Frequent mistakes in kitchen renovation: Tips and Review + Videos

Frequent mistakes in kitchen renovation: Tips and Review + Videos 25 popular mistakes in kitchen renovation - how to avoid them. Thanks to the information we have collected, you will not only be able to save time, nerves, money, but you will be satisfied with yourself, because you will be able to study everything thoroughly and take a responsible approach to business.

The list below is sorted in descending order as well as by issue severity. Let's start with the most serious problems.

First five errors

Incorrect / missing working triangle

Frequent mistakes in kitchen renovation: Tips and Review + Videos Mistake # 1 when renovating a kitchen is creating an inconvenient working kitchen triangle or completely ignoring it.

In kitchen ergonomics, only one thing has changed over the past few years - that the triangle has become a polygon.

But, nevertheless, the essence remains the same and the total distance between objects that are used in cooking - whether it is according to the standard "sink, refrigerator and hob" or another, more objects should be from 3 to 6 meters. If the distance is less, it threatens that you will constantly try to make maneuvers at a small interval, and risk from time to time that you crash into the kitchen module.

Impractical countertop

The countertop is the second place, especially in terms of vulnerability after the apron. Its strength, appearance and durability will depend on the material chosen.

There are many options at the moment, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which require some care, and it does not matter how much the material cost. For example, marble, due to the peculiarities of its structure (porosity), retains the remnants of dirt, food, and can also absorb any dyes. A wooden countertop should be regularly looked after, and another one can lose color due to exposure to sunlight. In addition, hot dishes must not be placed on the acrylic surface. There are many nuances, but the countertop is the same - isn't it easier to choose a more practical material?

A kitchen that does not have a hood

Even if you refuse hoods, then you simply won't be able to win a lot of space.

But this device is able to save the kitchen from excess burning, moisture, soot and odors, and this will extend the "lifespan" of the renovated renovation. As for the exhaust pipe, it is possible to hide it behind a panel that will be identical to the color of the kitchen unit or choose the option that best suits the interior style. If you think that you can limit yourself to standard airing, then what will you say to this when it is freezing outside the window.

"NO" kitchen door

Believe me, this decision is not the most successful, and for these reasons:

  • The aroma of the prepared dishes will constantly soar in the air of the bedroom, hall and even in the bathroom.
  • In addition, if something burns, the same aromas will remain throughout the apartment for a long time.

  • There will be a lot of envy on the location of the rooms in the house, but, for example, not every person will appreciate if the clothes hanging in the corridor smell of potatoes or burnt cutlets.
  • Noise and ringing from pots, sounds of dishes washing, washing machine during spinning and everything in this spirit will be perfectly heard in the next room.

Yes, there may be situations when swing doors cannot be installed, because there is not enough space (especially so that it can be fully opened in one direction or another). For this, you can use sliding doors that will be installed either along the wall, or you can make a false wall and install them from the inside.

Little work surface

Another common mistake when renovating a kitchen is that the kitchen has little work surface.

Between the sink, refrigerators, stove, microwave oven and other points of the working polyhedron there must be at least one, and preferably two "buffer" zones. What is it? For example, when you take food out of the refrigerator, then you put it somewhere and, perhaps, cut it in the same place (and this will suggest the placement of the cutting board, its dimensions), or open a container that is closed tightly (the lid from which needs to be placed somewhere.Likewise, after washing the dishes or removing the pan from the stove, you put both objects somewhere. it is quite simple to calculate your trajectory in the kitchen.In order to increase the working area, you should use the window sill, and for this you can use modern solutions to the problem - to make a kitchen island or a bar counter.

In addition, they will immediately play the role of a miniature dining room, as well as additional storage area.

What causes mistakes?

Black color of the tabletop

The most impractical color for kitchen countertops s is black. Yes, in a furniture showroom or in a photo of a kitchen, everything looks monochrome, solid, soundly and very beautiful. But in practice, such a surface will become a real nightmare for every housewife.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Frequent mistakes in kitchen renovation: Tips and Review + Videos scratches as well as prints (especially on a glossy finish).

  • Moreover, after a while the frayed places begin to become lighter and stand out strongly (they will be striking).

As a result, you will need to constantly wipe everything and blow off dust particles. But this is a work surface, not a decorative panel, right?

Storage area too small or large

The kitchen is a common place, and unnecessary items or modules are not required here. Moreover, if you increase the storage area, you will reduce the area for movement, work area and dining area.And although the importance of such a moment most often depends on how many people are in the kitchen at the same time, as well as on the size of the kitchen and dining room as a whole, you must admit that there is no need to clutter up the space.

