light greyish brown to black. Glass is completely smooth or decorated with a relief pattern, and most often along the sides. Also, the surface is usually complemented with painting and patterns, and voluminous decor should not be chosen for everyday use, because it requires respect and delicate care.

Those who adore originality prefer opaque dense glass plates in black - glossy or matte.

They will help to emphasize the modernity of the design, because there was no black tableware before. The shape is also interesting. In addition to standard round plates, if square glass products, as well as oval and rectangular. The sides can be curly and straight, and the size will depend on the purpose.

What glass are the dishes made of?

Plates are made of different types of glass, and a set of characteristics will depend on the raw materials, as well as the manufacturing method.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth studying the theory.

Tempered glass

Almost all glassware is tempered. Tempered glass is obtained by heating to a temperature of 650 to 700 degrees, followed by rapid cooling by streams of cool air. As a result of hardening, the material receives mechanical strength, as well as resistance to low and high temperatures. Tempered glass dishes can be placed in the freezer, used for serving hot dishes and heating in the microwave, but are not suitable for the oven.

This will require already heat-resistant forms with blunt edges, which will reduce the risk of cuts and injuries.

True, the fragments are small, and it is not always possible to collect them in the trash. This type of clear glass dish is ideal for daily use, and is also modern and stylish. It also does not absorb aromas, is easy to clean, you can even wash it in the dishwasher. It is convenient to use for storing food in the refrigerator with further heating, and there are also models that are perfect for freezers.

Shatterproof glass

Shatterproof glassware made of shatterproof glass is beautiful, and all this is due to the fact that the composition contains polymers. As a rule, they glue several layers together, and this not only strengthens the room, but also makes it safe in case of a split.

Even if such a plate breaks, there will be no sharp fragments - they will all remain on the invisible film. Kitchen utensils made of such glass are also often tempered to obtain maximum strength and resistance to temperature shock. Mugs, salad bowls, vases and glasses are made using this technology.

Opal glass

This glass got its name due to its external resemblance to opal - it is a beautiful stone that reflects light in a special way. Opal glass contains feldspar or fluorspar, quartz sand, soda ash, bone ash and dolomite. It looks half transparent, slightly cloudy, matte, can be colored and monotonous. Part of the rays of light is refracted in the thickness of the material, and part of it penetrates through and a glow effect is obtained.

Advantages :

  • Features of shatterproof dishes Hygiene - glass the smooth surface of the crockery without pores will not absorb fats, aromas and juices.

  • Durability and drop / impact resistance - Much will depend on the surface the crockery is dropping on, but if dropped onto carpet or laminate flooring, the risk of shattering is incredibly small.
  • Resistant to temperature extremes - you don't have to be afraid that hot water hitting a cold surface will cause a split, but it's best not to overuse it.
  • Lightness - do not worry that the glass service will load the shelf in the cabinet, because opal glass is much lighter than porcelain.
  • Ease of maintenance - dishes made of opal glass can be washed with any detergent or even in a dishwasher, you can not only use hard sponges and abrasive powders.

Such plates are thin, and especially in comparison with faience and ceramic.

The thickness of the case will be only 0.2 cm.

Glass porcelain and glass ceramics

In appearance, glassware made of glass porcelain and glass ceramics is similar to porcelain, but in composition, these are only varieties of glass. Such material is opaque, dense, does not transmit light, and its surface is most often glossy, although matte has already become fashionable.There is no need to cover such dishes with glaze, but they are often painted in different colors.

Please note that dyes can contain harmful substances, and this will negate all the safety of glass kitchen utensils.

Glass-ceramic and glass-porcelain plates are more practical than the same porcelain. They are resistant to mechanical damage and shock, are also compatible with microwave ovens and are not afraid of temperature contrasts. The cost is also attractive - it is much less than that of porcelain.

Crystal for a special occasion

These dishes are not intended for everyday use and should only be placed on the table on holidays .

.. Crystal items are more suitable for serving cold snacks, and not as portioned dishes. For serving, there are also decorative crystal plates on legs, which allows them to rise slightly above the rest of the dishes.

