Filters for water purification in an apartment - varieties, features: Review + Video

Filters for water purification in an apartment - varieties, features: Review + Video Filters for water purification in an apartment - varieties, features. A century ago, a centralized water supply was only in the largest and richest cities. Now he has appeared in every city apartment, and has become an irreplaceable benefit of civilization. But it often happens that the quality of water in a centralized water supply system leaves much to be desired - drinking it is, at least, unpleasant if not boiled.

And in most homes, this is not at all worth doing because of harmful impurities that can lead to problems of the gastrointestinal tract and skin.

In order for water to flow from the tap at home, which will be suitable for drinking, it is required to use special filtering devices. Filters for water purification in an apartment can be of several types, and which ones will be discussed below.

The effect of using filters for water purification in an apartment

The use of filter-type installations in life gives several pleasant effects:

  • Helps to remove harmful impurities from water , which have a very negative effect on the human body, as well as on household appliances - washing machines, kettles and dishwashers.
  • Improves palatability . Even if there is a small concentration of harmful substances in the water that you have at home, a small amount of them can still spoil the taste.

  • Softens water. The result is that it does not harm the skin of the face and body in general, and the hair is healthier and softer.

We suggest considering what types of products exist.

Product variations

Filters can be divided into 3 categories according to the type of elements removed from the water:

  • Filtration from impurities of the mechanical type.
  • Filtration from substances dissolved in water.

  • Complex filtration - to obtain clean, potable water.

Let's take a closer look.

A little about the manufacturers

On the Russian market of filtering devices such products are sold from different manufacturers:

  1. Barrier. They produce household types of filtering units that are placed under the sink, and there are also flow-through devices for reverse osmosis.
  2. Filters for water purification in an apartment - varieties, features: Review + Video New water.

    A brand of Ukrainian origin, the models are also suitable for installation at the bottom of the sink, there are flow and reverse osmosis.

  3. Aquaphor. The manufacturer aims to produce jug filters, flow-through household filters and models with reverse osmosis.
  4. Geyser. Is one of the oldest manufacturers because the brand was founded back in 1986.

  5. Atoll They produce installations of three-stage type for different types of water.
  6. В rita. The brand is of German origin, and was one of the first to produce filter jugs.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the filters that are cleaned of mechanical impurities.

Filters for water purification from impurities of a mechanical type

Installation of such filters for water purification in an apartment is needed in order to purify water from grains of sand, winding from pipes, metal impurities and rust.

Such small impurities cause great harm to household appliances (dishwasher and washing machine, electric kettle), as well as pipeline fittings.

Please note, that there are 2 types of filtering elements, which differ in the type of construction - disc and mesh.


They have a T-shaped (without washing) or cruciform (with washing) body with a long lower part. It is in it that the filter element is located - a fine-mesh mesh cone through which the entire flow passes. All impurities will remain on the mesh, which should be cleaned out as it becomes clogged .

According to the flushing method, there are the following types of models :

  • Without flushing - in this case, the area with filters will be closed by means of taps, while the lower part of the housing will be unrolled, the mesh removed and cleaned.
  • With flushing - the lower part with filter elements is equipped with a branch pipe with a tap, and a pipe or hose is connected to it, which will be diverted to the sewer. A pressure gauge is usually installed in the upper part of the case, which will indicate if the filter is dirty (if the pressure is lowered, then the filter is definitely clogged). To flush, open the tap located below, and the water pressure will rinse the accumulated impurities directly into the sewer.

Now let's move on to the next view.

Ring (disc)


  • Installed in a pipe break, but this option is not very common for apartments.
  • For filtration, a set of polymer rings is used, which are tightly assembled inside the cylinder. The surface of each ring is equipped with grooves.
  • The water spirals through the depressions, and large particles settle in the depressions of the rings.
  • To clean the filter element, the cylinder made of rings should be removed from the housing, and then disassembled into rings separately and rinsed.

Let's move on to the second variety.

Filters for purification of dissolved substances

In addition to the mechanical type of impurities, water may contain various chemical elements that can change the hardness. They greatly spoil the original taste of water, and at high concentration they can even harm the human body, and are harmful to household appliances, pipeline fittings. With constant drinking of hard water, a person may have a violation of the mineral balance of the body. One of the consequences may be the appearance of kidney stones or urolithiasis.

We are talking about hardness salts - magnesium, potassium, calcium and mercury. In addition, there is often an increased concentration of iron in the water. Filters can differ in the items they remove.These are filters for hardness salts or iron. To choose the right one, for a start it will not be superfluous to hand over tap water for analysis.

From iron

Filters for water purification in an apartment - varieties, features: Review + Video Increased concentration number iron is usually found in water from wells and wells. This is much less common in tap water. Iron often gives water a noticeable metallic taste and reddish color. The maximum concentration allowed (determined by laboratory analysis) is 2 mg / liter. If the concentration is higher, you should definitely install a fine filter for the apartment.

