for a house, an extension, a bathhouse, a garage or a barn + Video

for a house, an extension, a bathhouse, a garage or a barn + Video Foam blocks are a fairly popular material in private construction. They are used, in particular, for the construction of residential buildings, garages and other buildings.

It turns out that even from foam blocks they make a foundation with their own hands for frame construction or other light houses.

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Foam blocks. Features of the material

This material is distinguished by good thermal insulation, ease of installation, ease of construction, etc.

It is for this that private developers love it.

As we can see, this is a fairly convenient material with sufficient strength to even build residential buildings out of it with your own hands.

An important feature of foam blocks is their high hygroscopicity. Even storing them on the building area should be carried out with the exception of the possibility of getting wet. Walls built from foam blocks need a good finish and thoughtful waterproofing.

However, are foam blocks such a versatile material as to build a foundation from them for houses, namely, to build a foundation?

for a house, an extension, a bathhouse, a garage or a barn + Video

Foam blocks as an option for the foundation

The foundation of foam blocks under the house, and for other buildings, they do it very rarely.

Firstly, it is quite difficult to achieve good fastening of individual blocks to each other, so you have to think about the reliability and strength of such a foundation. In addition, only a solid base will shrink evenly and protect the walls of the house from cracking.

Secondly, foam blocks need excellent waterproofing, and it is quite difficult to achieve this in a situation with a foundation and, most likely, quite expensive. Even a small amount of liquid (this can be groundwater, precipitation, evaporation from the walls of the house, etc.

) will be taken up and absorbed by unprotected blocks and lead to their rapid destruction.

How to make a foundation from foam blocks

for a house, an extension, a bathhouse, a garage or a barn + Video If the above difficulties did not scare you, and you still decided to make a base for a house from foam blocks, then you must follow some rules.

A foam block foundation, like many other types of foundation, is laid to a certain depth. At the bottom of a trench or foundation pit, a sand cushion is necessarily arranged, the sand is carefully spilled and compacted. The base of such a foundation, its outer and inner walls and the top need protection from moisture.

The foam blocks, laid in the formwork, are connected with each other using a solution and a reinforcing mesh, this is done to set the structure of a certain stiffness.

Protect such a foundation from destruction by well-organized waterproofing.