French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Recently, the demand for French windows has increased significantly. The explanation is simple - an increase in the standard of living of our fellow citizens encourages them to look for new, more comfortable styles of home decoration. The French window is one of such methods, it not only increases the comfort of staying in the room, but also gives a completely exclusive look.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Glazing of balconies with French windows

What is a French window

A French window is similar at the same time to three designs: panoramic glazing, a window and a door. The main feature is glazing along the entire height of the room.

At the same time, such a window can open as a door or slightly ventilate the room. The doors can be hinged or sliding. The specific choice takes into account the size of the room. Installed both in city apartments and country cottages.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Features of French windows

Some developers believe that such structures can be used only in warm regions of our country.

This is partly true, but modern technologies make it possible to achieve excellent heat saving rates, and therefore French windows can be seen even in the northern regions of Norway or Finland.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows with access to the terrace

Device features

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French balcony

  1. Frames can be fiberglass or wood, glazing - solid or broken down into separate sections. The second option is used to increase the strength and stability of the structure. Impost (plastic profile with steel reinforcement inside) is almost absent in almost all cases, due to this, the usable glazing area increases, more light enters the room. But this is an optional condition, windows that are very complex in geometry may have additional stiffening elements.

    French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

    An example of a balcony with French glazing

  2. The sashes are attached to the frame with a shtulp connection or mounted on a special additional profile. The additional element is made of a robust rail profile that retains the forces during opening / closing of the sashes.

    French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

    Features of the construction of plastic windows

All other parts can have many options and depend only on the wishes of the owners. The larger the area of ​​the French windows, the stronger the glass needs to be installed and the better in terms of heat saving the double-glazed windows are needed.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

The origin of French windows

Advantages and disadvantages of structures

Let's start with the important advantages French windows.

  1. Maximum amount of sunlight enters the room. You can save on expensive electric lighting today.
  2. The room visually increases significantly, it becomes more spacious and brighter.Designers use this very effectively to create modern interiors.
  3. Functionality.

    A French window can be used both with swing doors and with sliding doors, ventilate the premises with sashes, go out onto a balcony, terrace or street.

  4. The appearance from the window is improved, the line between the room and nature is leveled. This feature is especially effective if you live in a country cottage, and there is a wonderful landscape design in front of the window.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows will perfectly fit into the classic interior

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows

Now about the shortcomings, no architectural design can do without them.


The main disadvantages of French windows.

Name Short description

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Relatively high cost

Insulation and safety measures require thick, impact-resistant glass, and they are not cheap. Double-glazed windows, as a rule, are two-chamber or more, with special sprays to reflect thermal infrared rays.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

High temperature in summer

On hot summer days, you will have to use air conditioners. One air conditioner consumes at least 3 kW of electrical energy.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Difficulties with leaving

It is very difficult to wash tall and large deaf glasses ... Moreover, if they are installed on the second floor and above. Sometimes you have to involve professional clearing companies, and their services are not affordable for everyone.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation


Some people have a fear of open space. For them, being in a room with transparent walls is uncomfortable and nothing can be done about it.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows - a breath of fresh air

As for the large weight, this disadvantage is relative ...

French windows are much lighter than a brick or wooden wall. And the increased loads on the supporting elements of the frame and sashes are not a problem for high-quality modern materials (they are calculated with a margin of safety).

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Such a design transforms the design of any room, making its interior spacious and full of light

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows as an interior element

What influences the cost of French windows

Not only brand awareness is worth paying attention to when choosing a product. The company's prestige matters, of course, but some of them abuse consumer confidence and unreasonably raise prices. Modern market conditions of competition force new, less well-known companies to produce very high quality products and sell them at a fairly low price.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Rules for choosing suitable windows

What to look for when choosing a specific product?

  1. Profile quality . A metal element must be visible on the cut, it must be galvanized, at least a millimeter thick. The thicker the better. Plastic surfaces must be even and smooth, with a uniform color. The protective film must contain complete information about the manufacturer, product specifications, barcode, etc.

    French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

    What PVC window consists of

  2. Quality of gaskets . Squeeze them tightly with your fingers, hold them in this state for 5-10 seconds and release. Products must completely restore their geometry in a second. If there are residual deformation phenomena, do not buy such a product. During operation, the sealants will be compressed for years, with insufficient plasticity, heat losses increase significantly.

  3. Fittings . There are burrs, loaded elements are made of silumin - a big problem, look for other options. The cost of fittings in the total price of a French window does not exceed 5%, and the quality of the structure's functioning depends on 50%. Don't skimp on the little things.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

An example of a handle with a silumin body

Simple rules for choosing elements of a plastic French window make it possible not only to save money, but also improve the performance of the structure.

