Garage for an ATV with your own hands to the country and for a private house: Dimensions + Photo and Video

Garage for an ATV with your own hands to the country and for a private house: Dimensions + Photo and Video Do-it-yourself garage for an ATV at the dacha. If you are the happy owner of a summer cottage with a garden and neat vegetable beds, then you don't even need to explain how important it is for an ordinary person to use a serviceable and unpretentious vehicle that can cope with the task of transporting the owner and a small load.

So, it was the ATV that was liked by many and was appreciated by the residents of the near suburb and the countryside, for whom the regular transportation of a small load over a certain distance has become the norm. Due to its size and unpretentiousness, the vehicle has become even more popular, but even it needs a special storage space.

Buying a garage pencil case is expensive, but it is much easier to install the structure yourself.

How to store an ATV?

If a small scooter can be covered with a PVC cover or put under a shed, they manage to store the car in the most interesting places, from the barn to basement. But with the dimensions of an ATV, you need a full-fledged garage, and even if it is small, it should have a place for a car and storage of spare parts, fuel, and if necessary, you could carry out repair work.

To cope with building a garage for an ATV with your own hands, consider some storage requirements:

  • The size of the garage must correspond to the dimensions of the equipment + be a little more spacious for storing accessories.
  • Every vehicle requires systematic maintenance after rental, which means that there must be ventilation in the garage for an ATV. After washing off the dirt from the car, you need to dry the last in a draft.

  • For those who cannot see life without technology, even in suburban conditions there should be at least a minimum set of tools, as well as consumables, engine oil and fuel. Since there are few car dealerships in the villages, the main part of the work will have to be done with your own hands and using those elements that were purchased in advance.

Good advice! The last point is especially important if you also love motorcycles, which will stop working without daily and full care.

In addition, the garage should not take up much space and its main function, with which it must cope, is reliable protection of equipment from birds and precipitation.

Which garage for an ATV is better

Human fantasy is an inexhaustible resource, since thanks to the small size of the ATV there is an opportunity create incredible storage garages from the most unusual materials and schemes.

The simplest schemes

In addition to those widespread garage designs in the form of a pencil case, many interesting solutions made of wood, glass and metal profiles can be used to store an ATV. For example, for your favorite vehicle, you can assemble a glass box in the form of an extension to the country house or to the house.

There is an option and an easier one - this is a way out of the situation by installing a railway container, which can be converted into a small storage for an ATV or a pair of scooters. And if you move often and you have to constantly transport an iron horse, then you can make a trailer that, in moments of quiet living, will act as a garage, and during transportation it can be connected to a large wagon.

For those who are lazy, but worried about their technique and want to make a garage for an ATV with their own hands, there is an option of building a simple collapsible garage from shields knocked down from wooden slats.

Despite the fact that the storage method shown in the photo seems primitive, it is best suited for small areas.

This has a number of advantages:

  1. Garage for an ATV with your own hands to the country and for a private house: Dimensions + Photo and Video Walls of wood and a roof adjustable in height, which is also folding, will provide the best conditions for drying and airing the ATV.
  2. The dimensions are small, and for this reason, the cost of the material that will be used for construction, as well as labor costs, will be several times less than for the construction of analogs.
  3. And the most important thing is that everyone who has held a hammer in their hands at least once can build such a garage for an ATV for a summer cottage with their own hands.

Please note that nothing more than the ATV itself will fit into such a garage, but there are also pluses - the state of technology with such storage is many times better than if your vehicle was stored in a steel box made of professional flooring.

Mini garage of frame type

Usually, branded garages for storing ATVs and the like provide for the creation of a box, which is made of sheet metal. Although it is expensive, you will get excellent security and no intruder can steal your iron horse. The best for this is a frame type of building, made of cladding panels and wooden beams.

The ATV garage should ideally be designed as a frame extension to the house, which will make it possible to save on materials for one of the four walls, and will simplify the manufacture of the foundations for a miniature garage.

For the simplest version, you will need to assemble a frame, the dimensions of which are equal to 1.

6 * 3 meters. With a standard ATV size, this is more than enough for you to pack the cars, but there is not enough space for working with tools, and for this reason, experts advise to put a panel-wall that can be easily folded up. It will act as a canopy in front of the room and will be able to increase free space. If you put a scooter in the same garage, then there will be a lot of space. For this reason, if you have a lot of equipment, or you use both a scooter and an ATV, then you can equip an additional room.

But in this case, it is not recommended to store fuel in such a place.

In this type of garage, the features of the device are such that there is an opening window on the roof of the building. Thanks to such a simple device, you will be able to provide excellent air flow, and in this case the suspensions will dry well.

Full-size room

If you are planning to make a garage for an ATV with your own hands, not in miniature size, but spacious, so that it is convenient to store and maintain equipment, then this is also good decision. Such a garage is not much different from the last option described above, but in this case the size of the room is much larger, there is a warm floor, the walls are insulated and, most importantly, there is enough space to carry out full-fledged maintenance, repairs and even large-scale disassembly.

But first, for the construction of such a building, you will have to start making the foundation. A frame-type structure made of wooden beams turns out to be light, beautiful, and in order to prevent overturning by a strong gusty wind, you should prepare the site for installation in advance.

The easiest way to create a foundation is to cut off the fertile layer of the earth and fill a small pit with a layer of gravel. The garage is made like a container, which means it has a floor independent of the ground. In the lower part of the frame-type building, additional ventilation windows are made, which can be sewn up with fine steel mesh.

The walls and roof are forgotten by OSB plates and a layer of thermal insulation material. But for the outer surfaces we grab one coating with a layer of enamel paint and cladding with siding and plastic panels, which will protect the garage from snow and rain.

For home stationary structures, sometimes instead of cladding, a material such as sand-cement plaster is used, but since the wooden frame is considered relatively non-rigid, even if the reinforcement mesh is used, cracks will appear and the material will flake off. In such a garage, a folding gate is made, which makes it easier for vehicles to enter the premises.


The cost of building a container and frame type at the moment is at least 60,000 rubles.

But if you spend only on material, it will be from 12,000 to 15,000 rubles, and with a time investment of 7 days, you can build a garage for an ATV with your own hands, and at the same time you can save money and do everything the way you want.

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