Free software for bathroom design

Free software for bathroom design Free bathroom design software

If you want to update the exterior of your bathroom, then you can get detailed drawing projects of repair work without hiring highly paid specialists. A program for bathroom design called "Interior Design 3D" will help you with this. We invite you to read the article-overview to learn how to create a free design in the editor.

Functions in the 3D bathroom design program

The 3D Interior Design program is a universal software in Russian for the Windows operating system that helps planning furnishings of private country houses, offices or apartments. The interface is clear and simple, which allows even a person far from the PC to quickly get used to the editor and immediately start modeling the layout.

The following options will be available to you:

  1. Building models of premises according to exact dimensions - you will have the opportunity to draw a room plan manually or download a scanned housing plan and then circle it in the editor ...
  2. Built-in catalog of typical layouts - If you will be doing renovation and finishing work in a typical home, you will not need to build and design a layout from scratch. You just need to choose one of the options that is in the built-in library.

  3. Installation of doors, windows and staircases. Different types of such elements are available in the catalog. Color, material of manufacture, sizes can be customized.
  4. Wall, ceiling and floor finishes - choose materials for finishes from the built-in libraries or add your own textures from a PC.
  5. Add pieces of furniture - you can arrange all the furniture from the built-in catalogs, customize the size and appearance.

  6. View the finished project in 2D design mode (that is, top view), as well as in 3D, in the virtual visit window (you can see the room inside, as in a real visit), as well as in a photorealistic picture.

For example, the layout is presented, which is made in the program.

How to work in the planning program

Step # 1 - make a room

First, you need to start creating a project and draw all the walls. In the program designer, you can draw the room yourself according to manually taken measurements or load a real plan as a template and then trace its contours. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a 3D layout of the created room.

If you need to change the dimensions, you need to drag the mouse over any of the walls, and this is very handy if later you want to start designing a private house. When creating a layout, special attention should be paid to the choice of door leaves. The bathroom design software offers many different options - from simple and double doors to arches.The app also has an incredible collection of different types of windows, including balcony blocks.

Step # 2 - select the finish

If you double-click on the created room box, then on the right you will see the settings panel that appears.

Here you can change the name for the room, set the wall height and select materials for finishing. Tiles are ideal for wall cladding and flooring. To select this or that design, you need:

If you suddenly do not find suitable materials in the built-in catalog, it does not matter. In the bathroom planner, you can download materials to your PC, for example, you can download the required texture on the web and add to the project to create a design that is as close to reality as possible.

Step # 3 - arrange pieces of furniture

Also, the 3D program provides for arrangement in the bathroom. Choose pieces of furniture - the editor has different options for showers, baths, mirrors, jacuzzis, sinks, washing machines and other elements.

In the future, it will be possible to customize the appearance of each of the added items (correct the color of the bath, sink or rug, change the location and evaluate the result in the preview window).

Do not forget to add a light source - in the catalog you will find about a dozen varieties of lamps and chandeliers in different styles. Choose what suits you and add to the layout.

Step # 4 - save the project

When the rendering is ready, you can save it to your PC as an image or print it from a printer. You can also leave the project in software form so that if necessary, you can return to editing the project.

What is important to consider when planning a 3D bathroom design

So that you can design a high-quality layout the first time, you need to take into account when working with the editor such features:

  1. Make rooms separately - you should not draw a common room with a sanitary unit and a hallway, and then build partitions.

    In this case, you will not be able to make an individual finish only for the bathroom, because the materials for finishing are automatically installed for the whole room.

  2. Free software for bathroom design When setting up finishing materials, you can choose textures from a variety of sections - if the options did not fit the floor, which are in the "Floor" category, then you can take a closer look at those that are in the "Walls" section.
  3. If the tile that is installed seems very large to you, you can adjust its size using parameters such as scale. To do this, slide the slider to the right, thereby reducing the tile layout.
  4. The main furnishings of the sanitary unit are located in the corresponding section of the furniture catalog.

    But you can find suitable items in other tabs. For example, the "Miscellaneous" section is equipped with switches, sockets, gas boilers and other similar objects.

To start work, you need to install the software to create a 3D plan. You can download the program on our website.

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