Garden furniture - drawings and dimensions

Garden furniture - drawings and dimensions Drawings of garden furniture made of wood with dimensions

All gardeners at one point are sure to come across that you need to choose and buy pieces of furniture for your personal suburban area. Naturally, you can spend a lot of money to buy all the necessary outdoor interior items. But the majority opt for a creative approach - making their own garden furniture according to dimensional drawings. There are many subtleties in this process that, if carefully followed, can achieve amazing results. You will learn about all the tips and rules for making garden furniture from the article.

How to choose the ideal option?

As a rule, the question of the selection of material is solved quite simply. Most gardeners prefer using wood. Someone makes individual elements made from pallets, while others use such scrap materials as vines from branches growing from trees, or stumps. Everything will depend on the desired result, as well as the availability of free time. If you pay as much attention as possible to the planning, preparation and assembly of your garden furniture, the result can be even better than commercial designs.

A distinctive feature of wooden furniture is that it is a fully environmentally friendly material that amazes with its beauty and textured variety.


Definition with the construction

Garden furniture - drawings and dimensions Before you start making pieces of garden furniture yourself, you need to have a very clear idea of ​​the final look of the structure as a whole. Even a small sketch is enough to roughly calculate the required amount of material. You can make garden furniture very quickly, the main thing is to use high quality materials for such purposes. Most often, they make chairs, tables, sun loungers or beds, storage shelves or racks with their own hands.

Tools and materials

On the one hand, to create most furniture items, you can completely manage even with improvised means, but to create more durable and reliable furniture, you may need special tools:

  • Grinder.
  • Electric screwdriver.
  • Electric jigsaw (you can use a hand saw), and also a circular saw.
  • A drill with a drill for wood for the dimensions of self-tapping screws.

The following tools are enough to create a simple interior item:

  • Fixing furniture corners.

  • Pencil.
  • Construction tape.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Screwdrivers.

  • Hammer.

This is the advantage of garden furniture, that even in its irrepressible form, it will look appropriate. What can we say about the high-class approach - this homemade garden interior can surprise even the seasoned.

Making a project and drawing up a drawing

When creating garden furniture items with your own hand, diagrams and drawings should first of all start from the visual appearance. When determining with the future appearance of pieces of furniture, you need to move to a new extremely important stage - the manufacture of drawings.

Please note that the more thoroughly you approach such a process, the better the final result will be.

When drawing up a drawing, it is required to carefully calculate each of the details, this will not give an opportunity to lose sight of even the most insignificant nuances. Next, work out the fastening methods, and also calculate the number of fasteners required. The dimensions of garden furniture are important, and at the end of this process it is recommended to take a close look at the resulting plan again - if you do not make adjustments to it now, it will be extremely difficult to do it afterwards. And if the drawn up scheme is fully satisfied, you can proceed to the embodiment of ideas.

Yes, the manufacture of garden furniture for a summer cottage will begin with an idea that is displayed in sketches, drawings and models.

MK for arranging garden furniture with his own hand

As noted earlier, the process of creating garden furniture items from wood with his own hand is quite fascinating and responsible. Then we will take a closer look at the most popular and frequently collected interior items. In order for the seats to be comfortable, you need to bandage them with removable cushions.

How to make a garden chair

A garden table can be made even in the simplest form, like a base screwed onto a stump in the form of a seat, or to approach such a process more thoroughly.

For the assembly process of your garden chair, use the pre-selected type and also the size of the tree. It is recommended to buy bars with dimensions of at least 4 cm on one side. This ensures reliable support for a person with an average weight of 80-90 kg. If you need to place a person with a large weight on such furniture, then the size of the bar will increase to 6-8 cm.If you have a carpentry workshop, which is staffed by modern standards, making a garden chair out of wood with your own hands is quite simple.

Mark the material with a tape measure and a pencil according to the drawn drawing.

Then proceed to sawing. In this process, you can use hand tools, but you can achieve the result faster and better with a jigsaw or circular. For the frame, bars with a square section are usually used, for the base and back - rectangular. Additional joints of the elements can be processed with joiner's glue, and such an assembly will be professional.

It is better to grind the wood surface as best as possible before starting the assembly process, this will prevent the drawing from getting a splinter under the skin both during the assembly process and in future furniture use. Mark out the attachment points with a drill and proceed with the final assembly process.

Please note that if you plan to use such pieces of furniture outdoors, the wood must be covered with a protective compound against moisture - a special paint and varnish material.

