Folk methods and Insecticides + Video

Folk methods and Insecticides + Video Spiders in the house, in addition to psychological discomfort, are capable of causing harm to human health, since they are carriers of dirt and various microorganisms that worsen the sanitary condition of the house.

To avoid this, you need to know how to get rid of spiders in the house.

Why do spiders appear at home?

There may be several reasons:

  • As a rule, insects like warmth, and in the cold season they have nowhere to go and they strive to get into the house;
  • In addition, spiders love a humid environment. Therefore, their favorite places are the bathrooms and the kitchen;
  • In your house, conditions are favorable for them in terms of food, that is, there are many insects in the house, and spiders are predators and tend to prey precisely;
  • Dirt. Flies and cockroaches, which are considered the most favorite bait for spiders, love to get in the garbage.

Ways to get rid of spiders

First, do a general cleaning of the premises

Keeping clean and keeping it clean is the best cure for spiders. Vacuum all corners and baseboards. Wipe off any accumulated crumbs from kitchen cabinets and drawers. Thoroughly clean all areas under the tub, sinks and toilet. Using a long stick or mop and a damp cloth wrapped around it, run the ceiling plinth around the perimeter of the room.

Indeed, it is in such places that spiders most often make a web, and in it they lay their eggs.

If there are a lot of spiders on the personal plot, then you also need to get out on its territory - remove fallen leaves, dry grass, throw out unnecessary garbage and rubbish. If the territory is illuminated at night, and, therefore, many insects flock to the light, and insects, as you know, are the favorite menu of spiders.

After that, you can start the fight either by folk methods, or with the use of chemicals.

Folk methods

Grandma's recipes are sometimes much more effective than chemicals.

Also, only natural non-toxic substances are used in them, unlike insecticides.

The most popular folk remedies are:

  • With the help of chestnuts. The horse chestnut is cut and laid out in the corners. Its scent repels spiders;
  • Mint oil spray. Make a peppermint solution and spray into the corners and crevices of the house.

    They are also scared off by eucalyptus and tea tree oil;

  • In places of potential habitat of spiders, diatomite is scattered with a thin layer. It is a natural fossil powder. It is completely environmentally friendly for animals and humans. By spreading it around the perimeter of the house, you will prevent the entry of new individuals;
  • A solution of vinegar with water also has a destructive effect on spiders;
  • With the help of adhesive tape, which is placed in insect habitats.

Spiders are afraid of strong smells.

You can also use a regular lemon or orange, which is cut into pieces, wrapped in cheesecloth and laid out in the corners.The strong citrus scent will force the spiders out of their homes.

Sheep wool also has a pungent odor unpleasant for spiders. So, having laid out pieces of wool or yarn near the cobweb and the spider will no longer return there.


There is a huge variety of chemical agents for insects, aerosols are considered the most effective, since spiders spend most of their time in the web, and do not run around the house.

The main active ingredient in aerosols and sprays is boric acid or chlorpyrifos. They are sprayed in corners, crevices, along the baseboard, near window and door openings. After a certain period of time, the room is well ventilated. During processing, people and animals should not be present in the room.

Important: When working with any chemical substances, remember the precautions and use personal protective equipment.

One use of the spray is not enough and it is better to repeat the procedure in two weeks. Since the first to die are usually adult insects, and the eggs remain. When using insecticides, remember that they only work when they come into direct contact with the insect. The composition of pesticides contains pyrethroids, which are made from plants - pyrethrum of the chrysanthemum family.

General rules also apply when using chemicals at home:

  • Folk methods and Insecticides + Video Not all products are allowed to be used in food premises;
  • Always use protective equipment on face and hands;
  • Upon completion of treatment, all surfaces to which the insecticide has been applied should be carefully wash;
  • It is forbidden to use aerosols in an apartment where people with bronchial asthma or allergies live.

    They can cause exacerbation;

  • Instructions must be strictly followed. Any increase in dosage or frequency should be within acceptable limits. Excessive concentration of a toxic substance can negatively affect the outcome of work;

When to call the special service?

If there is just a whole invasion of spiders in your private house, then it is better to use the help of professionals.

Specialized electrical devices for ultrasonic insect repellent are sold in specialized stores. They are also effective against arachnids.

These devices emit ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to human hearing, and unpleasant for spiders. Their main advantage is that, in addition to arthropods, mosquitoes and even small rodents are afraid of them.

The maximum effect can be achieved with the complex use of different methods of disposal. The main rule is to keep the house clean. Next, you can use insecticides when processing the premises, and then carry out preventive measures with folk remedies.