Floor tiles for laminate in the interior

Floor tiles for laminate in the interior Tiles or tiles on the floor under the laminate

Quite often in the interior of non-residential and residential premises are used in the role of flooring tiles, which will imitate laminate. In this article, you will learn about laminate tiles, what they are and how to fit such a floor into a room interior.

Imitation tiles - what are they? The tile under the laminate is a floor covering in which the pattern fully imitates the wooden surfaces of the laminate planks.

Moreover, such a floor covering most often imitates a rectangular shape, which, when installed on the floor surface, makes it possible to maximally resemble laminate panels.


Floor tiles for laminate panels are produced in two types at once:

  • Ceramic - this floor surface is made usually from sand, clay and mineral components by firing.

    From above, a similar tile will be covered with glaze. This type of coating is intended exclusively for residential premises where there is no influx of people.

  • Porcelain stoneware - a similar material for flooring is more hardy, stable and has high frost resistance, is able to withstand high loads, and for this reason is perfect even for installation in offices and shops with a large human flow. These indicators can be obtained by pressing dry powder and firing the blanks at higher temperature levels; kaolins may still be in the solution.

In addition, PVC floor tiles can be attributed to the material for finishing for the floor surface under the laminate material.

It is made on the basis of vinyl, and it also fully imitates wood panels. The disadvantage of this material was poor resistance to moisture, but this tile is warm, and is also capable of providing excellent sound insulation. In addition to the main parameters, laminate floor tiles have a variety of textures. Here you can find perfectly smooth patterns or tiles with a relief that will simulate all kinds of wood processing methods, for example, glazing or brushing.


In addition, the floor tile .


under the laminate can be, like a real laminate strip, that is with a V-shaped chamfer around the common panel perimeter. Such a design makes it possible to clearly imitate wood-type flooring, as well as to convey their naturalness to the maximum.

Advantages and varieties.

A tile for a laminate has a large number of advantages:

  1. Floor tiles for laminate in the interior Such a floor covering can combine the advantages of a tile tiles, as well as laminate.
  2. Wood always looks very expensive in the interior, and the tile for laminate flooring is no exception.
  3. This floor covering will suit almost all interior design solutions.
  4. The moisture-resistant qualities of ceramic tiles are the best, and this material for decoration can be used even in those rooms where the installation of laminate is unacceptable.
  5. This floor covering is highly resistant to abrasion, and will also serve you for many years without losing its beauty.

The disadvantages of tiles for a floor with an imitation of a laminate, as in general and any floor covering, include the fact that it remains constantly cool, unlike real wood. But at the moment it is possible to correct this by laying a "warm floor" with imitation of tiles.


Oddly enough, the range of colors of tiles for laminate is quite wide. Here you can find completely different woody designs and tones. Oak in different shades (from pure white, pink to dark brown, almost black wenge or ash gray) is only a small part of the color range in which such a floor covering is presented.

All manufacturing companies offer all kinds of coating, and here and you can find gloss, imitating varnishing, and dullness, which will be very similar to spraying a laminate surface. Even more popular will be the tile, the color of which is a way to imitate aged wood. Such a floor covering is often used in modern interior design.

How to properly lay the material

Laminate tiles can be laid in all sorts of ways. Quite often they use the method, which is also called "in stagger".

It makes it possible to simulate the laminate flooring on the floor surface to the maximum. The method is somewhat reminiscent of brickwork. This type of finish can be made both parallel to wall surfaces and along the room diagonal. The second method looks very unusual and is able to bring a special zest to the interior design, dilute its boringness, but at the same time the material consumption will turn out to be much higher.

There is a traditional method that is used when installing tiles under a laminate.

In this case, the seams will have perpendicular lines. This type of installation is often used when using samples that do not have a chamfer. It makes it possible to create an ideal flat surface on the floor, where the seam will hardly be visible. With this method, the tile can still be laid both parallel to the wall surfaces and along the room diagonal. There is another very popular method of laying tile material under the laminate, and this is the herringbone method.

As a result, with this method, the coating is laid like parquet boards - the narrow part of one element to the wider part of the other. Here you can still find a couple of styling options - a simple "herringbone" or with picrep, where additional mosaic tiles are used.

Other methods for laying floor tiles with imitation of a laminate are extremely rare, although in certain design solutions modular masonry is used, in which tiles with different colors and shapes are taken, and then a mosaic is laid out on the floor. As a result, you can get quite unusual, as well as a unique floor covering, which can become a highlight of the interior as a whole.

Where tile is appropriate

Floor tiles for laminate in the interior Board material for laminate, due to its resistance to moisture and wear, can be used even in the room where laminate flooring is unacceptable.