It is worth thinking about what items will be needed every day, which are used once a year or a month. Perhaps something can be moved to another room or even to the dacha. If the storage area is very small, then this will lead to the fact that the amount of the working surface decreases, and as a result, you will constantly rearrange all the interfering items of equipment or dishes that have nowhere to fit.

If so, use the hint:

  • Count and measure all available and planned large and medium sized kitchen items.
  • Consult the designer and designer when developing the headset project.

  • Auxiliary surfaces - open shelves on the wall, corner cabinets will help increase the amount of usable space.

Keep your space comfortable as you spend hours in the kitchen.

Poor lighting

It is better to approach lighting in the kitchen according to the principle "the more the better", and in order to be also inexpensive, use LED lamps that can be built into appliances or kitchen sets. Yes, poor lighting is indeed a popular mistake in kitchen remodeling. When cooking, the hostess will make sure to move between the stove, sink and refrigerator.

Such a route needs the best lighting. Since, ideally, it should be natural, care should be taken to ensure that tall kitchen modules block light from the window to a minimum.

Worktop height

If the worktop is set too high or too low, then it will be a real challenge. To calculate the required height, stand up, straighten your back and bend your arms at right angles at the elbows. The distance from the floor to the elbow will be the ideal height.

Standard - 0.85 meters.

Left-handed / right-handed

Imagine yourself while cooking, think, or even better, try to write down all your actions and which hand you use more often. For example, if you are right-handed, then it is better to install the dishwasher to the right of the sink, and the trash bin under the sink to the left. There should be a dish drainer somewhere nearby.

It is also worth considering the side that is optimal for convenience for opening the cabinets.

Many intense colors

Frequent mistakes in kitchen renovation: Tips and Review + Videos Intensive and juicy colors are back in fashion. They may seem to fill you with cheerfulness and even expression. But sometimes the result is completely different - first you get used to the color, and then it gets boring. Use bright colors for small, or rather easily replaceable, accents, and choose something quieter for the main range.

Helpful Hint: Warm oranges, reds and yellows are more suitable for kitchens where sunlight is rare, but the opposite is true with cold colors.

Interior errors

The door located on the aisle

Naturally, what is the phenomenon will not be comparable to a cyclist hitting a car door unexpectedly opened by someone, but it is better to try to avoid this.

The main culprits of the situation may be:

  • The door from the washing machine, which has horizontal loading.
  • Folding, pull-out chairs or tables.
  • Refrigerator doors (although more modern models can change the opening side).

Do not forget that a consequence of such an "accident" in the kitchen can be not only injury, but also the breakdown of an expensive item.

Poorly opening kitchen units or cabinets

Make sure that all appliances and all cabinets can open freely at least 90 degrees when without bumping into each other, walls, floors or other surfaces. This is not only inconvenient, but even fraught with damage to the coatings of new, only purchased equipment or furniture.

Examples :

  • The refrigerator door, which does not open completely due to the large width of the window sill.
  • A lid on the hob that cannot be lifted due to the roof rails attached to the top.

  • Cabinet handles that are constantly banging against each other.

The list goes on, but the point is clear.

Aisle too narrow

A passage width of about 1-1 is recommended between modules in the kitchen. 2 meters. If there are 2-3 people in the kitchen at the same time, moreover, with a non-standard figure, then such numbers will require upward adjustment.

Alternatively, you can gain a few centimeters by using a shallow floor set or bar counter instead of a dining table.

Island in a kitchen with a small area

A common mistake when renovating a kitchen is the "island" layout, and this privilege is intended for kitchens with a large or at least an average area. Size not less than 1.2 * 0. 6 meters, and there must be constant free access to it.

Add to all the calculations and the width of the passage, which should be at least 1 meter.

Non-standard or too small sink

When choosing a sink, remember the following:

  • In the sink you need not only to contain, but also to wash the largest pots or even technical parts.
  • It is better to do without experimenting with shapes - put the sink you are used to.
  • If space permits, then take the largest sink.

A sink with a wing, which will play the role of an auxiliary work surface, a buffer between the stove and the sink, a place for drying vegetables, washed dishes and fruits, can be a good option.

Kitchen errors

Tap very high / low

High the tap is convenient and stylish. You can easily fill a vase or even large pots with water. But such a combination with a strong pressure of water and a shallow sink give a significant drawback - the water will be heavily sprayed, and you will not be spared. The inconvenience of a very low faucet is already obvious, and therefore a medium-sized faucet with an integrated hose or a recessed sink is a compromise.

