Flexible border for flower beds and lawn in the design of the site with your own hands: Tips + Photos and Videos

Flexible border for flower beds and lawn in the design of the site with your own hands: Tips + Photos and Videos A flexible border for the lawn and flower beds with your own hands. When the warm season begins, most summer residents simply cannot sit idly by, and try to improve the area in the country in a special way, creating beautiful and even vegetable beds, flower beds and flower beds, as well as lawns and beautiful paths.

Without the use of special devices, it would be difficult to achieve an amazing result. But fortunately, the construction market is oversaturated with a huge amount of building materials and fixtures, and especially with a flexible garden curb of any size and type, which makes it possible to achieve a spectacular landscape design.

Good advice! Due to its properties, the curb tape can be used in areas with low relief.

You can raise vegetable beds and flower beds to save the plants from stagnant waters.


Flexible curb can be used for many purposes. Buying such a garden tape for flower beds and other objects will be a profitable investment, since such a product is universal and can be used for various purposes.

Garden curb is used for the following tasks:

  • Decoration of paths in the garden. Thanks to the use of tape, you can zone the space of the summer cottage.

    With it, you can create paths and paths from bulk materials, such as rubble. In addition, the curb will be an obstacle for the growth of weeds and other plants, which often violate the boundaries of the paths, because of which the material begins to crumble outside.

  • Creation of near-trunk circles. So, the area around each tree will be beautiful and neat.
  • Flexible border for flower beds and lawn in the design of the site with your own hands: Tips + Photos and Videos Limiting the distribution of rhizomes.

    There are many plants with creeping roots, and the latter try to cover the entire available area. To prevent this from happening, it is enough to purchase a flexible border for flower beds, which will be able to keep plants within the designated area. Such plants include strawberries and raspberries.

  • Building insulation. It is possible to effectively design and thereby separate the base of the structure from negative influences, since contact with the soil results in decay and dampness, which accelerates the destruction of the foundation.

    Using tape will help prevent this.

  • Raising the relief level. Excellent for low-lying areas where vegetable beds suffer from too much water.
  • Site design. Flexible curb is perfect for creating a unique landscape design.

Please note, that the use of ribbons makes it possible to maintain the outline of the flower garden throughout the season. With all this, the product perfectly tolerates low temperatures in winter, even while in the ground.

Why is it profitable?

In addition to decorative and aesthetic purposes, the flexible border also has valuable practical help.For this reason, many summer residents have already tried and made sure of the merits of buying a garden tape for a garden bed and flower bed on the site.

Advantages :

  1. Beautiful decoration for the garden and flower beds.

  2. Zoning, limiting the growth of weeds that cannot cross the border of the belt, which is deepened into the soil.
  3. Improvement of the irrigation system.
  4. Retention of cultivated plants in a defined separated area.
  5. Preservation of the top fertile layer of the earth.
  6. Blocking the movement of creeping pests.

  7. Simplification of plant care.
  8. Convenient to create greenhouse arcs and so on for heat-loving plants.


Manufacturers of such fences make it possible to choose what you need from a variety of options that differ from each other in color, material of manufacture, size and other characteristics ...

The following materials are used for manufacturing:

  • Flexible border for flower beds and lawn in the design of the site with your own hands: Tips + Photos and Videos Metal.
  • Brick.
  • Plastic.
  • Wood.
  • Concrete.

  • Natural stone.
  • Pergona.

Good advice! You can purchase a plastic flexible bed curb to prevent cats and dogs from accessing the plot through the lower threshold of the fence. To do this, you just need to stretch the product.

Plastic Products and Features

Plastic Curb is a flexible tape in many variations that can be found on sale at any hardware store.

The advantages of plastic products are:

  • Ease of installation. If required, you can always easily remove the curb without the need for special tools.
  • Wide assortment. This makes it possible to buy a border in more than 15 colors, and thanks to this, create a unique landscape design at a summer cottage.
  • Flexibility.

    Due to this, the material can be used both for beds and for unusual flower beds, as well as for creating wavy and geometric lines.

  • Operation. Material will not deteriorate due to corrosion and direct UV rays. With all this, the products perfectly keep the given shape.
  • Reasonable price.

  • Light weight . This facilitates transportation and installation.
  • Versatility .
  • Durability .
  • Multiple use .

    This feature saves a lot of money and the material is easy to cut when needed.

But there are some disadvantages, namely:

  • Not all, but some of the types of tapes are made on the basis of the type of plastic that is bad tolerate the effects of temperature changes.
  • Due to the thin walls, products can even stretch under the weight of the earth, and this is especially true for tall beds.
  • Despite the pleasant price, you can expect high quality only when buying expensive products.

Good advice! For standard garden beds and flower beds, it is best to use a brown or green ribbon border that will not be too bright and eye-catching.

Colored products look good in multi-tiered flower beds and lawns with a non-standard design.

Types of plastic curbs

Flexible curbs for lawns and flower beds can be bought at any hardware or hardware store.

Different types of products can be found in the modern assortment.

  1. Garden tapes - a kind of flexible border, which is made on the basis of PVC. It is used to separate paths, flower beds and lawns.

    Such products make it possible to form beds with a height of 0.2 to 0.5 meters. Plastic belts are of medium stiffness, flexible, and hold their shape perfectly. Sold in rolls.

