Sees Fundraiser- Please turn orders in December 4, 2019

Our Al’s Blue & Black Brigade store is open until the end of September! A portion of all sales comes back to WHHS band.

Jamba Juice cards are here! $10 for a total of 6 buy 1, get 1 free!! Great deal…More information to come soon.

Register at, select TEMPO, aka West Hills High School Totally Excellent Music Parents Organization, from the many charities listed, and .5% of your eligible purchases will go to support the band, guard, and drumline programs.



14 Tips for Fundraising Success


1. Ask, ask ask again. Remember you are asking for the West Hills High
School Band & Guard Program, not for yourself, so there is no need to be
uncomfortable. The minute you limit who you ask, you limit the amount
you can raise.
2. Start a letter-writing or email campaign. Mail or email donation request
or sponsorship letters to your family, friends, and co-workers. Be sure
you include your personal fundraising goal in the letter.
3. Be Optimistic! Have a positive attitude and you will accomplish great
4. Host fundraising party and ask people to pledge their support that night.
5. Create a buddy system. Ask a person who cannot participate to help you
collect donations for you.
6. Bring your pledge sheet with you wherever you go.
7. Host a bake-sale, a raffle, a used-book sale, or a car wash, and donate the
proceeds to West Hills High School Band & Guard Program.
8. Ask one person/company a day to sponsor you.
9. Give something up. Whether it is a movie, a few drinks, a manicure, or a
dinner at an expensive restaurant, contribute what you would have spent
to West Hills High School Band & Guard Program.
10. Ask people to contribute to West Hills High School Band & Guard
Program instead of buying you a gift for your birthday.
11. Give up a “vice” for a week. Give up soda or chocolate and donate the
money you would have spent to West Hills High School Band & Guard
12. Find out if your parent’s company has a matching gift program. Matching
gifts can double your money!
13. Invite friends to sponsor you on Facebook, in your email messages, and
on other social media sites.
14. Set a daily fundraising goal for yourself and beat it!



We are always looking for new grants and fundraiser opportunities.
If you know of any, please tell us!