Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video

Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video Folding machines: purpose, device. Modern folding machines are used to create blanks for various types of folds.

Folding machines will be indispensable for the arrangement of folded roofs, as well as for the manufacture of roofing accessories, which are auxiliary. This includes elements from the drainage system, end and front elements,


. and with its help you can also make a ventilation box of galvanized metal.

General information

Types of folds

Folding connection is nothing more than twisting two adjacent sheets of metal to each other, and to arrange such a twist, the fold should be folded along the edge of the sheet, and a folded machine is required to create such a fold. There are two types of seam connections, namely double and single seam, and in addition they can be recumbent and standing. The choice of connection will largely depend on the tightness.

  • Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video Single fold is the basis, since one sheet in this case is folded under a right angle of 90 degrees, and a hook is created on the second sheet, and after the connection is completed, such a hook is compressed.
  • Double fold to some extent can even be called an analogue of a single fold, but in this case twisting is done in 2 turns. To wrap the metal like this, the size of the hook in the workpiece must necessarily be smaller, about 0.5-0. 7 cm, and the height of the workpiece, on the contrary, should be larger.

As for the recumbent joint, they are similar to the standing one, but with the difference that they are wrapped on one side. Now quite often you can find L-shaped roofing folds on sale, but there is no practical benefit from such a connection, and it cannot be called better or worse than a double bend, but most people believe that this is how the roof will look many times more spectacular. The L-shaped fold looks especially interesting on a rounded radius.

Please note that when choosing equipment, one should take into account, that is, machines in order to create recumbent folds, to create standing folds, as well as universal devices that can be rebuilt according necessary for any kind of bend.

Description and information about the machines

The main advantage of seam roofing can be called the fact that the overlap is obtained without the presence of fastening or connecting holes, monolithic.

But still, the roofing metal itself is quite thin and it is extremely inconvenient, and sometimes even impossible, to make blanks in production, and then transport them to the object.

Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video A small folding machine for roofing can radically change the situation (for the better). With the presence of such equipment, it is possible to create blanks on site, and in addition, there are even models that can be installed directly on the roof.Note one more nuance - to make bends at the edge of the sheets, a folding machine is required, and to make a double fold and crimp the connection to bring it to the final result, another machine is required, a folding machine. It helps to reduce the time for arranging the roof several times.

Most often, the thickness of metal for roofing works is 0.05-0. 1 cm, but the maximum can be 0.12 cm.But believe me, good machines for standing seam roofing are designed for working with metal, the thickness of which is from 0.

03 to 0.15 cm. Such equipment can already be considered practical professional, and on it you can make not only all kinds of roofing pictures, but also bend the workpieces under drainage or ventilation pipes, and in addition, make gutters and ridge-type linings.

Interestingly, that a blank for a folded roof (a strip of metal for a roof with folded seams) is called a "Picture" among professionals.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple - any folding machines have a number of curly rollers for crimping, which fold the edges of the sheet.

The nip rollers should be installed in pairs on the nip shaft. For amateur use, a hand-operated machine is perfect. The number of crimping shafts can be very different, but no matter how many of them there are, they will be brought into action by the gearbox, and the gearbox itself will rotate thanks to the operation of the electric motor. Yes, as already mentioned, there is a device that operates from a manual drive, but they have low performance and such devices can be seen with our own eyes extremely rarely.

Popular models



  • Folding machine made in Turkey, designed for bending metal with a thickness of 0.05 to 0. 12 cm.
  • It is powered by a 380 V three-phase electric motor, and the power is 1100 W.
  • Dimensions - height 1.

    1 meters, length 1 meter, width 0.6 meters.

  • 7 pairs of folding rollers included.
  • The working speed is 12 m / min.
  • Weight - 0.

    275 t.

  • The approximate cost is 295,000 rubles.


  • Three-phase electrical installation, powered by 380 V , power 1500 W.
  • Designed for bending metal with a thickness of 0.05 to 0.

    12 cm.

  • The device weighs 232 kg.
  • The approximate cost is 186,000 rubles.

With the help of such a device, you can perform bending of both standing and recumbent folds, and in addition to the roofing picture, you can even make pipes for the ventilation system on such a machine.

"Metal Master FDS 1250"

This device is a manual folding machine.

  • The working part is 1.25 meters long.
  • Dimensions 1.4 * 0. 4 * 1.

    1 meter.

  • Designed for bending metal with a thickness of up to 0. 07 cm.
  • Approximate cost of 16,000 rubles.

"MetalMaster GLF A4C"

This folding machine is considered universal.

  • Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video The power of the three-phase electrical installation is 1500 W.
  • Device weight 212 kg.
  • Dimensions 0.9 * 0. 55 * 0.

    96 meters.

  • Designed for bending metal with a thickness of up to 0. 15 cm.
  • The approximate cost is from 185,000 rubles.


  • The power of the three-phase type electrical installation is 1500 W.

