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Fundamentals & Ideas + Photo & Video The history of the emergence and popularization of the Scandinavian style.
Before the birth of the Scandinavian interior, as an independent way of interior decoration, the Scandinavians used classicism and rococo borrowed from the French, Italians and English.

For those times, this design was fashionable. They brought their own "zest" into it, making it more suitable for life in an inhospitable Nordic environment. But the final completion of this style is due to the Swedish king Gustav III.

It was he who, in a short period of his reign, having become a trendsetter, introduced the then popular European Empire style to Sweden and deprived it of its palace apotheosis. Thus, he was the direct ancestor of the style - the progenitor of the current Scandinavian.

How did the Scandinavian style become popular?

The Nordic theme was spread throughout the world in the 20s of the twentieth century. The northern peoples did not strive to demonstrate the splendor and chic of their decoration; naturalness, tranquility and brevity always reigned in their abodes. The main goals they pursued were to create a comfortable and functional space.

Fundamentals & Ideas + Photo & Video In Russia, such a way of arranging housing is also to their liking, and this can be explained quite simply. The harsh climate of our countries is similar to each other with a long and harsh winter, as well as a meager number of sunny days per year.
And if from all the diversity your decision is the Scandinavian direction, congratulations - you are a true connoisseur of ease, naturalness, comfort and practicality. It is they who will allow you to do without the participation of a professional designer and easily implement your own formula for the successful improvement of your home.

Main features

In order to maintain general trends, it is worth adhering to certain rules.

Let's consider them in the following parameters:
1. Color gamut

Fundamentals & Ideas + Photo & Video Fundamentals & Ideas + Photo & Video

It should be emphasized immediately that the northern design theme stands out for its light-loving nature, as it is always presented in white or pastel colors. The definition of this particular gamut is understandable and explainable by the reason for the absence of year-round sun. This highlighting gives the advantage of perceptible saturation of the missing light. This stylistic response will be especially appropriate for apartment owners in dense residential areas and for residents of the first floors.

Since sometimes, because of the shadows from neighboring houses, trees and adjacent buildings, they do not see the sunlight at all.

2. Features of finishing
The main component of the considered style is the desire for everything natural and natural.

Therefore, in all cases will be suitable:

  • wood;
  • glass, ceramics;
  • brick, stone;
  • metal.

Fundamentals & Ideas + Photo & Video

The most acceptable material is wood.

And do not be afraid to oversaturate the realized idea of ​​ennobling a room with it. It is necessary to show the genuine beauty of the woody texture. The use of beams on the ceiling, shelves on the walls, inserts on furniture items will indicate spontaneity and naturalness.

In the chosen variation of the repair, mainly the ceilings are simply painted with snow-white paint, and if they are rather high, they are decorated with wooden beams, adding the charm of a modest secluded country house.
Wall decoration is laconic and allows the use of materials such as paint and decorative plaster.

However, the use of wallpaper is also allowed, but either without images at all, or with a slightly prominent ornament. An interesting alternative would be wall decoration with natural stone.
• Floor
The floor is also made lightened from wooden boards. Parquet or laminate is suitable for the manifestation of the indicated style policy.
Doors and windows
There are also subtleties in the installation of doors: either they should not be installed at all, or they should merge as much as possible with the background of the walls, be their continuation.

The same technique works with windows: they do not focus on themselves, and, together with the above-mentioned components, merge with light or boiling white shades, as the embodiment of the general leitmotif.
3. Filling
For the chosen interior solution, the same principle of photophilousness and environmental friendliness will be relevant.

Historically, it turned out that the design direction of the north was used for small areas. And in order not to burden the already small rooms, the furniture was used in minimal quantities.

Such minimalism is characteristic of this style in its current guise. Here, the choice is still based on light colors and on the environmental friendliness of materials of manufacture.

Fundamentals & Ideas + Photo & Video

Wooden structures can be supplemented with glass inserts, preferably open shelves. In appearance, the furniture has a light structure and should not weigh down the space, all furniture is on legs. Soft - has a light upholstery made of natural materials, the legs of chairs and tables are smoothly curved.

