For the city and the personal plot - DIY device + Video

For the city and the personal plot - DIY device + Video The problem of parking in big cities has not lost its relevance for many years. Therefore, the shell garage is gaining more and more popularity along with capital metal or brick garages. This is inherently a temporary shelter for a car, but if you consider that it can be installed both on a personal plot and in the courtyard of a multi-storey building. The fact is that this design, according to the current legislation, or rather a gap on this topic, is classified as an ordinary car awning.

Therefore, a specially allotted piece of land is not required for it, nor any approvals and registration.

In addition, this compact building can be completely DIY.

General information


There are the following types of shell garage at the location:

  1. Collapsible;
  2. attached;
  3. built-in.

A built-in garage can be arranged only during the construction of a house and have a separate entrance to it. Attached can be done already to the constructed building or next to it. The collapsible design can be arranged anywhere.

According to the standard design, the garage-shell is a multi-layered semicircular sink made of two large metal-profile sheets with no corners, which significantly saves space. The stronger the metal, the more reliable your building will be.

For the city and the personal plot - DIY device + Video In addition to metal, the shell can be built from polymer plastic, lightweight, bendable and very durable raw materials. Also, the garage can be made of cast reinforced concrete sections, metal profiles and fiberglass.

Now the most common material for such a structure is considered to be galvanized corrugated board, which is thinner than the previous analogue, but has increased rigidity.

And thanks to the wavy structure, the building becomes more reliable in strong gusts of wind and snow.

Note: The shell can be made not necessarily of metal, if you just need protection from sunlight and precipitation , it is quite possible to make a folding frame according to the drawings, which is covered with polyester fabric or tarpaulin. But this is most likely a summer cottage option, not a city one.

Size will depend on the size of your vehicle. So, for example, for a class B car of the sedan type, the garage will have the following dimensions: length 6 m, width 3 m.

Such a building is quite enough to drive a car into it.

There can be various variations of the gate opening - in the form of conventional leaves or roller shutter upward. Moreover, the latter solution is the most convenient and widespread. They can be lowered manually or automatically.

Advantages and disadvantages

Garage shell has the following advantages:

  • The structure can be installed on almost any surface;
  • For the city and the personal plot - DIY device + Video In comparison with capital buildings, such a garage will weigh relatively not much that will make it possible to install it without the use of special machinery;
  • Easy assembly and disassembly;
  • Small size will allow you to have a personal parking space that will protect your car from precipitation and thieves;
  • Such a garage can be attached to the house, which will save space even more;
  • Despite the simplicity, the garage is quite durable;
  • Thanks to modern polymer materials, such a garage will not rust ;
  • Low cost.

Important: Provided that walls and gates are periodically treated with anti-corrosion agents, your metal garage can serve you for many years in its original form, even under conditions of high humidity.

The disadvantages include the following points:

  • Lack of comfort, because this is just an awning in which there is no light and heat, as well as shelves for tools, as in a regular garage;
  • It will be cold in winter, and very hot in the heat;
  • Not presentable appearance, especially if it is installed on a personal plot and does not harmonize with the general the view of the house and the plot;
  • In a big city, if such a building is unauthorizedly erected in the courtyard of an apartment building, it can simply be demolished, since it cannot be named as a full-fledged awning and residents can write a complaint;
  • The lock, as a rule, is placed at the junction of the two halves, which is not very reliable from those wishing to illegally get inside. Therefore, here you need a non-standard approach to locking the shell.

Recommendations of experts

In order for your garage-shell to serve you faithfully and truthfully for a long time, with the device hands need to take into account some features.

Features :

  • If your garage will have a double door, then seals will need to be installed between the two elements so that water does not get between the doors inside.

    You can also use a tarpaulin cape as an option, but when iron and wet cloth come into contact, rust may form;

  • The choice of a lock is also a very important point when protecting against intruders. An alarm can also be installed on the garage;
  • When choosing a place for a shell, you need to take into account that it should not interfere with the passage of other equipment.

Garage-shell construction

The construction of any garage will consist of the following steps:

  • Selecting a location. The location must be suitable, not obstructing the passage of other vehicles. As an ideal option, the platform for it can be filled with concrete;
  • Preparation of the necessary tools and materials.

    Since the garage frame is made of metal-profile sheets, welding equipment will be needed to connect them. Also, there should be measuring devices at hand, such as, for example, a tape measure;

  • Making separate sections of the movable and fixed part, from which the structure will be assembled. They come in different sizes, depending on the size of the car;
  • Assembly. A fixed section is installed and fixed with anchor bolts. Next, the front and the previously installed rear part of the structure, all joints are welded.

    Each section is sheathed with metal sheets. Then the fastener for the lock is welded.

Important: All metal surfaces of the shell from the outside and inside must be treated with an anti-corrosion agent.

After sheathing, the garage body is painted more often in inconspicuous gray colors. Although there are those who want to stand out and paint their garage partially or completely in bright colors.

You can find a gray garage with bright red, yellow or white stripes in the center.


Despite the fact that the shell garage is something from the past, they are still few in number, but made by some construction enterprises. During its existence, this structure has left an opinion about itself as an unpretentious and reliable building. And in our time you can find such a garage somewhere in the courtyard of a multi-storey building.


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