Flap abrasive disc + photo

Flap abrasive disc + photo What is a flap disc + features of application and rules of choice

Flap disc is a grinding disc that is used for finishing and roughing a variety of materials (much depends on the grain size).

The main difference from cutting discs and stripping discs is the presence of numerous processing segments, which closely resemble petals. They are placed in the form of a fan, with incomplete overlap of each other. This design helps to provide a soft impact on the processing surface with the lowest possible vibration level.

The earliest samples of such wheels were intended for angle grinders, and after that, due to the high performance characteristics, flexible steel wheels are made for the rest of the pneumatic and electric tools, as well as for stationary machines.

Flap discs and applications

Face flap disc is the most popular type of such tool for grinding. It is often used for household chores as well as the metalworking industry.

There are two main types of flap discs:

  1. Flat - This shape is ideal for abrasive machining of flat surfaces. The huge contact area results in high machining accuracy and also reduces the likelihood of gouging. This property is disadvantageous, and reduces the pressure of the abrasive element on the plane.

  2. Tapered - This is a universal shape, which makes it possible to process various curved and curved surfaces. Compared to flat, cone-type circles, the contact patch is much smaller, and this makes it possible to perform work on metal and other materials with a dense structure. In industrial production, it is used as a tool for stripping welding seams at finishing processing, collapsing burrs and laser cutting that are formed during metal cutting.

Please note that in cone-type discs the petals coated with abrasive have a slope of 10-15%, and this is very convenient when using, because this is the angle we try to maintain during performing grinding work, for fear of ruining the surface due to the spindle.

End wheels of non-standard shapes are used less often:

  • With slots - This shape makes it possible to visually control the processing process, and if necessary, adjust the surface pressure.

  • With folded petals - is required for corners and the end of the circle is the contact part.
  • Combined - consumable material for processing stainless steel and other materials that require delicate handling. In them, sandpaper petals go in turn with segments of abrasive nonwoven material.

Folded and stacked flap wheels are made from a plurality of individual abrasive type segments that are attached to a metal base. Such a tool is designed for installation on stationary grinding equipment with a speed control function.

For electric drills, there are special flap wheels with a special mandrel, which is placed in the seat.

A large selection of typical sizes and used abrasive materials makes it possible to use wheels with a mandrel in order to perform grinding of external and internal surfaces of different materials:

  • Marble ...
  • Alloy and regular steel.

  • Glasses.
  • Wood.
  • Plastic.

Next, consider one more parameter.

Grit sizes

Flap end abrasive discs can have different grit sizes, and the most popular are:

  • Aluminum oxide - this material can be obtained in industrial conditions, or it is possible due to the chlorination of bauxite, kaolin and nepheline, and there is also a method of extracting a mineral of natural origin, which is called corundum.

    It is the most popular abrasive material due to its relatively low cost. The disadvantage is a short service life, because the working surface quickly clogs up and loses its excellent properties. Most often used for grinding non-ferrous metals and aluminum. The fineness of the petal-type devices varies from P40 to P120.

Please note, that large fractions of transparent type aluminum oxide are gemstones, with blue crystals being sapphires, and red (they contain chromium) rubies .


In addition to abrasive materials, the material for the base of the backing pad will play an equally important role.

In inexpensive models, fiberglass is used - this is a strong and reliable synthetic compound that has a high degree of adhesion to abrasive particles. For circles with rigid structures, aluminum plates will be used as the base.

Application features

We suggest you consider the main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of petal types of circles:

  1. Finishing - The tool is best at cleaning welds regardless of metal. The flexible structure makes it possible to qualitatively remove metal spatter, as well as to process the joint and remove defects that formed after laser cutting.
  2. Flap abrasive disc + photo Wood surface treatment - the owners of country houses know for sure that during the preparatory work, wooden painting surfaces, the tool in question will do an excellent job of removing old paint without damaging the wood structure.

  3. Rust and scale removal - According to the quality of processing, the abrasive flap wheels go immediately after the sandblaster. The main thing is to choose the required grain size, as otherwise the surface will quickly become clogged and lose abrasive qualities.
  4. Edge preparation - only a special beveller can ideally cope with such a task, and flap joints are used to prepare a product with a thickness of up to 0.6 cm or a curved surface.

During operation, it is imperative to monitor the condition of the wheel.

Improper use can lead to defects that result in very rapid use of backing or abrasives. This problem can also appear when the instrument is of very poor quality. Also, do not forget about personal protective equipment, namely, that work should be done with gloves, goggles and a mask. If you are in an enclosed space, then you should take care of ventilation.

How to choose the right flap wheels

When choosing a tool, be sure to pay attention to the following factors:

  • The diameter must always match the working tool and the parameters of the machining surface.

    If the permissible size is exceeded, it will be necessary to remove the protective casing from the grinder, and this makes the process much more dangerous.

  • It is worth paying attention to the maximum possible number of revolutions.
  • When buying a circle without a specific purpose, it is worth choosing those that are universal - this will make it possible to extend the period of use.

There is usually a large selection of wheels on the market that differ in both quality and cost. We suggest that you give preference only to trusted manufacturers.