Gazebo in oriental style + photo

Gazebo in oriental style + photo How to build an oriental-style gazebo with your own hands

At a summer cottage, sometimes you really want to have a corner, where you can comfortably spend time with friends or family, and maybe even retire on a warm summer evening. The best option would be a gazebo, in which the style will be chosen in accordance with the design of the site and personal preferences. For every person who appreciates comfort, but at the same time wants to stand out to the maximum, we can recommend arranging an oriental-style gazebo in the country.

Gazebos in the spirit of the East are becoming more and more popular when decorating. They can be Chinese, Japanese, like a teahouse or in the form of other structures, but the main principles for constructing such structures are almost always the same.

How to equip an oriental gazebo?

As a rule, the construction of a gazebo with a touch of the East is made of wood or any other material, for example, the same brick. But due to the fact that the tree is easy to use and handle, the installation of the gazebo is mainly carried out from it. In the oriental style, materials such as oiled paper or bamboo are often used, but for our conditions such options are not suitable, and this once again indicates the possibility of using wood.

Buildings that are 100% made of stone, and at the same time in an oriental style, look as effective as possible, but have a lot of disadvantages. Among them, it will be impossible to sit inside the gazebo on a stone bench due to the fact that there is a possibility of getting huge health problems.

In addition, on hot summer days, the stone gets very hot, which can lead to an unpleasant microclimate inside the gazebo. For this reason, the stone is used, but in moderation, for example, in order to create supports or when decorating a basement in an oriental gazebo. The dimensions of the gazebo will directly depend on how many people will sit inside. The minimum indicators are sizes ranging from 2 to 2.6 meters.

Gazebo in oriental style + photo The placement of such an unusual construction on the site on the site also has certain rules. The most important thing will be that a large area of ​​the building site should be visible from its internal space. In addition, oriental-type gazebos should ideally fit into the exterior, so as not to stand out from the general style of the site, on the contrary, complement it perfectly.

Best of all, this type of gazebo structure will look with a reservoir (decorative), so that when inside a person can tune in to positive thoughts and fully relax.

Another rather important point in placing the gazebo will be the correspondence to the light sides.

A blank arbor wall, if it is meant, should be located on the south side, and the canopy must be placed from west to east. Such a device makes it possible to hide from the sultry summer sun and provide the required shade.

The best solution for a suburban area would be an ordinary east pagoda. It should not be oversaturated with unnecessary decorative elements, but also should be done with minimal decoration. So, the ideal option is to plant ornamental trees and shrubs from a couple of sides of the eastern arbor.

In addition, if you follow the traditions of the East, then planting flowers such as irises, peonies, camellias and chrysanthemums next to the gazebo would be an ideal addition. It is required to make a paved, neat path to the gazebo of stones or decoratively placed hemp, which are made of concrete or by digging chunks of wood into the ground. Inside, the oriental gazebo is also minimalist (as well as outside). In the middle, you need to mount a small table, and around it are seats with cushions. The use of a large amount of textiles for gazebos in our climate conditions is not the best option, and therefore you can install benches with minimal decoration.

Good advice! To prevent the pads in the gazebo from damp, they can be placed on the lattice backs of the bench, hanging by the hinges.

It is important to select textiles so that they can be easily washed and dried without loss of quality and appearance. Under the ceiling, it is required to install a hanging lantern, in accordance with the oriental style, or decorate the railing with small light sources. For an oriental-style gazebo with your own hands, you need to make stained glass windows. They can be ordered separately from the master, but this will require high costs.

In order to save as much as possible, it is possible to assemble reproduced stained glass windows with your own hands. They are made by applying paint to corrugated glass and assembling it so that the painted sides are inside the gazebo.

It is important to make a stained-glass window according to the following scheme:

  • Degrease the glass.
  • Sketch the design and outline it with black paint.
  • Fills the space from the inside (outlines) with specific colors so that no gaps are left.

    Otherwise, in such places, the paint will begin to flake off after a while.

Please note that for oriental stained-glass windows, paints with a solvent base are usually used, which are resistant to fading.

How to make an oriental gazebo?

The process of building an oriental gazebo is not something complicated if you follow all the working stages and approach the matter with responsibility. To begin with, you need to make a project of the eastern gazebo, which will indicate its location on the site, the materials used, as well as the structural concept with all dimensions. After that, it is required to prepare the site for the placement of the eastern building.

It should be as even as possible. Markings are made on it, and support pillars are also installed. At the same stage, the presence and location of the exit is noted.

Supports must be driven in at the corners of the perimeter.They also need to be installed in the middle of each wall, and they are also concreted.

In the middle of the walls, you can install openwork supports, which will give the building a more beautiful external pitchfork.

Gazebo in oriental style + photo Important! If you use pillars made of wood, then the part that will be dug into the ground must be waterproofed with roofing material or tar.

The floor can be laid out of a simple paving slabs, but this option is the simplest, others can be used. Everything will depend on the project. You can go the second way and lay a layer of waterproofing film on the ground, and pour it on top with a solution, thereby obtaining a base.

After a month, you can strap the building. This is done by attaching the bars at the top and bottom to the support posts. After that, openwork walls are mounted to the support posts by means of self-tapping screws. The roof is made on the ground, it should be hipped, and have a slope of 30 degrees.

The rafters are reinforced with spacers and installed at an angle of 45 degrees.

A crate is stuffed on top of the roof and roofing materials are laid. It can be made using any materials, and metal tiles, and flexible tiles, and other types of coverage. Hem the arbor ceiling with clapboard.

If the floor is not made at the initial stage from a sidewalk tile, then on the lower strapping it is required to form logs and lay a terrace board. Before the entrance, you need to make a small ladder, because the eastern gazebos are installed on a hill.

All surfaces must be treated with antiseptics and varnished.


Pergolas with the spirit of the East give each site an unusual flavor and create a sense of peace and tranquility. Relaxing in this building is a real pleasure, and you can comfortably sit for an evening tea, or celebrate a joyful event with a noisy company of friends.


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