  2. The Garden Board panel is a beautiful border that is easy to install. Thanks to the design, you will get an imitation of a board with a margin of stiffness and strength. The product is used to create multi-tiered flower beds, high beds and sandboxes. The panels can be up to 3 meters long and up to 0.15 meters high.

    The special design of the product makes it possible to build up panels in height or length.

  3. Curb "Labyrinth" - this is also a plastic curb that imitates a stone and is suitable for small beds. The product has a textured surface with holes and protrusions that allow you to mow vegetation on the lawn using a lawn mower right next to the separation line. Perfectly keeps vegetation on the lawn and weeds from entering the flower bed or garden bed.
  4. Decorative border is a special category of product that has various shapes and shades.

    By design, you can quite realistically create an imitation of a forged fence or picket fence. Often such designs are decorated with fancy ornaments or patterns.

  5. Garden constructor - flexible border, which consists of different elements. The purpose of the product is to create an unusual flower garden.

Please note, that the texture of plastic tapes can be curly, corrugated, smooth and wavy.


In the hardware store, you can buy a flexible border for a flower bed of any size and color. In addition, there are additional tools and devices for fixing and installing products on sale.

Structure Plastic thickness, cm Dimensions, m Price per roll / package, rub Price per meter, rub
corrugated 0.06 0. 1 * 9 160 17.


0. 15 * 9 230 26
0.2 * 9 255 34
flat 0.12 More than 9 sizes 255 to 2000 27 to 118

Galvanized curbs and their features

In addition to products from plastic, you can find steel curbs on sale. To protect the structure, it is galvanized, which significantly extends its service life.

In addition, for the protective purposes of the flexible curb for landscape design, an additional type of coating is used, which is called "polymer spraying".

Warranties from manufacturing plants

Product type Term warranty service, years
Galvanized border 15
Polyurethane coated border 50
Polymer coated border 20

Advantages of metal structures:

  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Light weight and excellent strength characteristics.
  • Resistant to decay, moisture, fungi and mold.
  • Long service life.

  • Convenient assembly and installation system.
  • Height and length can be increased.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Security.

Good advice! A metal border will be the optimal solution for organizing a greenhouse with a film coating.

Average cost of metal products

Parameters by size (length / height), m Cost, rub / piece
galvanized Galvanized + polymer
1 * 0. 255 950 1040
2 * 0. 255 1250 1460
3 * 0. 255 1750 2100
4 * 0. 255 2350 2760
5 * 0.


2750 3280
1 * 0. 36 1650 1820
4 * 0. 36 3660 4330

Features of using a flexible border for garden beds

Garden tape for a summer cottage can be installed in two ways. The installation principle largely depends on the goal you want to accomplish. By the type of installation of a curb, it can be ground and recessed installation.

The ground method is used to make a multi-tiered flower bed and raise the beds. For fixing, you can use special pegs made of polymer. To do this, cut the tape taking into account the size of the bed, close it in a ring, and you can connect the edges with a stapler. Next, the ring must be installed in the ground with the end part and fixed in the position you need with polymer pegs, which should be located at a distance of 0.5 meters from each other.

Then fill out the form with soil where the plants will be planted.

The recessed method is used if there is a need to limit space, for example, creating a lawn edging, a clear path boundary or for making a near-trunk circle. To install, dig a ditch, and place the product in it, and then dig in. Part of the tape should protrude above the soil (approximately 2-3 cm high).

Life hack! If you want to save money on the purchase of a flexible flower bed and lawn curb, you can DIY.

How to make a border with your own hands + recommendations and video

To save money, you can try to make a border for vegetable beds and a flower bed yourself. On the Internet, you can find many good examples in the photo.

Use the following materials to create:

  • Slate, which was left after the roof was repaired - ideal. To do this, dig in the sheets around the entire perimeter of the fenced area, and fix it with reinforcing rods, which will make the structure reliable.
  • Bottles, and both plastic and glass beer and lemonade are suitable.

    For showiness, use containers of the same size and color. Dig in the bottles with the neck down and fill it with cement to create an unusual fence.

  • Decking, which is resistant to corrosion and has a decent service life, is suitable for an impromptu fence. It is flexible, which means it can be used for objects with complex configurations.
  • Car tires, which have already become familiar to summer residents.

    Flowers and herbs are grown there. The tires are easy to handle and paintable.

    Good advice! If you are going to use wooden elements to make a fence, pre-treat them with antiseptics.


When making a flexible border for flower beds with your own hands, adhere to the following recommendations that make it possible to achieve a high-quality result:

  1. Do not make the walls of the fence high, ideally they should be from 10 to 15 cm.If you do it higher, it can darken the plants .


  2. Keep the accuracy, beauty of form and straightness.
  3. Place all elements as tightly as possible so that soil does not spill out of the flowerbed area when watering.

An alternative option is to create a border from plants.

To do this, you can use low-growing perennials, boxwood, hyssop, calendula, rosemary. Choose plants of the same type for planting, and make 2-3 rows.


When choosing a product, remember that your garden and area near the house should look well-groomed, beautiful and neat. When looking for original ideas, keep in mind that, first of all, the border should support the design of the house and site.

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