Naturally, you rarely find a living room or bedroom with a tile on the floor. The fact is that this material is quite cold, and the installation of a warm floor over the total area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe housing is not always justified. But for bathrooms or sanitary facilities, this material for finishing is almost irreplaceable. A lot of moisture does not make it possible to lay laminate flooring in this room. But parquet can also deteriorate from large amounts of water.

Laminate tiles allow you to decorate wood-like floors in such a room. Another such material for decoration is often used in the kitchen. It can be easily cleaned of all kinds of contaminants that are often found in such a room, it is inert to chemical cleaners, and will not be superfluous here in terms of resistance to wear and moisture. In the hall and hallway, laminate tiles are often used. The reasons for all this are the same as when installing in her kitchen.

Certain types of laminate floor tiles can be used even in open spaces, for example, on a veranda or terrace.

Style directions

Laminate floor tiles in the kitchen are most often used. Wood always remains in trend, and therefore floor tiles with imitation of laminate will always be relevant for interiors. But a large selection of colors helps to fit such a floor covering even with non-standard design solutions. In the classic way, it is quite difficult to do without a wooden floor.

For a strictly English interior, a small tile with standard brown colors, which is laid using the "Christmas tree" method, is suitable.

For the Baroque and Rococo styles, a modular type of installation is applicable, which will allow you to create a real work of art on the floor. For Provence or country style, wooden floors are a priority, and replacing it with a more durable tile in a room with a high degree of humidity is an excellent option. Here, the laying is usually used in a runaway, which will help simulate simple boards on the floor surface. But in modern interiors, tile flooring is very often used.

So, for the loft style, such a material is often used for finishing in gray shades with a trace of aging. This will help designers to more accurately convey the era of the 1959s.

In the Nordic style (i.e. Scandinavian), wood floors have become an integral part.

They will help add naturalness and sustainability to the interior. This type of floor material can become indispensable when decorating a hall or kitchen in a style where it is not possible to lay laminate flooring. If you decorate apartments in the style of minimalism and high-tech, it is also allowed to decorate the floor with wood. Only if hi-tech uses darker brown / gray tones, and then in a minimalist style, light shades are in priority.

Unusual options

On the construction market you can find a fairly large assortment of tile material for laminate from all kinds of manufacturers.

Samples in Spain and Italy have the highest marks for design and quality. Here are some unusual and beautiful models from such countries:

  1. Vаllelungа Silо Wоd porcelain stoneware - the floor with such a coating fully imitates parquet. Shabby old paint effect and V-shaped notch will enhance the natural feel. The tile is made in different colors - dark brown, gray, blue and beige. A great option for decorating a loft style.

    The price for such a sample is 2600 rubles per square meter. Manufactured in Italy. Product reviews are positive, as this coating is easy to clean, beautiful, and not slippery yet.

  2. Azulindus And Marti Madera - such a finishing material allows you to reproduce the imitation of boards on the floor. The tile has different colors and patterns, which makes it possible to make an original floor in the room, which will hardly find repetition and can become a highlight of the room.

    A great option for a classic interior and rooms that are decorated in high-tech or modern style. The tile has a matte finish and is made in light and dark gray or beige colors. Made in Spain, and the price of a sample is 1600 rubles per 1 square meter. Reviews about such a flooring are also at a height, and this is a great option not just for a hall or kitchen, this covering can be laid even in the living room. The coating is suitable even for a living room.

    But Russian samples are not much inferior in this quality, you can find rather unusual models, the price of which is less than that of foreign counterparts.

  3. LВ-Сеrаmis "Western Wood". Such a sample has an imitation of an aged wooden floor without coating. The surface is brushed, matte, has a V-shaped bevel - all this you will find in this model. A floor with a finish made of such material will be appropriate for classic and modern interiors.

    the sample price is 760 rubles per square, the reviews are excellent. The buyers noted the unusual colors and high quality imitation of a wooden floor. Among the minuses, they are problematic when washing away dirt on surface irregularities.

Consider unusual options for design.Fashionable interior ideas

Often, designers use floor tiles under the laminate (as in the photo) in projects.

We offer you several fashionable solutions for interior decoration. Laminate imitation tiles are laid out in a certain pattern using materials in different colors, and also make the floor of the room as a bright accent of the interior as a whole. The floor covering can go to the wall from the floor, creating a kind of panel on it - an extraordinary and interesting solution for the bathroom. The abrupt transitions from dark brown to bleached oak on the floor can spice up dull interiors in monotonous gray. A gray tile for a laminate on the floor and a similar, but brightly colored tile on the bathroom wall helps to add joy to the room, and also looks very original.

The video shows what is best to put in the hallway.