In addition, the failure of one cheap piece of hardware can cause complex breakdowns, the elimination of which will require significant costs.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

The constructions of classic French windows were and are made of wood

Some mistakes when choosing the place of installation of French windows

The popularity and prestige of designs, together with the desire to look prestigious, leads to the fact that French windows can be seen even where the French themselves would never have thought of installing them. In European countries, the main criterion for choosing an architectural element is functionality, economic feasibility and design. We often have different selection criteria. Where are French windows installed?

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Differences between the French balcony and the usual

In short, where they show all their advantages.

Exit from the room to the balcony, loggia, terrace or to the street. That is, where not only large glazing areas are needed, but also doors. Why can we sometimes see such constructions as glazing of balconies? Where is this "happy and proud of himself" owner of French windows going to go from the balcony?

Important! The main difference between a French window is the size from ceiling to floor and the presence of doors. Such windows are installed to improve lighting and exit from the premises to the balcony or to the street, that is, in the facade walls.And they are always carriers, remember this! Never dismantle facade walls in residential buildings!

The best option is to provide for the installation of a French window at the design stage of the building.

If you really want to remake an exploited one, then seek advice from an architect. He must have a project of the structure and, taking into account the characteristics of the building and the information received, draw up a plan for the safe installation of French windows. In most cases, you will have to install large powerful lintels or special columns to support the overlap of the second floor. Do not do this work yourself or with the help of unskilled builders.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows will provide excellent visibility

For example, let's take the installation of a structure in a room to access the balcony.

The variant of the house is almost unrealistic - the floor slabs lie along the front wall and rest on the interior partitions. That is, it is possible to disassemble the facade wall without complicated additional special construction measures. Once again, we repeat that this option for building houses is extremely rare, never break anything yourself. Only an architect can give permission or develop a plan for the restoration of the bearing characteristics of the facade walls.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows in the apartment

Prices for different types of windows


Instructions for installing French windows

The weight of structures can reach hundreds of kilograms.

To improve the heat-shielding properties, at least two-chamber bags should be used, and the thickness of tempered glass can reach 6 or more millimeters. Pay attention to the quality of the profiles, their width should be at least 8 centimeters, inside a reinforced metal profile with a thickness of at least 1.5 millimeters. In addition, the number of air chambers is at least 6 and 2 circuits of insulation rubber around the perimeter. These are the minimum requirements, there is an opportunity to buy better quality products - excellent.

There is no way to pay for goods of minimum quality - refuse to install French windows. There are many other cheaper and equally effective ways to solve the problem.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French balcony installation

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Example of French balcony installation

Pay particular attention to the fittings. Never install French windows with silumin fittings. This alloy is only seemingly beautiful, but in terms of physical properties of strength it is not at all suitable for such a heavy structure.

All fittings must be made of stainless steel only. Of course, such strict requirements for the quality of materials for the manufacture of French windows significantly increase the cost.

We do not recommend assembling structures on your own, contact professionals for help. Why? Firstly, during assembly, you need to accurately measure and cut the profiles correctly.Any mistake leads to the fact that the profile must be thrown away and replaced with a new one.

Incompetent actions of the assembler can increase the cost of French windows many times, this amount is always more than you have to pay for the assembly. The company itself is responsible for errors, the customer does not pay for damaged materials.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

An example of a French balcony glazing scheme

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Another French balcony scheme

Secondly, the large weight of the elements requires very high-quality and reliable fixation. This parameter depends on the correctly selected hardware, and on the practical skills of performing plumbing work, and on the availability of special tools.

Thirdly, only professionals can develop a solid construction of French windows, taking into account the actual loads.

If necessary, additional imposts are provided, places and methods of fixing them are thought out, etc.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

French windows in the apartment

B- fourth, professionals will be able to develop a design project taking into account the linear dimensions, characteristics of materials, interior features of the interior and the wishes of customers. That is, all individual differences are taken into account.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Options for the layout of French windows

Taking into account these comments, we consider it superfluous to describe the development of the project, the order of ordering elements and the technology of assembly of the structure. There is a desire to reduce the cost of the structure - start installing it yourself.

This can be done without the involvement of expensive specialists. By the way, the quality will be no worse, and in many cases better. The wizards work very quickly, they often miss quite important technological points. The fact is that their earnings have nothing to do with quality. How to install French windows yourself?

Step 1.

Check the dimensions of the opening and frame of the French window. Rarely, but it happens that they do not coincide for one reason or another. You can only adjust the opening in the front wall. Use electric and hand tools, and constantly check the length and width of the opening.

Step 2.

Clean the installation site from construction debris. Carefully vacuum the perimeter of the opening where the window will be mounted. The better the surfaces are prepared, the stronger the structure will hold. And this is very important, we have already dwelt on the reasons above.

Step 3.

Check the completeness of the window. If the company respects its customers, then its representatives will tell the installation technology, give strong anchors, and share professional secrets.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Perimeter fittings

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Anchors for installation of plastic windows

Step 4. If double-glazed windows are installed, remove them. For this, the plastic glazing beads are dismantled, the package is carefully pushed on and removed from the frame.

