Front door with mirror (best options): Review + Video

Front door with mirror (best options): Review + Video Metal entrance door with a mirror - pros and cons, photo. Over the past few years, the design of entrance doors has changed so that now even the most knowledgeable buyer can be confused when choosing a model. Doors for an apartment are not only protection from strangers entering the house, but even become the primary decoration of the room, since the door to the apartment is characterized by the taste of the owners and the housing in general. The door leaf is not just a sheet of metal, but a real delicacy.

Models of metal entrance doors with a mirror are extremely popular.

General information


It is convenient to order such a door to save space on the wall surface. Most often, in small hallways it is difficult to place mirrors somewhere vertically, since you need to install a hanger, arrange shoe cabinets along the walls. But in addition to beauty and a successful solution to save space in the corridor,

The mirror on the door has a list of practical advantages:

  • Gives you the opportunity to see yourself in full growth and appreciate the spring appearance before going out.
  • Lamps that are reflected in the mirror fill the room with light and visually expand the corridor.
  • This makes the hallway more comfortable, adds sophistication to the interior.

  • The mirror surface gives visible lightness even to massive door leaves.

Let's talk more about design

Design with mirror inserts

Cleverly chosen mirror shape and size can make stylish even those corridors that can be called ascetic. Such design decoration of entrance doors could ideally combine external attractiveness and practicality. But if you decide on a full mirror surface, then you can choose an insert.

They can be like this:

  • A narrow single strip along the entire web (placed vertically).

  • Several small (about 5) wide horizontal stripes.
  • Front door with mirror (best options): Review + Video A row of narrow stripes, which are placed horizontally with small intervals between them.
  • Vertical insert made of curved mirror.
  • A mirror that is divided into equal-sized squares, located at the same distance from each other.
  • Delicate patterns from a mirror with different geometric shapes.

  • Graceful lines with flowing weaves that create unusual patterns.
  • Oval narrow mirror in the center.
  • Full-length matt mirror with mirror-like glitter pattern.
  • Diamond-shaped inserts.
  • Mirror stripe with matte pattern on it.

  • Forged elements combined with a mirrored surface.

Moreover, reflective glasses can be applied and built-in. Any of the options can transform a home 100%. The main thing is that you choose everything to match the style of the house or even create the entire interior with an eye on the design of the door.The mirrors used can be in different shades (gold, bronze (and differ in reflectivity.

Inserts and overlays are often placed on the inner surface of steel doors. Two-sided finishing is more suitable for country houses, guarded office premises or even a closed-type vestibule for several apartments at the same time.) 13>

Note that a front door with a mirror usually has wrought iron elements on the outside, giving it a respectable and reliable appearance.

But for apartment buildings it will be more practical to choose options only with interior decoration, and if desired, from the side of the apartment, the product can be decorated with the help of illumination on the slopes. This will help to give the doors chic.


Despite the beauty of the product, the entrance door, which is equipped with a mirror surface, also has disadvantages:

  • If the insert from the mirror occupy most of the door area, then difficulties arise with the installation as much as the eye and the handle.
  • Caution is required in use because the mirror is a fragile material.
  • A high-quality mirror surface cannot be cheap, which means that such door models will cost you dearly.
  • Regular maintenance is required. Dust and stains are visible on the mirror surface, so it has to be wiped every day using special products.

Sometimes it is better not to install large mirrors in the house for medical reasons, especially if someone in the family has mental disorders. In addition, adherents of Feng Shui oppose panels made of mirrors, who believe that mirrors without beautiful frames take away all the positive energy.

Features of manufacturing

Front door with mirror (best options): Review + Video the same technology as for other models. The process differs only in the necessity of fixing reflective glasses. Mirrors are usually fixed to the canvas with mounting glue and fasteners.

An adhesive without chemical constituents is used only to install small mirror inserts. Sometimes even double-sided tape is used, which gives additional cushioning to the canvas.

Please note, that the fixation of heavy and large mirrors is performed exclusively mechanically, using self-tapping screws and screws that help to securely hold the mirror from all sides.

Selection rules

The practicality and design of a metal and mirror structure are not the only qualities that an iron entrance door should have. First of all, the doors that lead to the house must be reliable.

In addition to the above factors, when choosing, you should also consider this:

  1. Security - to create a door leaf, block and stiffeners, high-quality durable materials must be used.It is better to give preference to hidden-type hinges, which are capable of withstanding heavy loads, as well as locks with a high class of resistance to burglary and canvases with pins that are anti-burglar.
  2. Thermal and noise insulation. The task of the front door is to prevent not only intruders from entering the house, but also noise and drafts.
  3. It will be preferable to choose a model with a removable mirror - the easier the removal process, the easier it will be to replace the mirror, lock, or even change the door design if necessary.

Taking into account these recommendations, it is not difficult to choose a good door to enter, but you will need to decide on the choice of design yourself, based on the interior and preferences. In addition, despite the abundance of interesting and ready-made models on sale, you can always make an individual order according to your own project.


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