Five secrets to save time in the kitchen? Review and tips for the hostess + Video

Five secrets to save time in the kitchen? Review and tips for the hostess + Video How to save time in the kitchen of the hostess? An acute shortage of time is the main problem of our time, it is spent on the way to work, in constant traffic jams, it is stolen from the Internet, advertising, and social networks. It is especially difficult for a woman, especially when she works and raises small children, because often it is the beautiful half of humanity who has to drag the whole life on herself.

It's good when you have the opportunity to turn on your favorite music or a good movie and prepare delicious meals for the whole family, but unfortunately, this opportunity does not happen often.

These 5 tips will help you save time in the kitchen

1. Freezing vegetables for future use

This life hack will help to save not only time, but also money, it is enough to spend literally one day on preparations at the height of the season.

To begin with, it is worth purchasing special bags for freezing, they are closed with locks, which avoids the ingress of moist air inside and gluing vegetables or fruits.

Five secrets to save time in the kitchen? Review and tips for the hostess + Video Parsley, dill, green onions and other greens can be frozen in different bags or made assorted , which is arranged in ice molds, pour over any vegetable oil and freeze too.

It is convenient to throw such portioned pieces into soup, gravy, sauce and even salad. Assorted greens can also be poured into a small bell pepper and frozen, and before use, hold a little at room temperature and cut the vegetable.

It is convenient to cut sweet peppers into strips or cubes, grate carrots, cut small tomatoes into slices, put on a board, freeze and put in a bag, if necessary, use for hot sandwiches, pizza, soups.

2. Homemade semi-finished products

At first glance, their manufacture is very laborious, but in fact, a few hours spent once will save a lot of time in the future, especially since dumplings, dumplings, cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, Greek people, zrazy , cabbage rolls are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 months.

3. Using a multicooker, oven, microwave

One of the main advantages of these electrical appliances is the presence of a timer, it is enough to add all the ingredients, set the required cooking time and you can safely do other things.

And such a miracle of technology as a multicooker-pressure cooker will allow you to cook pilaf, soup or stew in 20 minutes.

In addition, stew the beef until tender in 40 minutes and cook the compote in 60 seconds!

4. Universal recipes

The easiest way

Put fried meat in clay pots, then add different cereals to each - rice, buckwheat, barley, peas , potatoes or vegetables, add water, salt and bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 200 degrees. Thus, you will get a variety of dishes for 2-3 days.

If you need more food

… then it is convenient to use the baking sleeve, the food will cook on its own, it will be juicy, and you will not have to wash the baking sheet with the pan.


Little secrets.

  • To avoid bending over to the trash can every time to throw away the cleanings, you can put it on a stool near the cutting table or prepare a special garbage bag and place it next to your work area.
  • To always have knives at hand, just purchase a special magnetic tape and attach it above the work surface.
  • If you cover the stove with foil, you will not have to wash it after cooking.


Adhering to these tips, you can save 20-30 minutes a day, they are quite enough to make a mask, repaint your nails or read a book to kid.

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