Free software for designing furniture

Free software for designing furniture Furniture design and cutting programs (free)

Before making certain types pieces of furniture, it is required to create and design their image. It helps manufacturers to detect and correct errors, flaws, shows how the future product will look like, whether it meets the standards of aesthetics, and also corresponds to the chosen style.

There are programs on the Web for the professional design of furniture by designers and planners, as well as for home craftsmen who want to design on their own.

What is this software for?

Certain editors are designed in such a way that they do most of the furniture design operations themselves. They will help you create layouts for future furniture products, select materials, accessories, even make a cost and make a cost estimate.

For this reason, designing soft pieces of furniture with their help does not require special skills and greatly facilitates the developer's work. There are a lot of them. It is impossible to limit ourselves to considering only one program, it is important to study different options and adopt those that are more convenient to use. It is also extremely important that they can run on a PC with the available software. In their list you can find those created for 3D modeling.

The most popular programs

Volumetric software

Most furniture companies use several design programs at once and the manufacture of pieces of furniture. Such software as Volumetric is universal and suitable for salons, as well as manufacturers. It will replace all programs for a furniture company. Designers will find in the Volumetric beautiful rendering of objects with effects and shadows, created in the present time. The manager will arrange the pieces of furniture quickly and clearly with clients in the salon.

The constructor displays detailing, cutting, without using manual manipulations. The manager is able to keep track of accepted orders, cost, the amount of the advance payment and the final calculation, the purchase price of products.

Huge hands-on experience helps to make handy components:

  1. The Color Wheel gives you the chance to mix texture with colors. The client must definitely cooperate with you, choose materials and colors. After the joint work done, the order for furniture items is guaranteed to take place.

  2. Cutting module - without waiting for the design processing, you need to find out about the number of sheets spent on creating a cabinet in the kitchen. Optimize the design to reduce the number of sheets. For example, you have designed a set for a kitchen, and you can see from the plastic markings that one door did not fit - discuss this with the customer. Replace the facade with a different one or make the size of the typeface smaller
  3. Special forms of reports, they are called "machine forms", which can be adapted for a specific production.
  4. Full automation for accepting applications - automatic filling of contract forms, acts, orders and other documents.

    When drawing up a project, it is required to print the output documents, as well as affix the organization's stamps. The name and amount are fully filled in on the form, this is an ideal machine for receiving an order.

  5. Huge selection of ready-made models - from modern to classics, hallways and wardrobes. The lineup is regularly replenished with the use of YaD cloud technologies.
  6. Creation of personal catalogs and sketches - with your own hands on the basis of ready-made prototypes, or by a technologist in the Prototype Library.

Despite its great functionality, the program is easy to use. They are suitable even for beginners, as well as for trade floor workers. The main advantages are:

  • Clear visualization, which makes it possible to visually demonstrate pieces of furniture to buyers, as well as make a choice of material.
  • Cutting on the machine, which makes it possible for the client to calculate the exact amount of sheet materials that are needed to create a typeface.
  • The only program for those who have MAC OS X.

    Can work on a MacBook. For companies that care about the legality of their software, or do not want to use commercial OS distributions.

  • Advanced assembly not just for classic architectures, but also for PCs based on 64-bit processors. The program will become "native" for modern PCs using Windows 10, or extreme MAC versions.
  • Relatively low cost compared to other similar products.

    As a rule, from the 1st order for a piece of furniture, the cost pays off in full. No additional costs are needed, no components are required to work. updates will be installed free of charge.

This furniture design program is not free, but the best of all, completely standalone and works on any PC and under any OS.

3D Suite Furniture Salon

Free software for designing furniture This application is required for interior design design, has many functions, but not difficult to use.

The first step is to develop the interior of the desired room, which can be of different shapes, not only rectangular. The project can be shown in drawings or in 3D color format, especially from any point. The manufactured cabinet furniture in the designer is still demonstrated in three-dimensional format, or as drawings of projections from the side, from the front, and also from above with the prescribed dimensions of the lines. The design process will be facilitated by the fact that to place pieces of furniture in the given places, it is required to apply a sticking program - the marked object, when it touches the wall, is turned towards it with its back.

And if the volume stands on the podium, then its height will also automatically change.

The designer is able to adjust each model in terms of facades, colors and sizes. There is a large selection of colors that can be used to construct these objects.

Almost all kitchen elements can be added to the interior of the project - hoods, cookers, countertops, refrigerators, wall panels and baseboards. Removing them from the designed room is also easy. You can also create a library of headsets, enter item numbers (only composite ones) with a description of the material of the handles, body, glasses and legs.

