French stretch ceilings + photos and a list of manufacturers

French stretch ceilings + photos and a list of manufacturers French stretch ceilings + photos and a list of manufacturers

Despite the huge selection of stretch ceilings, users most often, preference is given to products with the highest possible quality and safety.

One of these can be considered French stretch ceilings, which have long been the standard of durability and quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of French ceilings

The original stretch canvases from France for ceiling decoration have become a dream of many people.

This is easily explained by the numerous advantages that such canvases have:

  1. PVC canvases from France are processed according to a special technique that makes it possible to completely get rid of the unpleasant odor.
  2. The fabric has increased elasticity and fineness.

  3. French canvases are distinguished by high performance characteristics. They are warranted for 10 years, but with good care they can last much longer.
  4. Polyvinyl chloride is treated with fire retardant compounds, which made them fireproof. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures may melt the web but not catch fire.
  5. The French ceiling is impervious to the influence of moisture, when flooded, all the water will collect under the canvas, and after it it will be easier to drain.

  6. The canvas can withstand heavy loads of mechanical type (up to 1 centner per 1 m 2 ).
  7. Stretch ceilings will not electrify, and will not attract dust yet. Moreover, mold and other traces of active corrosion do not appear on it.
  8. PVC has a wide range of operating temperatures and is able to survive both frost and high temperature conditions.

Like other products, ceilings from France have many drawbacks that are important to know about:

  • Compared to canvases from other manufacturers, such production is more expensive.

  • PVC cannot withstand certain types of stress, as they can be damaged by sharp objects.
  • When exposed to low temperatures for a long time, the fabric can become brittle and even lose shape.

Let's consider which of the produced ceilings is better.


Which stretch ceilings are better - German or French?

There is a large assortment of stretch ceilings for the ceiling on the market, which differ in color, texture, fastening method and country of origin. By tradition, it is believed that the highest quality options are made in France and Germany.

It is unrealistic to answer the question which of the ceilings is better - German or French.

The fact is that manufacturers from these countries adhere to the same quality standards that apply in the EU. There is a difference between them in the composition of the PVC cloth and the special technology of the stretch French ceiling. Most experts believe that the best ceilings are from France.This is the quality standard on the basis of which other manufacturers make their products.

And yet, it is impossible to argue about the merits of French PVC over German one. All consumers must decide on their own which of the options to give preference.


Leaders in the production of stretch ceilings from France steel:

  1. BARRISOL - such a company is trendsetter in the field of stretch ceilings. Regular production upgrades and innovative developments make it possible for such a French manufacturer to retain the lead in consumer preferences.
  2. ALKOR DRAKA - the manufacturer has been on the market for over 60 years, and became one of the companies that pioneered the mass production of stretching cloths.

    Initially, the company specialized in the production of films for packaging and projection screens, but achieved worldwide recognition only after it put PVC production on stream.

  3. EXTENZO - products of this brand are almost never found in the Russian Federation. To order a French stretch ceiling from the manufacturer, you will need to contact an official representative in advance. They are constantly engaged in the creation of new unusual paintings. The company was one of the first to undertake scientific research in the PVC production segment.

  4. CLIPSO - despite the fact that the manufacturer has been working for 23 years, in a couple of years branded products have become a real standard of quality. A huge variety of canvases with different color solutions are produced under TM Clipso. The company was practically the first to start producing popular seamless canvases.

The following is a classification.

Varieties of stretch ceilings by texture

Regardless of the texture, the following varieties of French-type canvases can be distinguished:

Next, we propose to consider the types of ceilings.

Varieties of stretch ceilings according to the material of manufacture

The classification of the stretch coating is made according to the type of material used as a base.At the moment, there are 2 of the most popular options - a fabric surface and polyvinyl chloride.

From fabric

According to external data, this type of coating does not differ from ordinary fabric. This option appeared much later than vinyl canvases, but quickly became popular among consumers. The fabric base is characterized by an increased degree of strength.

Due to the textural feature, fabrics of French origin need careful maintenance, because all kinds of dirt can accumulate between the fibers. The advantage of this coating is its excellent decorative performance. Often there are drawings on fabric canvases that allow you to complement the interior in a room and make it more pleasant.


PVC coating is considered the most popular option due to its excellent performance and affordable price. PVC is characterized by a smooth, ideal surface, which can even have a mirror effect (glossy finish).

How to distinguish French stretch fabrics from a fake

Installation of stretch fabrics for ceiling decoration is carried out by many companies. They offer dozens of options, including products from France. To make sure that the consumer is given an original canvas, and not a fake, pay attention to the following points:

  1. A variety of textures and colors - manufacturers offer more than 15 textures and 125 colors of canvas. Other companies cannot offer such a variety yet.
  2. Warranty period - French fabric stretch ceilings are guaranteed for at least 10 years, and if buyers are offered an option with a lower warranty, then most likely you are in front of a fake.

  3. Method of fixing - unusual French canvases along the edges are equipped with harpoons, thanks to which the installation is made. If in the proposed version there is another method of fixing, this is a fake.
  4. French PVC immune to electrification. If the web has surface electrification, do not use it.
  5. High price - the average cost of one square meter is 1600 rubles per m 2 .

    If you are offered a cheaper option, then this is also a fake.

And what do users say about such ceiling canvases?


Inna Rednichenko, 27 years, Klintsy: "I decided to install French stretch ceilings in my apartment after watching an interesting review on YouTube, where it was told about the differences between coatings from different companies. What can I say after 2 years of use? There are no regrets, the coating is really good, it favorably emphasizes all the interior features of the apartment. I really like the fact that such ceilings do not need to be carefully looked after, dirt does not accumulate on them, which is very convenient. I can confidently recommend such ceilings.


French stretch ceilings + photos and a list of manufacturers Yegor Slun, 38 years old, g.Volgograd: "My wife and I decided to renovate the house in an oriental style, but due to the fact that we have the simplest ceilings, there was no that feeling of an oriental fairy tale. made of fabric. The pattern applied to the canvas was in the same style that we needed. When the installation was finished, we were afraid that everything might tear or deform, but this did not happen, and the quality is at the highest level.

the cost came out more expensive than simple stretch ceilings, but the quality is worth it. "

Darina Domokanova, 26 years old, Zhukov: "I adore France, its culture, and when I was making repairs in my apartment, I wanted French ceilings from the very beginning. They are not only beautiful and stylish, but also strong. Last year, the neighbors drowned me 3 times from above, all the water collected under the ceiling, and not a drop got into the room. After the master drained the water, the coating quickly recovered to its original shape.

, and now again pleases with a perfect surface. I also like the fact that the ceiling does not need to be constantly washed, because they have a protective layer that does not accumulate dust. "


Stretch canvases for the ceiling from France, due to their merits, were able to win the favor of buyers around the globe. Manufacturing companies try to adhere to all technological nuances of production, which enables them to provide products with excellent quality and performance indicators.