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Folk remedies quickly and forever + Video When parasites appear in the house, let alone blood-sucking, this event is not very pleasant. They give you great inconvenience, because from their bites your skin becomes covered with blisters that itch and bleed, and from this you lose sleep and peace of mind, as well as an unpleasant smell from their activity appears in the premises. Such a neighborhood is definitely unpleasant and to some extent dangerous. No one is immune from the appearance of bedbugs in the house. Why bugs at home?

Bugs into the house, you can bring with some thing or object purchased from your hands.

Is there a way to destroy bedbugs on your own, no one knows for sure. Bedbugs, as a rule, do not like sunlight and actively lead their way of life at night, so it is almost impossible to detect them during the daytime. Bed bugs reproduce very quickly and it becomes more and more difficult to destroy them.

How to get rid of bedbugs in the house?

Folk remedies quickly and forever + Video If you even since you have seen bed bugs, you are unlikely to confuse them with other insects. This small parasite has specific eating habits, the bug feeds on the blood of mammals, which have thin skin.

For example, it feeds on the blood of people, rats, hamsters, birds. Therefore, the discomfort from the presence of this parasite is received not only by humans, but also by pets.

The question arises whether to poison these parasites or not. There is a misconception that there is no need to search for the right means to destroy these parasites. Some people believe that bedbugs do not live or grow in well-ventilated and clean rooms.

Before starting to poison bed bugs, many use several proven means or methods of destruction. They also use the advice of experienced people and friends.

Our ancestors, for example, used severe frost to kill various parasites.

When do insecticides fail?

Folk remedies quickly and forever + Video When bugs start in the house, you do not need to consult with friends and neighbors what means to use against them, but you need to go to a specialized store and ask for advice from the specialists of this store.

Experts will advise you to use special insect killing sprays, but these sprays can have very unpleasant odors.

In addition, bed bug spray products can be toxic and harmful to human and animal health.

But there is another problem, insects develop immunity to certain drugs, so aerosols such as "Dichlorvos" will be useless.

Therefore, with the choice of means to combat bedbugs, you will have to experiment.

Bedbugs, due to their vital activity, can greatly harm the health of people who live in a house or apartment.

There are several types of bed bug control agents: Folk remedies quickly and forever + Video

  1. Ready aerosols .

    They are sold in compressed air cylinders.With their help, you can make local treatment for bedbugs. The downside is that these aerosols are very small in volume;

  2. Sprays. Sold in spray cans. The use of these agents is dangerous to human health and therefore it is necessary to use special protective equipment;
  3. Contact powders.

    For example, karbofos and other similar products. They are convenient to use if you know exactly where the insects live. Powders are poured locally, in the largest cluster of insects.

If there are bugs in your house, and you intend to remove them forever, then you should take care of the means of protection against pesticides that you intend to use.

You need the following outfit: Folk remedies quickly and forever + Video

  1. Respirator;
  2. Rubber gloves;
  3. Special waterproof clothing.

    The top should be long-sleeved, the bottom should also be long, this is necessary so as not to damage the skin of the legs and arms with pesticides.

  4. Glasses if necessary. Glasses are needed so that when spraying aerosols or sprays, splashes from them do not get into the eyes.

When treating bedbugs, you need to pay attention to the corners and seams of furniture, places under wallpaper, baseboards, back walls of cabinets, pictures of shelves.

Bed bugs are heat-loving insects and may well settle inside a computer, speakers, TV, but the bed bugs' favorite place is the mattress and bed.

Folk remedies quickly and forever + Video

Fighting bedbugs on your own is not easy and not always effective, therefore there are services who provide services to combat these insects.

It is better to seek help from specialists, because they have the appropriate equipment and preparations that will one hundred percent destroy the entire population of bedbugs in your house.

Yes, it turned out that the fight against harmful bedbugs is not an easy task, we can only wish you not to encounter this parasite, but if you still encounter it, then after reading this article you will know that make. We really hope that the information in the article was useful to you. We wish you good luck and patience!

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