  • Weight 290 kg.
  • Dimensions 1.07 * 0. 57 * 0. 92 meters.

  • Designed for bending metal with a thickness of up to 0.12 cm.
  • Approximate cost from 150,000 rubles.

"SPF 700"

This model of the folding machine is much smaller and lighter in weight than analogues, and this allows it to be used for work on a construction site. The package includes a roller-type stand for feeding rolled metal into a coil.

Such a stand is a way to support weight up to 1000 kg.

  • The motor power is 1500 W, but you can install a manual drive together with the electric motor if desired.
  • Dimensions 1.45 * 0. 87 * 0.

    83 meters.

  • Weight 145 kg.
  • Designed for bending metal with a thickness of up to 0.07 cm.
  • The rebate height is 2.

    5 cm.

  • The width of the picture can be up to 0.7 meters, as well as built-in function to adjust to the required width.
  • The sheet feed speed is 6.5 meters per minute.

  • Even arched paintings can be made on the machine.
  • The warranty period is 2 years.
  • The approximate cost is 175,000 rubles.

These are the best models of folding type machines.

More about SFP 700

When using a device of this brand, all types of roofing can be made in the form of rolls, and not separately folded sheets.

When using the SFP 700 machine, you can significantly reduce the time for performing all work several times, which will help increase labor productivity and minimize the number of transverse-type seams on the roof.

Renting a folding machine makes it possible to create double and even triple locks at the junction of the roof, and the finished panels will have rolled ribs. Such elements help to significantly increase the strength of the entire structure and improve the appearance of the roof. The use of the device will also be relevant when it is required to form a roofing picture of a trapezoidal, rectangular, wedge-shaped shape.

In addition, such handheld equipment can be used for:

  • Venting.

  • Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video Roofs.
  • Slope.
  • Low tide.
  • Chimney.
  • Gutter pipe system.

  • Decorative type roof bends

A hand-held machine is used to make various profiles at the edges of a workpiece or galvanized steel sheet. You can also use materials with a paint and varnish or polymer coating.

The only and significant drawback is the high cost and dimensions of some of the models, but such a device and it are similarly different:

  • The fact that there is no damage to the coating of the material ...

  • Adaptability to building site conditions.
  • High quality indicators of manufactured panels.
  • Ability to create straight panels.
  • The presence of a changeover of a stepped type for the required workpiece width.

How to independently assemble the machine

Not everyone can afford to buy a folding machine, so very often people try to manually assemble such a machine.

A do-it-yourself folder is unlikely to have the same functions, but it will cost you only 2,000 - 3,000 rubles.


The self-made machine is designed for use in the home workshop. Such a device is screwed to a wood workbench, but if legs are made for it with the help of welding, then such a machine can be easily carried.


The structure as a whole consists of three parts. Usually everything is welded and screwed onto the base part.

  1. So, take a metal corner with a 7.5 cm wing (as a minimum), and if you take a 10 cm wing, the device will only benefit from this.
  2. Upstairs, on the supporting corner, weld 4 garage-type sings. They will move the crimp punch.
  3. At the front, screw the bounding shelf, but between the base corner and the shelf, a folding tooth must be inserted, which helps to form the folds.

  4. Both the shelf and the crimping punch make them a corner of 7.5 cm, and in addition, a handle must be welded to the crimping punch, which can be made even from the simplest pipe

Note that the hardest part is to find perfectly flat corners. The easiest way is to give them to the milling machine, because if you do not do this, the folds will be crooked.


First, the front part of the structure should be screwed to the base angle:

  1. Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video Put a spacer on the bolts for fastening, for this you can use a metal strip with a thickness of 0.1 cm.

  2. Next, put a crimp tooth on the spacer, which will be made from a band saw. Since the working length of the fixture is 1.2 meters, it is desirable that the canvas should have the same parameters, but it is better to make it under a standard sheet of 1.25 meters. Before installation, the chamfer must be removed from the canvas.

  3. Last of all, we put on the support shelf on the bolts, and then tighten everything.

For the crimping tooth, it was not in vain that the band saw blade was chosen, since it is a strong and rigid metal that is required to manufacture a folding machine.

Main parameters

To get a high-quality fold, two main parameters must be set:

  • There should be a distance of 0.6 cm from the backing to the top crimp tooth.
  • The distance from the top crimp tooth to the support ledge should be 0.

    8 cm.

dimensions, the seam allowance will turn out to be 2 cm, that is, on the edges from sheets that are adjacent, 1 cm should be set aside.

Principle of operation

How to use the device:

  • Folding machines- Features and scope of application + Video To make a bend on the metal under a straight line angle, insert the workpiece into the groove and bend it until the workpiece rests against the shelf.
  • To create a full fold, the crimping punch must be brought up to the stop until it contacts the support ledge.

Folder work is in the video.


Now we hope that it will be easier for you to choose one of the folding machine models. As for hand-made devices with a hand-made drive, they are suitable only for amateurs, and for professional-level work it is better to buy factory machines.