At the final stage of construction, you will be able to prepare the documents in order to sell the designed piece of furniture.


Such a program for designing furniture, like PRO100, helps to quickly and efficiently make a project of cabinet furniture, as well as decorate the interior. It can be easily spoken on the Web in Russian, and with it you can develop and calculate the cost both for a single object and for a complex design complex of a house space. The completed project can be analyzed on a drawing, printed on a printer or viewed as a 3D model. The software package is easy to use, has a set of tools that allows three-dimensional design with visualization during modeling, interior design, and also during sale.

It is used to design office and home furniture to speed up and facilitate the work of designers and planners. There are also ready-made design options for different rooms (bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms).

The software is different:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • High precision material counting functions.

  • Competent visualization.
  • Availability of libraries with a large information base.
  • Possibility of forming a personal library.
  • Conveniently adjust style, colors and shapes.

The use of such a program allows the wizard to greatly simplify all the development features.

And the libraries that are included in the package of the latter option greatly expand the functionality, and provide an opportunity to deviate from ordinary projects and open up a lot of scope for creative modeling. The software will facilitate the development of your design model, without spending a lot of time on holes for fastening, standard allowances, the choice of accessories, even when creating a layout for cutting. When creating a project, interior elements in the form of boxes, cabinets and tables are taken from the catalog. They can be easily placed, rotated, moved in small and large rooms, which can be viewed in 7 different projections.

You can give each element its own name, indicate its specific dimensions, cost and material.

Moreover, the seller is able to visually demonstrate digital mock-ups of the ordered product with the calculation of the price in the presence of the customer, in order to show what he will spend his money on. According to user reviews, this editor is the perfect tool to serve customers. And its extreme version has a video capture function with saving and further demonstration of scenes in 3D.

Basis-furniture maker

What else to download the program for designing furniture? Basis-furniture maker is a system of modules that are used for the development of complex cabinet-type furniture. He embodied all the strengths of the editors on this topic.

Its application will reduce the time spent on design up to 15 times in comparison with manual execution. When applied, the number of subjective wrong miscalculations is greatly reduced. In the initial version of the software, the usual settings function, which can be easily changed according to needs. The process of making drawings after entering the required data is fully automated, and human intervention will be unnecessary.

There is a full version of the complex on the Internet, which includes the following modules:

  1. Free software for designing furniture Basis cabinet - it is used for the design of cabinet furniture, adjusting the characteristics of the product, without violating the entire structure and interconnection of elements.

    Numbered assembly diagrams will be automatically generated, indicating each step at all stages. The module has the means of automatically generating the required documentation from designers.

  2. Basis-cutting - is able to automatically generate ideal cutting plans with a rectangular shape when specifying dimensions, material utilization rate, area and sizes of suitable cuttings.
  3. Basis estimate - is used when calculating economic, financial, labor costs for the design and implementation of the production process. Application of the program makes it possible to avoid cost overruns, to organize a furniture enterprise that will work stably and profitably.

  4. Basis-CNC - the module can automatically transfer data about the manufacture of a product to equipment with a control panel.
  5. Basis-warehouse - a program module that takes into account all the organizational nuances of the warehouse and controls material values. Because of this, it ensures the continuity of the production process and equipment with everything necessary.
  6. Business salon - such a model is required to complete the process that begins with design, continues with production, and ends with furniture implementation. A quick count by the eyes of the client makes it possible to show an exclusive room composition, using the available space as efficiently as possible.

Let's consider one more program. ...

KZ -Furniture

If you need to download a free program for designing furniture, choose KZ-Furniture.

It is a complex that simplifies the design, production and sales process. With its help, you can create furniture projects of any complexity. One click is enough to print the entire package of documents and present it to the client along with the completed project.

Software complexes make it possible to carry out:

  • Development of files for the programmed numerical control system.
  • Selection and placement of furniture objects inside the room.

  • Making a 3D model of the order.
  • Checking assembly correctness.
  • Calculation of the required materials, determination of their price.
  • Sizing into the project.
  • Drawing up drawings for cutting certain elements.

Exact consumption and calculation of materials makes it possible to save money in furniture production. The design of the room for the client is made in the salon when the product is sold. Center "GeoS" LLC gives you the opportunity to use the software for free, and the only inconvenience is that when you work, you cannot go to their Network.

Video reviews of other programs

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