Full review of Yandex Alice (smart home)

Full review of Yandex Alice (smart home) Smart home from Yandex managed by Alice - overview

At the end of spring, a smart home from Yandex appeared under the control of Alice, a voice assistant. It includes the company's devices directly, as well as integrations with products already existing on the market from other manufacturers. Interestingly, the new player in the market for smart home appliances immediately turned out to be noticeable and strong, even if the lack of huge competition in Russia could contribute to this.

If we are talking about devices that are bought as standalone gadgets and do not require integration in the premises during the repair stage, before Yandex, users most often used Apple HomeKit, a smart home made on the basis of Google Home, and also Xiaomi devices ..

. All three options are trade-offs. In Russia, HomeRod from Apple has not yet been officially presented, and most gadgets have HomeKit support.

Google Nome is not officially supplied to our country. In addition, in products from Google and Apple, you can speak with an assistant, and you can only command everything that happens in the house in English.

The problem with products from Xiaomi is that they are more focused on the local market and at the moment they officially supply only surveillance cameras and light bulbs to Russia.

General information

Smart home from Yandex, in turn, is devoid of competitor problems. Alice understands Russian the best, and all the equipment can be bought online without any problems, as well as quickly get your hands on. Moreover, products from Yandex have the lowest entry threshold in terms of cost. The station is much cheaper than Google and Apple, and small and medium-sized speakers from other manufacturers, although not all people like, attract the attention of buyers with a limited budget.

Gadgets that are directly related to a smart home are also not that expensive.

In general, a smart home from Yandex in theory sounds like an ideal plan. In practice, this is not without certain drawbacks, but in general it pays for the costs with a positive user experience and works exactly as you expect it. So, we decided to test the station, the Elari portable speaker (although it is used only for voice control), an outlet, a light bulb and a smart remote control. In addition, a robot vacuum cleaner from Samsung deserves special attention.

And now that everything has been tested, I should share my opinion with you.


Yandex smart lamp

So, the most popular smart home product. The point is that the light bulb is forgiving of mistakes in the home electrical network. For example, at the end of the renovation work, many people very much regretted that only general lighting was done in the bedroom and did not think about spot or wall lighting. As a result, with two lamps of the lamp on the ceiling it is comfortable to do some ordinary things, but there are situations when you need to connect it and spend time under the light of the lamps in the corridor.

For example, when you go to bed to watch a movie in the evening and carry something to chew in bed. The overhead light will interfere with TV viewing, and if not used at all, then the food will not be visible. With a smart lamp, this problem simply disappears. Using voice commands, you can change the brightness so that it is ideal for any moment in time and other tasks. In addition, you can select the temperature of the light - daylight, cold white or warm.

Because of this, it will be possible to make the lighting in such a way that it is ideal for the interior. If one function of a smart lamp from Yandex is color matching. She can glow red, green, blue, yellow, purple - there are, in fact, many options.

However, unlike other products of this class, the brightness level will drop dramatically when the color changes. This option is suitable only as a night light or to create a mood in the semi-darkness.

The connection is very clear and simple - screw the light bulb into the E27 base, quickly turn on and off the light three times using the switch - and only after that the Wi-Fi pairing mode is activated (but only at 2.4 GHz). The setting will be done through the Yandex application on android or iОS. There, on the side panel, there is a special section for devices in the smart home. You can control the lamp with your voice, or manually change the parameters in the application.

Smart socket from Yandex

Full review of Yandex Alice (smart home) How much does Yandex Alice cost "Smart House"? The price is relatively small. By the way, the socket is a pretty simple gadget. The socket only supplies and cuts power by means of voice commands. It will not be possible to connect it to a smart socket with a simple technique, and there will be no magic method for home devices with advanced voice control.

It makes sense to buy an outlet only in two cases, firstly, if there are certain potentially dangerous items of equipment at home.

This can be an iron that does not have an automatic shutdown function or a hair curler. In this case, you do not need to worry about whether you turned off the device before leaving - the outlet can be de-energized remotely.

The second option will be to turn off and on technology that works automatically when powered. For example, these are certain models of coffee makers, heaters, as well as lamps, floor lamps and similar lighting devices, on which you can leave the mechanical switch in the "ON" mode, and control their operation by turning off and on the outlet. We have not yet picked up scenarios for using the outlet, but in terms of buying a floor lamp in the living room, it will come in handy there.

Smart remote control

A small box will allow you to control TVs and air conditioners using voice commands, or through an application from Yandex. Only a couple of types of equipment are supported, and also with restrictions. The TV can be turned off and on, select channels, and also adjust the volume level.But it will not work to make it connect with the selection of a certain signal source (with Xbox Apple TV).

However, it will be convenient anyway.

The remote control opens much better with climatic technology. So it becomes a fully functional gadget and is able to add a little smarts to even the simplest air conditioner. Many were imbued with the fact that it is no longer necessary to look for a hidden remote control somewhere or get up behind it once again. So you can tell Alice to make the air cooler and enjoy. By the way, such a remote control works at 360 degrees, because there will be no problems with TV and air conditioning on the opposite sides of the room.

Samsung РоwеrВоt and the rest of the technique

Full review of Yandex Alice (smart home) Yandex decided not to be limited only to its own devices and integrated Alice into the equipment of other manufacturers. Even if we are talking only about basic functionality, it is still extremely convenient. In the case of a robot vacuum cleaner, it can be turned on and off by voice commands, and nothing else is required. In addition to Samsung, there is still support for devices in Xiaomi, Philips, Redmond and Rubitek. Over time, the list will surely expand, and the current versions can be viewed on a special Yandex page dedicated to the smart home.

And what will happen in the end?

Yandex Alice smart home is liked by many. It is worth buying additional bulbs for ceiling lamps and take a closer look at what other home devices can receive system support. In general, Yandex presents a lot of good things - a music system, bonus Plus subscriptions, for example, taxi discounts.

The station sounds great and fits into any type of interior, and small speakers can be placed in the room only for voice commands, and this will not be a serious blow to the budget, and the gadgets work perfectly and are also inexpensive. There are also prospects that Yandex will still actively develop the house, add integrations to it and negotiate with other manufacturers.

While liking the capabilities of the tools and the device of the ecosystem, Google most of all likes the users that were created for the Russian market and perfectly understands people. Even if you have excellent English, coming home you probably want to throw everything out of your head and get the most intuitive device control that will not strain.

True, here you can find a fly in the ointment. For some reason, Yandex decided to integrate the smart home into the app of the same name with search, which made it overloaded in terms of functionality and inconvenience of use. For some reason, you do not want to use it with a voice command and want to change the temperature of the light through the application, it will not be easy to get to the required settings.

Open the application, and then the side menu, after the smart home section and select the gadget. There are a lot of clicks. In addition, the section itself is made on a browser engine and the menu will open as tabs. It's not that convenient.Let's hope that after some time Yandex will nevertheless make a separate application for the smart home, which is focused specifically on managing home appliances.