Fold double-glazed windows in a free space, be sure to use wooden slats as lining.Pay attention to the angle of inclination of the bags, do not allow them to slip and fall on the floor.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Insulating glass dismantling

Step 5. Prepare the tools. You will need an electric drill with a hammer drill, a hammer, a screwdriver and a level.

The level should be as accurate as possible, but for full guarantee, it is advisable to check the vertical position of the frame with a plumb line. It is the most accurate and simplest measuring instrument. Not everyone succeeds in setting the laser level correctly; such actions require practical skills. And an ordinary one may have an unacceptable error.

Important! If the frame has a slope, then the doors will close or open on their own, which is very inconvenient to use.

But these are not all problems. Structures are heavy; during movement, due to the mass, they acquire high values ​​of kinetic energy. As a result, strong blows against the frame and loosening of the fixation point, decorative plaster along the perimeter of the French window cracks and falls off, the tightness of the seams is broken, etc.

Step 6. Attach the frame to the opening, outline the locations of the anchors.

We draw your attention to the fact that for fixing French windows you need to use only anchor hardware, not dowels. The latter do not have sufficient strength and cannot guarantee the reliability of fixation.

Step 7. Drill holes in the profiles of the base frame. Use an ordinary drill, carefully clean the profile recesses from metal and plastic shavings.

Step 8. Attach the frame to the opening again, level it and fix the position with wedges. Fix securely, exclude the possibility of falling during subsequent work.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Aligning and installing the frame

Step 9. Drill holes in the wall, ceiling with a bit soldered drill and the floor.

The distance between them is about 40 cm.

Important! Pay special attention to the corners - this is where the maximum loads are concentrated.

Step 10. Fix the frame with anchors, check the reliability of installation, with great effort swing it in different directions. As soon as structural vibrations are found, immediately find and eliminate the cause.

When tightening the anchors, do not overdo it, do not deform the profile.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Installation of French windows

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Anchor plates

Step 11. Replace windows and doors, insert double-glazed windows. Check the functionality of each item. Adjust their position if necessary.

The installation process of French windows is over, you can start finishing work.

Prices for popular models of rotary hammers

Rotary hammers

Final stage

There is a significant difference here from the installation of ordinary plastic windows or doors.How are these elements mounted? Craftsmen in several places fix the frame with dowels, then, without removing the spacer wedges, foaming the space between the frame and the opening with mounting foam. All hope is that the foam will firmly hold the structure, and the quality of fastening with dowels does not play a key role. In most cases, this hack works.

The windows are relatively light, the doors are opened infrequently and very carefully.

This technology is not suitable for French windows. Large weight, frequent opening of the door, the likelihood of slamming with great force significantly increase the load on the frame fastening hardware. You will never be found on foam, structures should only be held on anchors. You can check this with time.

Do not foam the cracks at once, open / close doors with great effort for several days. If construction dust appears on the floor between the frame and the opening, this is a problem, the anchors do not hold, they stagger. Because of this, dust appears under the installation sites of the dowels. Reinforce the hold immediately.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

Installing the French window unit

If everything is normal - clean the surfaces from dust, moisten them thoroughly and seal.

Start frothing from the bottom up. Allow time for complete solidification. With a sharp construction knife, cut off the excess protruding beyond the planes. Surfaces can be covered with ordinary putty. If the structure on the dowels is held firmly, then cracks will not appear.

If not, no amount of finishing will hide your marriage. Always remember that foam is needed only for fast and high-quality insulation, and not for fixing structures.

Polyurethane sealant prices

Polyurethane sealant

Professional recommendations

The development of a scheme for a complex and large French window should be carried out by specialists. You can make your suggestions, view the proposed options and choose the final one. But let the developers be responsible for the reliability.

If the French window is small, then try your hand yourself.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation

A French window will help fill the room with natural light

Installation of such a complex, expensive and heavy structure is not a place for ill-considered experiments. Strictly observe the technology of production of construction and installation works. Do not skimp on trifles, the result of such actions can be very sad.

Do not work on your own, use assistants.

If they also have construction experience, great. Take your time, all materials must have time to develop their design strength.

French windows - features, characteristics, DIY installation Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows have delighted the eyes of our ancestors since ancient times. Their relevance is not diminishing even today, despite the wide variety of materials and decorations. If earlier the production of stained-glass windows was the lot of a few masters, then in the modern world almost anyone can master certain methods of their creation.

Read more here.

If, during the operation of French windows, the door adjustments are violated, they are difficult to close, there are seizures - do not use much effort. Take care of adjusting the elements. Adjusting elements each design has its own, carefully study the purpose and function of all rods and bolts. Until there is an understanding - do not unscrew anything.

Illiterate actions often give negative results. Another tip - open the door before adjusting, place a wedge at the bottom to prevent the structure from completely lowering. The door can be very heavy and it is difficult to hold it with your hands.

Video - Installation of French windows on the balcony