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for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video Any master has a list of required tools. As a rule, these are 5-6 basic mechanisms, and an electric jigsaw is included in it.

This device is very functional, versatile and very mobile. If necessary, it can replace a range of construction tools, which is especially important for any worker.

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Purpose of the jigsaw

There will be no difficulties in working with an electric jigsaw.

And people who are far from repair and construction work can also cut something out with pleasure.

During repairs, it is often necessary to quickly and efficiently assemble scaffolds, shelves or a table, and a jigsaw is an excellent assistant in this regard!

An electric jigsaw is used for straight and shaped sawing of various materials, such as:

  • plexiglass; for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video
  • plywood;
  • thin cement slabs;
  • GVL sheets;
  • OSB sheets and others.

When the roof is being repaired or the construction of wooden frames, with the help of a jigsaw, you can cut planks, slats and not very massive timber. Of course, you can also saw through a thick bar, only it will be in two passes.

Usually, during repair work, you need to make a curved cut , bypassing the rounded column, and the jigsaw will handle this task perfectly.

The electric jigsaw can also cut metal profiles .

A jigsaw, unlike a circular saw, can be held and guided with one hand, and the other to fix the part.

Due to this, an accurate cut is obtained at a good working speed, because there is no need to fix the workpiece, only markings will be needed.

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video Using the saw table to secure the jigsaw, you can achieve certain results in terms of cutting accuracy. When the saw blade goes down with its teeth, there will be no chips on the surface, and the workpiece itself will move with two hands.

But there are drawbacks when working with a jigsaw :

  1. this is the appearance of chips;
  2. the saw blade leaves the intended vertical.

But these problems can be avoided by choosing the correct file and setting the operating mode. The experience of the user and the design features of the jigsaw play a role.

How to choose a good jigsaw?

Below we will consider the most common models of jigsaws. How do you choose a jigsaw for your home? Select

Fiolent PMZ-600E

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video A common model of an electric jigsaw is Fiolent PMZ-600E.

Manufacturers from Simferopol have created a very reliable and high-quality car.

Fiolent is a powerful and high-performance device that copes with the task quickly enough.

Fiolent is a hand-held jigsaw for wood. It perfectly cuts wood up to 80 mm thick, steel sheets up to 10 mm, aluminum sheets up to 20 mm.The jigsaw motor idles the stem up to 2600 times per minute in total.

Product weight is 2.5 kg.

This jigsaw has a switchable pendulum stroke . Due to this, work along a straight path is accelerated. This is especially noticeable with a large thickness of the product, since the productivity increases several times.

This option is disabled for curved cuts or when cutting metal.

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video Button switch lock and speed controller is working properly. Although some manufacturers are not sure about it, since this vulnerable node is a product of Western European production.

The set with the jigsaw comes with a factory plastic overlay for the sole . Its main function is to prevent the appearance of black streaks and scratches on the front surfaces of the workpieces.

But with intensive work, it will quickly wear off and you will have to replace it.

The file is held in place by one screw , which holds it tightly. The saw blade is mounted efficiently and reliably, without any distortions. In addition, you can use canvases of different thicknesses.

The Fiolent PMZ-600E jigsaw is a high-quality tool for a variety of jobs.

Recommended for both novice builders and experienced professionals.

In addition, in the event of a breakdown, it is easy to find the parts that require it.

Makita 4351FCT Electric Jigsaw

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video This jigsaw has a very high productivity . It easily cuts 100mm timber, 6mm metal corner. It works very quietly, without vibrations.

The saw stroke is 26 mm, the speed of its movement varies from 800 to 2800 translational movements per minute.

These indicators are similar to the Fiolent PMZ-600E jigsaw, but unlike the previous tool, there is an electronic control system for cutting speed , which automatically maintains certain parameters regardless of materials.

Pendulum motion is also present. Moreover, the developers made it three-mode . The Makita jigsaw turns on without a jerk, thanks to the limiter, a smooth start.