It will look like a large cylinder that will be connected to electrical power and water supply. There is always a catalyst and fine gravel inside the body. Water flows through the catalyst bed from top to bottom, and impurities precipitate. In the lower part of the body there is a branch pipe for draining water into the sewer network - through this line, precipitated impurities are removed by a stream of water. From time to time, the catalytic backfill should be replaced, and if necessary, it will be able to purify water not only from iron, but also from chlorine and manganese.

Such equipment will cost about 25,000 rubles, and is usually installed in private homes.

From hardness salts

According to the principle of operation and varieties, such filters are very similar to those described above (made in the form of cylinders with filling) ... The only difference lies in the filter element - there are ion-exchange resins inside, and hardness salts will constantly "stick" to them.

The filling in such a filter can serve you without replacement for 5 to 7 years.

Filters for purifying water to a drinking state

If there is a small concentration of iron, small impurities or hardness salts in the water, then it can be used for domestic and technical purposes (wash dishes, wash clothes and swim). But in order to prepare food and drink, it is suitable only after boiling. To make your tap water more drinkable, be sure to use the filters listed below.


Filtering devices of this type do not fit into the cold water supply system, only tap water is poured into the jug .


Inside there is a cartridge with filtering elements, and the set of elements can include the following:

  • Ion exchange resin (to remove all hardness salts).
  • Activated angle (to remove organic residues, chlorine and microorganisms).
  • Polypropylene fibers (to filter residues of mechanical impurities).

Externally, the devices are similar to an electric kettle with transparent walls. The volume of most of the models is from 2.5 to 4 liters, and the approximate cost varies from 300 to 900 rubles. By the way, the attachments should be changed regularly, once every 1-3 months (it all depends on the filter, the number of people in the family).

Nozzles for faucet

The approximate cost is from 650 to 1000 rubles.

According to the method of attachment, there are two types of nozzles:

  1. Detachable type - attached when you need to get clean water.
  2. Fixed type. Permanently attached to the mixer. There are two modes - with or without purification (when the water is not filtered, then it can be used to wash dishes and hands). The no-clean mode allows the filter to last longer.

According to the principle of operation, there are the following:

  • Adsorption - inside the body there is a porous type of material that absorbs impurities (chemical and mechanical).
  • With an ion-exchange membrane and a mesh with fine cells - help to purify water from mechanical impurities (they are retained on the surface of the mesh) and other "unnecessary" compounds.

Average productivity is about 1 liter per minute and approximate nozzle life is 1000 to 3000 liters.

Reverse osmosis filters

Filters for water purification in apartments are different, so we suggest considering a reverse osmosis device. The approximate cost of the device is from 6500 to 9400 rubles.

The device is made of three cones, each of which has a separate filter. The flasks are of a removable type and are attached to the same body. The filter elements inside the flasks can be different (it all depends on the model).

Most often, the composition is approximately the following:

  • The first stage is filtration of mechanical impurities to 0.5 microns.

    A porous element is used for cleaning.

  • The second stage will be filtration from organic compounds and chemical (this also includes hardness salts, metal and oil products) and other mechanical impurities, the size of which is equal to 0.1 microns. A carbon element is used.
  • The third step will be the use of a fine mesh membrane with pores of 0.

    0001 microns. Nothing but water molecules can pass through them.

By the way, at the third stage, the flow is divided into two parts - clean water (which enters the storage tank, if available, and after that to the tap) and the filtered sediment (which goes to the sewer).

Rating for water purification for washing

Since the most effective filters are the multistage type filters that are installed under the sink, we suggest considering the rating of the best models ..


Model name Description Estimated cost

Aquaphor OSMO 50


Helps soften water, removes turbidity, removes residues of chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals, rust. The disadvantages are relatively noisy operation and slow filtration of the flow.

6 790 rubles

Geyser prestige PM


Helps to remove chlorine, insoluble particles, various chemicals from water. Equipped with a block-mineralizer, which is able to restore the composition of water to a useful one for the human body.

Among the disadvantages are the small size of the filters and the fact that it clogs quickly.

11,000 rubles

Atoll A-550 ST D


Purify water from chlorine, various types of chemicals and mechanical impurities. Among all models, there is one that is the most durable and reliable in comparison with all other designs.

8 560 rubles

Barrier Expert standard


Economy class model that helps to purify water from organic matter, heavy metals, chlorine, mechanical types of impurities. Can be installed not only under the sink, but even on the countertop.

1,890 rubles

Geyser Nanotek


There is a large tank with a capacity of 20 liters (most other models either do not have one, or a tank of only 10 liters). In addition, the device is equipped with a 5-stage water purification system. The disadvantage is that the device works only at a pressure above 5 atm, which means that you will additionally need to buy a pressure gauge (to control the pressure (and a pump (to use water when there is not enough pressure).

9 200 rubles

New water Expert Osmosis MO530


Premium class, in a black closed case, there are 4 cleaning stages. You can work without replacement for 3 years.

10 800 rubles

Geyser Eco


Relatively small cost high performance, small size, purifies water from any impurities that may be in the water.

6 500 rubles