Free software for designing a bath

Free software for designing a bath The program for designing a bath in 3D and drawings

Download the program for designing a bath is the best solution for a person who is looking for a convenient tool in order to visualize a project in a three-dimensional image, obtaining the required documentation and drawings.

One has only to think about buying materials, as it becomes clear that without the help of a specialist it is impossible to make independent calculations.

Programs for designing wooden structures in this case replace the advice of a professional. The photo shows the layout of the bath, which was created in a special program.

Questions before the start of designing

It would seem that making a blockhouse and ordering a stove is not difficult.

But in reality, everything is not so simple. Before starting the production of the project plan, it is required to answer a number of rather important questions:

  1. Location on the site - ideally, you should choose a beautiful place, and if there is a natural or artificial reservoir, then it is worth building near it. The entrance and windows should face the southern part, this will be an additional source of heat and lighting. The distance from a private house is not less than 8 meters according to fire safety standards.
  2. Seasonal or year-round application, which directly affects the choice of building materials.

  3. Maximum number of people accommodated in the steam room - set the parameters of the room, the number and area of ​​shelves.
  4. Engineering networks - there is a technical possibility of supplying (sewerage, water supply and electricity systems).
  5. The appearance of the bath and its layout in preliminary form.
  6. Roof and wall material, and such a question automatically makes it possible to determine the type of base. By the way, the photo shows an example of the device of a tape bath base.

  7. Fire safety measures are not just for the future bath, but in general for all buildings.
  8. Stove drawing for a bath room, it can be electric or wood.
  9. The presence of additional buildings - the terrace in the bath can be open or covered, a pool (indoor or outdoor).
  10. Competent organization of hot air circulation inside the steam room.
  11. Calculation of the heating of the bath (ventilation system in the bath, furnace power and thermal capacity of the walls).

    With an illiterate calculation, the duration of heating the bath will increase to the required temperature.

When you can answer these questions, you can begin the design process.

Recommendations for choosing software

When choosing the right software for designing a bath, you should definitely pay attention to the following points:

  • Free software for designing a bath Russification of the product is to greatly reduce the time spent on learning the capabilities of the software.
  • Availability of lessons - will help to quickly master the software.
  • It is possible to perform work on wood - not all programs have this option.

    Below is an example of the layout of a log bath.

  • Material detailing is an invaluable tool that will make it possible to order the required sawn timber with precise sawing directly under the bath, which is designed.
  • Availability of visualization in 3D.
  • Exploring the possibilities of demos - if you do not plan to constantly use such a program in the future, then buying it is a waste of money. For this reason, you can consider using free software or demos, but you need to study the restrictions on such products.

If you think over all the subtleties in advance, it will help you significantly save time on searching, downloading and installing those software that is not suitable.

What programs need to be considered

What software for designing baths from glued or profiled timber, logs to consider?

К3 - cottage

Programs for designing baths in Russian are different, but this program was developed in Russia, and therefore the programs are fully Russified. The photo shows the program interface. The main task is to design buildings from rounded or calibrated logs, as well as profiled timber.

The potential of the software is unique, and therefore such a program has gained incredible popularity among manufacturers of wooden structures:

  1. Issuance of the entire set of documentation for construction.

  2. Highly detailed material detailing and assembly process. Each element of the building is assigned a number with an indication on the drawings, and crown grooves and cuts are automatically affixed.
  3. During the process of designing a bath plan, modifications are automatically made to the documentation.
  4. On the project basis, a control program for CNC production is created. This helps to reduce the time spent on design development.

  5. The material library allows you to select bars or logs with the required section.
  6. 3D visualization in near real time will display all the details for future construction.
  7. Simplicity of the interface - it will take only 3-4 days to study the software capabilities.

There are a couple of types of software - for private and professional use. By the way, the first option is cheaper, but has a design limitation of up to 300 beams or logs.

Bath modeling fits well into such a number of materials.


Such a program is designed for ordinary users. There are also Russified versions, and the application itself is free. The interface is simple and straightforward, and it is also possible to download and create certain materials. But the counting of logs or timber is mechanical, and this will require creating layers for all construction stages.

Such a program is suitable for creating projects in 2D and 3D.The visualization of buildings is obtained at a decent level, and then a video on the development of a frame-type bath is presented.

AutoCAD, Arcon and ArchiCAD

These programs refer to licensed professional software products. There are also versions that have been translated into Russian. It takes professional architects from 1 year to master such programs.

But keep in mind that the possibilities of such programs for the manufacture of projects of various complexity, including baths. The programs are equipped with automatic generation of specifications with material detailing, engineering networks with certain parameters. By the way, 3D visualization is at the highest level. For a common man in the street, such software is expensive and complex. The selection of the program is determined by the financial capabilities and application possibilities.

You can also make a high-quality layout in a free application, and calculate materials based on a phased design.

Advantages of using the programs

In the photo - the layout and design of the bath, which were created in the program for designing a bath AutoCAD. The use of specialized software for the bath has a number of advantages:

  1. Free software for designing a bath Accuracy in data - parameters of construction and materials are set or manually, or automatically.
  2. Short terms for design - if the product and its capabilities are fully mastered, then it will not be difficult to draw a small-sized log house for a bath. This is done through built-in software tools - erase, copy, and everything else.

    Most software allows you to edit all fragments of the building.

  3. Decrease in financial expenses - firstly, such a project was made by oneself, which means it is free. Moreover, a number of programs provide a list of materials with exact dimensions and numbers in the specifications, which will reduce the cost of purchasing excess wood.
  4. 3D visualization gives a chance to find out how the bathhouse will look like even before the start of the construction process and to make adjustments.

The photo shows a variant of the layout and design of the bath, which was created in the program.

The use of software products for modeling bath buildings, designing gazebos has gained incredible distribution thanks to additional opportunities - such as making a realistic style of landscape design, which harmoniously fit certain buildings. In addition, big budget savings are obtained due to accurate calculation of materials and the preparatory stage of project documentation - the main component of such popularity.

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