for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video The construction of the house ends with a very important and responsible step, i.e. the construction of lathing and laying of special roof coatings ...

At this stage of development in the construction of a house, the main role is played by corrugated board. According to its characteristics, the corrugated board is convenient and effective, has high strength qualities and all the main properties for a good reliable function of roof protection.

[contents ]for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video

But, an important and main stage in construction the roof is a preliminary lathing for corrugated board. The lathing should be of the correct structure and reliably fulfill its main task - to firmly fix the material covering the roof of your house. As a rule, the crate is made of boards or bars, installed on a solid high-quality support.

Only after that, the entire structure is fixed with special brackets. With the correct installation of the frame, the installed lathing will be durable and not affected by moisture and mold.

The main building materials for lathing are metal frames or wood.

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video Wood is used to build roofs in private country houses. And the metal frame is used for industrial enterprises.

The material of the batten and its structure may vary depending on the external load on the roof, as well as on the characteristic features of the residential building.

Lathing pitch and fastening options

Today, there are two main options for roofing when installing corrugated board:

1) Shed roofs Used mainly for the construction of industrial or utility buildings.

2) Gable roofs are used for the construction of residential buildings. At the same time, the slope of the roof for different types of buildings can vary from 0 to 50 degrees. The scheme of the house must be perfectly thought out and accurately calculated.

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video The main components of the crate are wooden beams . They are laid perpendicular to the slings with a certain pitch.

They are usually fastened with nails. A properly executed roof structure will be strong and the load will be evenly distributed.

The central board in the crate is fixed along the eaves, and it should be wider than other boards.

In places where chimneys, fire hatches and ventilation will be installed, additional boards must be installed.

The step of the crate under the corrugated board is performed after thirty centimeters.

The crate itself is fixed after the insulating layer has been installed under the corrugated board and the ventilation system has been removed. The thickness is calculated based on the height of the profiled sheets and the length of the elements and fasteners that hold the profile from the outside.

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video In order to correctly calculate the step, you need to remember about the profile section and the thickness of the building material.

And with a decrease in the roof angle, the distance between the sheathing boards also decreases.

Wind boards are installed at the ends of the roof on both sides. They are placed above the main lathing at such a distance as the corrugated board itself will rise.

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video In addition to the above points, the pitch of the battens can be influenced by the slope of the roof and climatic conditions. That is, these are certain external loads from wind, rain and snow.

It is possible to create a special gap during roof construction to combat wind. The load that the roof can withstand will depend on the profile height. The higher the profile, the more load the structure will withstand.

At an angle of inclination of the roof up to fifteen degrees, C21 corrugated board is mounted, while using a continuous crate, and all profile sheets are overlapped. When using profiled sheets of type C35, the lathing step will be thirty centimeters with an overlap in one wave.

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video

The lathing pitch of sixty-five centimeters is used much less often, since the value of the external load decreases. With a step of the roof lathing of fifty centimeters , use corrugated board C44 and above.

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video For the preservation and prevention of wooden parts of the crate, they should be treated with special antiseptic mixtures. This step will save the tree from the appearance of moisture and fungus, and also perfectly keep it from pests and insects. This treatment is optional, but if you want to increase the life of your roof, we recommend that you use this advice.

Fasteners for the lathing

The main fastening material for fastening to the roof of the corrugated board is a special self-tapping screw. This is a kind of bolt with a rubber head gasket and a drill at the end. In order not to see the screws on the roof of your house, their hats are made in different colors. Thus, you can choose the required color of the screws for your corrugated board.

for corrugated board, slate, soft roof- Step by step + Video Self-tapping screws attach the profile sheets to the crate only from the bottom of the wave.

roofing nails and special fasteners are also used as fasteners.

Each of the above method has its pros and cons. For example, nails perfectly fulfill their main function when attaching profile sheets to the roof, as well as for the step of lathing the walls of the house. And special fasteners are used to fix the corrugated board to the ceiling.

All profile sheets are installed from the bottom row to the top.

And the first row of sheets must be mounted with a protrusion eight or ten centimeters from the wall to protect it from the appearance of mold and moisture.

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