Instructions for creating a table with a bench

Garden furniture - drawings and dimensions The final type of such a product will directly depend on the concept, and also on the capabilities of the person. In its simplest form, this table and benches can be stumps that are covered with a wooden base.

Most often, this issue is approached much more seriously, because street typefaces will be used for large companies, and the more thoroughly you approach the issue of creation, the better the final result will be. The most popular option would be a rectangular one with a table closed on all sides. To make it, make a frame of bars and cover with wood over the total area of ​​the side surface. Prepare the material in advance - grind and process with compounds that allow you to use pieces of furniture under outdoor conditions, which can be bought in hardware and furniture stores.

Such furniture can be assembled in just a couple of hours and decorate your garden with beautiful tables at which you can dine and have picnics.

Assemble benches according to the dimensions of the table. Their length should be commensurate with the table, the width may vary, depending on what the budget is planned and the materials at hand. To make it comfortable for a person to sit on the bench, we recommend making it at least 0.2 meters wide.

Chaise longue

Diagrams and drawings with dimensions of garden furniture are important to have an understanding of its final appearance before assembly.

It can be an easy-to-assemble chair with a fabric and a fabric base that acts as a seat and back.

You can also make a monolithic reclining version of the sun lounger. The first will be more acceptable for those cases when you plan to change its location, and the second, due to its high weight and inconvenience of movement, will be installed in a certain place and is rarely rearranged. A chaise longue is a lightweight and comfortable chair design, which is used for recreation areas (on the beach, by the pool, an integral part of the dacha decoration).

In each case, it is required to make a wooden frame.

A small sitting chair requires a bar 0.25 * 0. 3 meters. You need to make a couple of long legs and a couple of short ones. Connect from each other, and if necessary, leave the structure in such a way that it can be assembled - in the simplest form, it is enough to fix the screws for fastening with nuts with ears.

Connect the legs with strips together, and pass the fabric through them, ideally it should be burlap - it is more durable for outdoor use. The lower and upper legs need to be additionally reinforced with metal spacers - for this, it will be enough to insert a metal rod into two legs from both sides.For a large lounger, the first step is to assemble the base, which will then be closed with rectangular slats. It is important to grind the front part of this structure and cover it with a protective layer - varnish or furniture paint.

Table made of pallets

When making a table, special attention should be paid to the quality of materials.

old pallets will look quite unassuming, and it does not differ in quality, and even more so if it has been under the influence of moisture for a long time. For this reason, the main recommendation will be the use of new pallets. Wooden pallets are a building material that gives you almost limitless freedom for ideas and creativity. To assemble the simplest of the different options, three pallets are enough - a pair of legs and one for the lid. Most often, pallets are used as a cover, fixing to each other, and the legs are made of additional building materials - a bar of wood, high hemp, or tree trunks - remaining after cutting.

When assembling a table, the main thing is high-quality grinding of all its components, and even more so the surface cover. Fasten the pallets together with long screws. It is also recommended to additionally prepare the surface of the resulting product with varnish or paint to protect it from the effects of negative environmental factors.

Wicker furniture

Garden furniture of wicker type without diagrams and drawings is quite problematic to assemble. For this reason, if you decide that you need such an interior item, you first need to correctly think over the drawing, and based on it, calculate the required number of the required material.

If you have no experience in making such pieces of furniture, then you can find ready-made schemes on the Internet and use them to purchase all the necessary materials. Rattan or vines can be used as the basis for such pieces of furniture. When weaving individual elements, continuous weaving is usually used - with this method, individual twigs will be woven into perpendicular posts in turn, bending around the twig on one side, then on the other. The resulting weave is extremely durable and reliable. The back and seats are usually made with openwork weaving, because this type of manufacturing is very beautiful in itself.

By purchasing high quality material for weaving, you can guarantee your furniture items durability. No additional processing is needed.

Examples of stylish design of garden furniture

The dimensions of garden furniture are not so important, but so that the items not only perform their functions with high quality and for a long time, but and were a decoration of the garden, they are often decorated with additional elements. One of the most striking examples for decoration is fresh flowers, and field flowers will look especially bright. Another way to make your garden furniture a real piece of art is to decorate it with a beautiful accessory such as a pillow or blanket.

Decorating garden tables with plastic or glass worktops looks no less beautiful.

Studying and carefully applying the recommendations from this article for creating country furniture from wood with your own hands, diagrams and assembly drawings should not be thrown away, they can come in handy in the future. If you still use the techniques of decorating with additional accessories, which are described in the text, furniture can be a great place to relax. With such pieces of furniture, the pastime will be comfortable and pleasant.

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