Helpful Hint: Buy a mixer that has a retractable hose - it will help out both when washing dishes and when cooking.

The sink, which is located under the corner cabinet

Agree that it is completely inconvenient to wash the dishes when you need to rest your head against the cabinet or even dive under it. The way out of the situation would be to use a radius concave cabinet, no hanging furniture above the sink or transfer it to another place.

"Double" refrigerator

This is non-functional and also expensive. It will be much more profitable to buy two refrigerators at once and it will be better for the following reasons:

  • Variation of placement - can be placed in different places (for example, 1 in the kitchen, 1 on the balcony).
  • If one refrigerator breaks down, you will also have a second one.

  • With a decrease in the number of tenants, you will not need to buy more compact and new equipment.
  • And again - it will be much cheaper.

And the solution is this - buy two refrigerators and use it as it is more convenient.

Many sharp corners

There is also such a mistake when renovating a kitchen. Many of us start to accelerate in the kitchen, so it is important to make sure that moving around it is as traumatic as possible.

Chairs, aisle tables, corner modules, tabletop edges should not have sharp corners. Opt for radial cabinets, furniture with smooth and rounded shapes to make the interior soft and save you from big bruises forever.

Poor placement and number of outlets

Frequent mistakes in kitchen renovation: Tips and Review + Videos An especially big topic. The number of outlets should be calculated taking into account the fact that you may need to connect a laptop or charge a phone. In addition to connecting a refrigerator, multicooker, and other electrical appliances in the cooking area, we recommend installing two sockets at the table / windowsill and a couple more in any other place, in reserve.

In this case, the lower edge should be at a distance of 6 cm above the table top.

It is inconvenient to stick plugs into a socket in a standard corner-strip + European plugs require a place in the bottom of the stock, so that the cord does not deteriorate. Above the countertop of the outlet, it is better to do how the wall panel or apron will be fixed. If you do the opposite, you may find that after changing the thickness of the wall panel or its distance to the wall, you will need to remove the box from the sockets and transfer it to the wall panel for reattachment.

Large width of drawers

If you load it with a box with a width of 1.

2 meters with dishes, then every time you will get it with difficulty. If you fill it to 50%, then it will be an irrational use of space. But even if there is enough space and you are not afraid of heavy physical exertion, the bottom of the structure may itself not cope with the heavy load and fail.

The height of the kitchen module, which divides the kitchen layout into parts

A pencil case, refrigerator or other high module is not in vain advised to be placed in the corner. This way you can organize your work area without creating dark areas on it that will require separate lighting.

Many seams on the kitchen backsplash

If you are a perfectionist, esthete or obsessed with cleanliness, then you know for sure that the seams between tiles or other finishing materials are the most convenient place for bacteria and dirt, in addition, it is difficult to clean. And since the apron feels on itself all the consequences of cooking, but it should be well and easily washed. For this reason, it is better to decorate it with a solid canvas, and not a large number of glued fragments.

The presence of a relief on the surface of facades and walls

A common mistake when repairing a kitchen is the use of a beautiful and voluminous texture - the choice unsuccessful for a kitchen surface where regular cleaning is required. It is better to choose a different facade for the kitchen.

Glass table

Such a table will not burden the interior and will fit into almost all styles, but it gets dirty easily, and moreover, you will not you can put something on it without making a sound (an important factor if there are small children at home with a light sleep).

Tips and tricks

And as a nice bonus, we picked up a dozen more useful tips that people shared on the Web:

  • Frequent mistakes in kitchen renovation: Tips and Review + Videos Do not lay out the plumbing and electricity before the furniture layout is done. This applies to the installation of the "warm floor" system.
  • Dark kitchen floor (same story as with dark countertop).
  • The whole kitchen with open shelves and lots of decorative frames, plates, figurines - these are all dust collectors.

  • In some cases, it is still better to spend money for the services of a designer so that you can see the whole picture. This will not only simplify your design, but also give you the opportunity to proceed to finalizing the project immediately.
  • It is better to make three sockets than plug into one tee.
  • Quartz vinyl tiles are excellent floor coverings.
  • Microwave and oven can be combined because there are many 2-in-1 models.

  • Gas hobs pollute kitchens a lot, so it is better to skip gas in favor of an electric hob.
  • Luminaires should be placed above the working area so that the person's shadow does not fall on the cooking area.

The list has now come to an end.We hope this material was helpful to you! Be sure to share your experience in the comments.