Crystal should be washed carefully and only by hand, and the water should not be hot, as there is a possibility of tarnishing and even destruction of the structure.

If the tap is hard water, add a little vinegar to soften it. Hard water may stain and never place crystalware in the microwave!


How to check the quality

When buying a set of unbreakable tableware for the home, you should pay special attention to quality. It is important to compare the cost and not rush to buy cheap products from a well-known brand, because a fake can be hidden behind a low cost.

In addition to noticeable defects such as chips, scratches and other things, there should be no:

  • Sagging inside the product.
  • Semi-transparent and opaque inclusions.

  • Cracks (even microscopic) inside the glass mass.
  • Creases in the dishes.
  • Bubbles.
  • Glass pieces that have stuck.

Such defects will reduce heat resistance and strength, and make the cookware dangerous to humans.

When choosing, pay attention to the ability to use in the freezer and microwave. It is worth finding information on the temperature range and the possibility of washing in dishwashers. Manufacturers usually indicate such information on labels and packaging.

Overview of plates for daily use and holidays

In the online store, you can buy glass plates for all occasions - from the simple for every day to luxurious sets that worthy of only special celebrations.

For example, we have selected several beautiful options:

  1. Features of shatterproof dishes A set of square stylish plates made of black and white glass from the best tableware manufacturer Luminark.

    The set is made of opal tempered glass, and items can be conveniently combined or even changed colors according to your mood. All this will look spectacular on the festive table.

  2. Bright plates made of tempered multi-colored glass Pasabahse will help to make the day sunny even in the most unpleasant weather. They are practical and easy to care for, and you can reheat food in the microwave and dishwasher.
  3. Seema-land transparent glass plates will be appropriate for everyday use and for receiving guests.

    They perfectly tolerate washing in a typewriter and heating food in a microwave. The diameter of the plates is 20 cm.

  4. The 18-piece set from RosđÁnberg combines dining, soup and dessert plates made of impact-resistant opal glass. Beautiful and unobtrusive decor will help to decorate the dining table.

And now a little about what the disadvantages of glassware can be.

What are the dangers of glass tableware

Unfortunately, there are many poor quality products on the market. Buying products from unscrupulous manufacturers can lead to trouble. The most dangerous can be a real explosion, in which glassware will burst in an instant into small fragments from internal stress. This can happen during meals and even in the closet. Even those plates that are positioned as unbreakable dishes can break, and most often into such fragments that are difficult to assemble, but this is important to do so as not to get hurt.

The shards from ceramic dishes are not as sharp, and therefore the usual material has its advantages here.

When choosing glass plates on which there is a pattern, it is worth looking closely at how the pattern is made. The safest thing is when it is covered with glaze, otherwise the paint will get into the food when rubbed off. If the dishes were dyed during manufacture by adding coloring pigments to the glass mass, then it is important that manufacturers use safe dyes. Colored glass from dubious manufacturers always carries a lot of risk.

What types of plates are required for the kitchen

If you have a catering service, it is worth buying a few glass plates for everyday use. This is especially true if your kit is made of porcelain or has a pattern that is not suitable for microwave use. Deep glass plates are perfect for first courses - it will be convenient for you to heat up soups in the microwave and serve immediately. In addition, fruits, salads can be served in such plates, and a beautiful glass plate can replace a salad bowl or even a vase.


If you do not have coaster plates, then you should purchase glass and transparent products that are suitable for any tableware and will not clutter even the smallest tables .

.. Transparent plates are perfectly combined with porcelain, ceramics, faience and wood. Glass serving plates are also great for any set of materials.

It is worth paying attention to the glass herring bowl, salad bowls, dishes, gravy boats, and dishes.

Clear glass is a versatile choice, but be sure to keep your kitchen style and taste in mind. Perhaps, it is worth taking snow-white glass ceramics with porcelain. If you don't have any utensils at all or you decide to change all that is in stock, buy a glass set with plates, mugs and salad bowls.