glass or polycarbonate + Video and Photo in the form of a coupe

glass or polycarbonate + Video and Photo in the form of a coupe How to glaze a veranda with your own hands: Step by step instructions and Video. A veranda is a part of a cottage, house or summer cottage. It helps to give the structure an attractive and finished look. This will require registration in accordance with all the rules and standards. It is very important that she looks decent.

If you want to make a glazed veranda, then you simply have to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. Take special care of this.

To do the job competently, put as much effort as possible and familiarize yourself with some of the subtleties.

Step-by-step instructions: how to glaze a veranda in the country

For a long time, a veranda, which was completely made of glass, was considered an indicator of the practicality and consistency of the owners of a country house. And although the prestige of such a design was temporarily lost, according to modern fashion trends in the design of a country house, glazed verandas came into fashion again.

And the highlight of such a room is that thanks to the design, the impression of unity with nature is created, and when using new technologies and developments, the impression is even better.

There are many variations of glazing

The most popular can be called :

  • Glass unit glazing.
  • Glazing with wooden frames.
  • Polycarbonate glazing.
  • Aluminum glazing.

  • frameless glazing.

Glazing with double-glazed windows

If you wish, you can use ready-made double-glazed windows. In addition, this option is perfect for heated terraces and unheated verandas. Taking into account all the features of the operation of the building, a certain type of plastic window system should be selected.

For a veranda with little or no heating, double-glazed windows with a special coating are perfect, and between the glasses there will be an inert gas.

Usually, sliding panels are made of glass with an aluminum profile. There are also models that can be opened remotely thanks to an electric drive.

glass or polycarbonate + Video and Photo in the form of a coupe In this case, the glazing of the veranda in the country house will be made from the floor and to the ceiling. Thanks to this method, there will be excellent visibility and overview, and you can also fully ventilate the room at any convenient time. The installation procedure is described below.

The doors that open are removed from the hinges - in the upper hinge there is a metal rod with a round head, and it is pulled up, and in the lower hinge it is pulled out from the bottom. After that, the door can be removed and the noticeably lightweight frame can be easily installed in the opening. Attach the frame to the uprights using special fasteners. The gaps between the frames and the post should be filled with foam.

Please note, that when filling with foam, it is not necessary to fill the entire space, as it will swell and can expand the window frame (profile).

Fill the free space 2/3.

When installation and void filling is complete, reinstall the doors in the reverse order of removal.

Aluminum glazing

If you use a country house with a glazed veranda only when it is warm, and in winter you do not heat the room, then sliding aluminum frames can be used. With this type of glazing of the veranda attached to the house, it will make it possible to protect the room from temperature changes and precipitation. The main advantage in this case is the closure of a section of the building, for example, the most drained side of the house.

The aluminum frames can be installed in the same way as described above. In cloudy and damp weather, these frames are easy to close. Installation of such a structure is carried out using anchor plates. The main advantage can be called good natural lighting of the room and thin frames.

Glazing with wooden frames

Even with minimal knowledge and skills in working with glass, they will give you the opportunity to glaze the veranda with your own hands.

Such work is carried out as follows:

  1. glass or polycarbonate + Video and Photo in the form of a coupe attach a window box around the entire opening, and the box in our case is a wooden frame made of timber. This box is fixed with simple nails or self-tapping screws, and the cracks and the rest of the free space are filled with polyurethane foam.
  2. Now the wooden frames should be attached to the window frame, and during installation they should not be glass. Use hinges for quality fasteners.
  3. Then insert glass into the openings.

    To fix the glass, use glazing beads or thin strips that are attached to the wooden frame from the inside. It is best to do this with glue or small carnations (the first option is better). At the end of the work, cover everything with paint so that the wood does not start to rot.

  4. Close all joints in the structure with silicone sealant so that drafts and temperature changes are not felt in the veranda. Yet such frames are usually only installed in the attic and for use during the warmer months.

Glazing with polycarbonate

To carry out the work on glazing the veranda in the country with polycarbonate, you will need a certain skill and skillful hands of the master. Fasten the sheets together with connecting strips. They should be screwed to the frame with special screws.

Using the end plate, close the top cut of the sheet. But in the lower cut the holes should remain open, which are intended for the drainage of condensate.

Thanks to this, polycarbonate will not fade during use, and it will not lose its light transmission.

Please note, that the polycarbonate sheet should be fixed with special self-tapping screws with a thermal washer.

The advantage of using this personalized material is that the material bends easily, which means that you can make the windows rounded and make the room original.

Frameless glazing

In this case, the entire space that separates the veranda from the courtyard will be separated by sheets of glass. You can move such glasses at any time, and you can freely get onto the veranda at any time.

Glazing by the frameless method implies the use of glasses that are different in shape, both semicircular and rectangular. For the frameless method, tempered glass is selected so that it cannot be broken even under mechanical stress. In addition, such glasses are covered with a special protective film both inside and outside.

For installation, it is necessary to mount a rail system along the upper and lower edges, along which the glass will move. In the warm season, the design assumes that the glasses move to one corner, and visually it will resemble a folding book.

Design of a miniature veranda

You can create with your own hands a magnificent interior of a small glazed veranda. This will not require a lot of effort and skill. All that remains is to connect your imagination and look for ideas for inspiration on the Internet. Only with a harmonious combination of configurations, shape and color combination can you create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the room. Walls, light ceilings will give the room a pleasant appearance.

Life hack: make sure that, first of all, the design of the veranda matches the construction and style of the house.

Flowers and green bright vegetation will be a beautiful decoration. You can place the bouquet on the windowsill, and this will not only decorate the window, but the whole room completely. Thanks to this, there will be a lot of oxygen on the veranda, and you will be able to rest both body and soul.


To make your glazed veranda at the dacha look cozy and dignified, make as much effort, fantasy, effort and imagination as possible.

Delicate, warm shades that blend harmoniously will look great. For example, pale yellow with white goes well - this makes the room cozy and visually expands the space.

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