The jigsaw is equipped with a high quality aluminum sole , it is securely fixed both in the zero position and at an angle of 45 °.

Jigsaw blades can be changed without keys or screwdrivers. The chuck, where the saw blade is inserted, reliably fixes the saw blade of different thickness. for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video

The workspace is well illuminated by the built-in lamp , which turns on automatically after pressing the start button. Also, the debris and sawdust removal system works great.

Of the minuses and disadvantages , the weight of the jigsaw can be considered, about 2.6 kg and its dimensions. Its length is 30 cm. The body of the jigsaw itself is quite thick, and resembles a small grinder.Because of this, you have to hold the apparatus with both hands, which is not very convenient when performing certain construction work.

To disable the start button, you need to grab it with your hands, because you simply cannot get it from the working position.

The Makita 4351FCT jigsaw is a powerful and functional construction tool. When buying a tool, many are wondering which jigsaw to choose for professional work. Now we can safely say that this jigsaw is more suitable for these works than others.

BOSCH PST650 electric jigsaw

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video The BOSCH PST650 jigsaw was developed by a German company for the average craftsman.

This jigsaw is more of an addition to Fiolent PMZ-600E. As practice shows, this series has found its application in repair and construction matters.

Jigsaw fits perfectly in the hand . The handle has soft rubber grips, the switch buttons are easily accessible and perfectly balanced.

The unit weighs 1.

6 kg. The working rod reaches 3100 strokes per minute.

The electric jigsaw for home easily cuts bars up to 50 mm thick and above.

The pluses of this jigsaw include: for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video

  • good fixed metal platform;
  • adjustable blowing of debris and sawdust;
  • vibration protection system;
  • good stabilization of the saw blade.

But there are also minuses .

Not all saw blades can be installed in the keyless chuck of the BOSCH PST650 jigsaw. But those that fit are fixed very securely.

Considering the ratio, price and quality, this good jigsaw will become an indispensable assistant in the house, and will last a long time without any serious failures and breakdowns.

Einhell BPS600E Electric Jigsaw

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video The Einhell BPS600E jigsaw was developed by a German company. It is also included in the list of required tools.

Pendulum stroke with three modes, motor 600 W, speed regulator present.

The minus of this tool is the build quality.

For example, over time, the power button may break, or the rubber from the handle may begin to peel off, the cord may crack, etc.

The only mechanism that has no complaints is the motor.

This tool is better to buy for amateurs, for infrequent use.

The Einhell jigsaw will not work for professionals.

Recommendations for choosing the right jigsaw

for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video

For the correct choice of an electric jigsaw, you need to consider a number of important points . Based on the practical experience of professional builders, we have compiled:

  1. for home and work-TOP Models and popular options + Video Initial determination of the purpose of the jigsaw.As a rule, for home use, a medium-cost household tool is suitable;
  2. The increased power is directly related to the weight of the product. Therefore, when choosing a jigsaw according to this characteristic, think carefully about it;
  3. An electric jigsaw with a mushroom-shaped handle is more suitable for work in the workshop.

    Since the two-handed grip assumes a rigid fixation of the workpiece. This tool is convenient for making curved cuts;

  4. One-handed jigsaws are well suited for home and summer cottages;
  5. The jigsaw pendulum motion will increase productivity; regulator for changing the frequency of the stroke;
  6. For accurate sawing, an electronic speed control function is required;
  7. The sole of the jigsaw must be securely attached perpendicular to the saw blade.
  8. Without backlash at the working rod and roller, the cut will be more accurate and cleaner;
  9. Blowing and illumination of the working area, the necessary elements for working with a jigsaw;
  10. Before buying, hold in the store in the hands of all models of jigsaws, since each tool has its own unique ergonomics. Make a purchase only when you choose what suits you personally;
  11. In some hardware stores, buyers are allowed to test the tool, so before buying, use this right.

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