I propose to dwell on this issue in more detail, since it is he who gives completeness to the repair and consistency in the given style.

Despite the fact that the Nordic direction is characterized by minimalism, it is not deprived of decor.

Its main advantage is modesty and moderation. Therefore, you can decorate rooms quite simply on your own. And decorative and applied art "hand-made" is the best way to be useful for recreating a single stylistic picture and will open up the possibility of a flight of imagination.

But do not get carried away and do not forget about the colors and traditional non-artificial natural ingredients.

Decoration and decoration of the Scandinavian style

For decoration, you can dwell on such available resources of nature as branches of trees and shrubs, and also adapt glass trinkets, candles, and seafood to create a holistic image stones.

Blankets, pillows, woven or fur rugs, plants - all this will perfectly fit into a homogeneous theme and give comfort to the transformed apartments.

A home library will look attractive, consisting of open bookshelves located on one line.

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For the analyzed way of decorating the space, textiles are extremely appropriate.

The fabric is taken organic and synthetics are not allowed. Aesthetes and lovers of the sophistication of velvet and the gloss of satin, remember, the shelter of a "Hyperborean" does not tolerate luxury, and such grandeur cannot be entered into a Viking's house. The selection of draperies and upholstery is based on the condition of uniformity, only a medium-sized graphic print (check, strip) or national motives of northerners (zigzags, trees, snowflakes, Christmas trees, deer) are possible. The natural composition is fundamental and narrows the range of choice only to linen, cotton and wool.
As for the framing of windows, the same principle of existence without full-fledged sun rays operates here, so it is very correct to let it into the apartment as much as possible.

Curtains in decoration are rare, window openings are left free from unnecessary details. As a last resort, you can hang weightless plain curtains made of cotton or with a small pattern. Dense fabrics, lambrequins, ruffles and even more cords with tassels are not applicable.
Of course, the abundance of white is pleasant for perception, but in order for the created picture not to merge into one big white spot, it is important to work out accents. This can be done using the bright colors and traditional ornaments mentioned above.

To liven up the environment, it would be quite acceptable to use shades of green, blue, red and yellow. It is important that they are in the so-called dirty shades, and that such accenting be moderately restrained, otherwise you can get out of the general canvas. The color can highlight such elements as a lampshade, pillows on the sofa, bedspreads. You can also dilute plain curtains with such a selection.
Knowing these nuances, you can easily implement ideas for decorating a room with your own hands.

Fundamentals & Ideas + Photo & Video
Fireplace and fire
Cold winters, they are forced to use the hearth not so much for beauty and entourage, but for its intended purpose - to keep warm. And if English fireplaces are central and impressive in size, then in our case they are very compact and usually represent simple columns installed in the corner. Expression will not be appropriate here, the fireplace does not stand out in color.
Of course, it will be very problematic to organize live fire in a city, but it will be completely replaced by technological analogues.

The immediate companion of the selected style is the functionality of each of its elements. This is reflected in the best possible way by the universal transforming furniture with folding structures provided for in it. A wardrobe with open shelves is perfect, but a sliding wardrobe will not come in handy. The decoration of the home, decorated in white and all kinds of its shades, will naturally saturate the interior with functional charm from the most inconspicuous corner to the threshold. And besides the fact that they will make living comfortable, they will not be an unimportant functional plus for pedantic housewives, since dust is less noticeable on a light one.

5. Lighting
Adequate natural lighting is not possible for northern countries, so an abundance of artificial lighting is required. The peculiarity will be that the light sources do not need to be selected in a consonant composition, they can be mixed, and moreover, they must differ in shape and size. At the same time, here it will turn out to play even with color, but not get out of the general ensemble.

Use wall, ceiling, floor lamps, all kinds of sconces, even candlesticks will not be superfluous.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the Scandinavian style is a discovery for the implementation of the idea of ​​repair with your own hands, since it is devoid of pomp and pretentiousness, as well as the right solution for a cozy apartment design.