gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video In our XXI century, almost every private house or apartment is equipped with special heating boilers. These devices work according to the same principle: the water in the boiler is heated, after which it can be spent on heating the room or for other household needs.

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Mini-overview of the most demanded types of heating systems

The difference in boilers lies in the different ways of heating water.

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video Everything always comes down to the most important source, which will contribute to heating the liquid.

Progress does not stand still, but steadily moves and increases, and therefore today there are several types of heating boilers:

  • Gas and electric- perhaps the most widespread and demanded at the moment.

  • Diesel boilers operating on liquid fuel are less competitive.
  • Solid fuel boilers.

In order for you to find the boiler that will be most suitable for you, let's look at each of the types mentioned, highlighting all the advantages and disadvantages, while describing the principle of operation of each of them.

Electric boilers (electric boilers)

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video First, consider boilers that run on electricity. Such boilers are divided into two more types of electric boilers.

They are divided due to the difference in the principle of water heating.

In the first type of electric boiler, water is heated by such a phenomenon as ionization. This is considered to be the best option, since the water not only heats up very quickly, but also does not leave scale.

The second type of electric boiler works with a special heating element. It is an iron tube that passes electricity through itself, as a result of which the temperature rises.

The downside is that the operation of the heating element leaves scale on the inner walls of the boiler.

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video But in both types there is a great similarity: the water tank and the boiler control connection system.

Electric boilers have both disadvantages and advantages.

These characteristics can be attributed to two types of boilers, as they are common.

However, they will give you the opportunity to determine whether you should buy an electric boiler, or make a choice in favor of another candidate.

So, the main advantages we can call :

  • No requirement to remove combustion products. Due to the operation of the boiler on electricity, and not on fuel, there will be no waste, which means there will be no inconvenience from garbage and everything associated with it;
  • gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video Such electrical constructions work almost silently. This applies to both types of electric boiler. Noise can appear only in one case - if there are any problems. Then you will need to call a specialist.

  • Small size.While we will live in Khrushchev, the relevance of electric boilers will not pass. Due to its small dimensions, it can be placed in any place convenient for you, while saving great space.
  • Easy enough to repair. This is very beneficial, especially in a crisis.

    Such a boiler does not need to be serviced for a very long time, and repairs will not cost you half your salary.

In the minus section, it is worth noting a relatively average fire hazard with improper use and connection, as well as a high absorption of electricity when a large amount of water is heated to high temperatures and a high price.

Solid fuel and diesel boilers

Diesel heating boilers are perhaps the cheapest and most economical.

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video Their design consists of a body for water, a tank for fuel, a separate tank for combustion and a separate system connections.

As a rule, there are only two types of such boilers - steel and cast iron.

For greater reliability it is better, of course, to give preference to cast iron. But since it is quite massive and large in weight, it is used only in individual enterprises and farms.

Advantages : reliability, long operation without breakdowns, the ability to quickly heat large rooms / large volumes of water. They are not afraid of scale (because the heating mechanisms are located outside the tank).

Disadvantages: dimensions and weight, risk of clogging due to fuel residues inside.

Constant work is also important, otherwise the fuel lying idle will begin to damp, which will cause the boiler to deteriorate. They cannot be used in apartments or small houses, as a large pit for the fuel tank is needed.

Solid fuel boilers are very relevant for houses in the village, which are not always well supplied with electricity and gas.

Such boilers are diesel simple and pyrolysis

Simple ones work on firewood and wood residues. But pyrolysis run on wood and coal, but here the quality of the laid material will already be important.

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video However, it is the second type of devices that is of great utility, since in addition to the chamber for laying down, there is also a chamber for burning , which ultimately allows you to generate as much heat and as little smoke as possible.

The advantages of are economy, simplicity and safety in use.

The disadvantages of include the presence of combustion products, smoke in the living room and the need for a special place for firewood, in which there must be a special temperature and humidity to maintain quality.

Gas boilers for heating

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video And now let's talk about gas boilers. These are the most common boilers for installation today.

This is largely due to the convenience of use both in houses and apartments, as well as the presence of low cost natural gas in comparison with other materials.

They are also classified and divided into two groups: according to the presence of contours and features in the installation. In each group, there are two main types of boiler, which differ in their features in the installation.

According to the peculiarities of the installation, they are divided into wall and floor.

gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video Floor stands are used both for heating the room and for heating water for domestic needs.

Suitable for absolutely all types of premises.

But there is one but: because of the size, you have to allocate a separate room.

Wall mounted gas boiler can be installed in the wall of any room. Such boilers are small and do not require complex chimneys and various pumps.

According to the number of contours, multi-circuit and single-circuit are distinguished.

Single-circuit boiler is the most primitive boiler, as it is used only for heating.

The multi-circuit boiler can not only heat the room, but also the water. gas, solid fuel or electric boiler + Video And the more contours, the more risers with water he can connect.

The advantages of gas boilers are a pleasant-looking design, the ability to regulate temperature and regulate the use of gas.

Minus - sometimes low power of certain models and the presence of combustion products, which is why the boilers will need to be cleaned once a season.

So, based on what you could read above, you can draw conclusions for yourself and choose which boiler will suit you better than the rest. When choosing, be guided by various subtleties, like living space, finances and necessary functions.

Good luck choosing your boiler!