Gold paint for metal - application features

Gold paint for metal - application features Paint for gold - composition, types and method of application

The incredible golden sheen used to decorate rooms will always arouse genuine admiration.

Applying paint for gold in the interior, you can achieve an amazing effect, decorate a room with beautiful art painting. For this, special metallized paints and varnishes are used, which are presented on the construction market in a huge range of shades and colors.

Metal and wood surfaces, glass, ceramics and plastic can be decorated with gold. You can handle everything - from floor to ceiling.

Acrylic decorative paints are popular. It surpasses oil and alkyd compositions in a large number of parameters.

General information

Varieties of decorative compositions

Advantages of decorative acrylic compositions

The advantages of the funds are as follows:

  • Gold paint for metal - application features Environmental cleanliness, there are no impurities heavy metals, as well as toxic substances.
  • Excellent adhesion to plaster, wood, metal and plaster surfaces.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric precipitation, can be used for outdoor and indoor decoration.

  • Dries quickly enough and creates a moisture resistant film.
  • Wood treated with such a composition, or metal after staining, does not require special care, and it is also easy to clean and wash off.
  • Acrylic paint and varnish material for gold is allowed to tint, that is, to give the desired golden tint to any color.

The composition can be used both for decoration and for restoration work on wood and metal. With its help, you can paint plaster and polyurethane stucco moldings.

Manufacturing companies produce a coloring composition in the following varieties:

  • Classic paints and varnishes in sealed metal cans - enamel.
  • Aerosol spray paint.
  • Dry, powdery formulation to be dissolved.

Please note that each type of decorative acrylic paint has different characteristics, colors and application patterns.

On the basis of acrylic

There are a lot of manufacturers of golden-colored paint, and all enamels are of excellent quality.

An example would be Metallic acrylic decorative paint. In the composition of the substance there are particles of mica, which give the coating a golden shine and a wonderful shimmering effect. Manufacturing companies offer different color palettes from light gold to dark brown type paint. Enamel is suitable for all interior styles, and it can be used for painting wallpaper, wood furniture, wall surfaces, and it is also suitable for ceramic tile floors. For work, use a brush, roller and spray gun.

After application, a layer of acrylic-type enamel should be covered with a final varnish to protect and fix the composition. For a beautiful aged antique look, Aerisan Assets can be used with a patina effect in a light color. Acrylic paint is produced by manufacturers in a small can, complete with a base and top coat.

It can be used to paint surfaces made of metals, plaster, plastic, wood, ceramics outside and inside the premises. Antique patina with acrylic paint imitating gold is obtained by applying all the enamel components:

  1. First layer - here you should apply a layer of primer in spray cans (they are included in the kit) on a previously prepared cleaned surface, following the manufacturer's instructions .


  2. Second base coat - the enamel will outweigh and should be applied in a thin layer. In the required places, the paint should be wiped off immediately to the base coat to obtain a patina effect. The more the second layer remains, the more aged the antique type coating will look.

This composition can be classified as two-component. It dries out in 1/3 hour, suitable for interior decoration, as well as exterior in the old style. In general, any metallic acrylic paint in gold and bronze should be used to achieve a brown patina. The surface should be cleaned, degreased and applied with base gold, and then bronze and transparent lacquer composition. The result is an effectively aged brown patina with a beautiful antique look.

Acrylic paint in cans is a classic method of painting a surface, giving it the look of old patina, Venetian stucco and antique finishes.

Advantages of aerosol paints

The modern market of building paints and varnishes is a huge selection of decorative spray paint with a gold effect and different color variations. Such formulations have many advantages:

  • The spray has excellent coverage and excellent adhesion.
  • Has versatility - glass, wood, metal, ceramics and gypsum.
  • Spray paint for gold dries quickly and can be painted in several layers.

  • Economical consumption combined with an even and smooth surface.
  • The spray can give the surface the desired effect of aging, shine, as well as a matte finish or patina.

Aerosol-type paint is used for any painting and finishing works. It is used to decorate walls, ceilings, chandeliers, floors, frames, lamps, furniture fittings, figurines, glass and wood products, as well as your favorite gadgets and jewelry. Aerosols Bosnu "CT Gold Effest" have become very popular.

The spray contains a golden pigment KT-18, and acrylic resins were added to the spray paint to make the substance more durable and obtain a rich bright color.The spray fits perfectly on all types of surfaces, it is used by designers in the manufacture of painting in the interior.

Main advantages:

  • The spray will not fade, and also the color will remain for a long time.
  • The composition is resistant to weathering.
  • No toxic substances.

  • Possesses antioxidant and anticorrosive properties.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.
  • Excellent value.

For maximum effect, it is recommended to apply a primer solution from the same series before the spray. The manufacturer offers five of the most popular shades of gold - copper, brass, dark gold, sparkle gold, and branch gold.

Dark brass and gold are used indoors for wall surfaces, floors, ceilings, and other aerosols for outdoor work. By spraying with aerosol, it is easy to paint picture frames, chairs, armchair legs, giving them the beauty of antique gold, old patina, and get an unusual painting and return objects to their original attractiveness.

Sprays with chrome effect

Spray paint for gold is easy to use. Very often, when finishing surfaces, consumers want to get a shiny, rich chrome effect. Joby's spray paint made in the Netherlands could prove itself perfectly.

Through it, you can paint absolutely any surface. The composition with chrome has excellent characteristics:

  • Enamel in cylinders can be easily applied in an even layer.
  • It is universal - you can paint glass, wood, metal, fabric and ceramics.
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to +115 degrees.
  • Adds color saturation and chrome shine to the surface.

  • Has an excellent hiding power.
  • Chrome effect paint does not flow and dries quickly.
  • A reliable waterproof layer can be obtained.

Up to three square meters of almost any surface can be painted with a chrome sheen with one spray can of paint - the composition is suitable for painting wallpaper, plaster materials, plastered floors and ceilings. A great option for design creative ideas.

It is often used to receive various products with a chrome sheen - handicrafts, souvenirs, custom-made gifts.

Artistic paint of acrylic type

If it is necessary to paint wooden surfaces, you should use inexpensive art paint ОLКI. The manufacturer positions the dry composition in the form of a powder as natural gold leaf - and this has been confirmed by consumers who work with artistic painting on wood. Distinctive features are:

  • Gold paint for metal - application features The powder can be diluted with water.
  • Easy to apply.

  • The paintwork material has excellent hiding power.
  • Creates a stable solid layer on the surface.
  • Available in light golden and dark brown.
  • Dries quickly, emphasizes the surface texture.
  • Low cost.

This paint is also used for artistic painting of icons and icon cases. It is also suitable for effectively painting the wooden frames of mirrors or paintings, as well as restoring pieces of furniture.

What are the remarkable blacksmith paints and varnishes

Since painting makes it possible to obtain unusual surfaces with all sorts of effects, it is used to decorate the exterior - grilles for windows, gates, entrance groups and doors, fences, bas-reliefs (including for painting fences in cemeteries). By means of blacksmith's golden paints, it is possible to obtain difficult surfaces with shiny chrome, artistic painting or to artificially age the metal.

Hammer-type compositions are very popular, which will give the metal texture the appearance of dents, reliefs that have been left by a blacksmith's hammer.

The use of blacksmith paints makes it possible to obtain an unrealistic brown patina effect, and at the same time there are more than 60 options for such an imitation. Even low-cost metal surfaces can be enhanced and made luxurious, as well as architectural appeal. Moreover, blacksmith paints will significantly increase the service life of the metal, additionally protect it from moisture and corrosion.

Using dry acrylic paints, as well as enamel and aerosol products, you can introduce very interesting and bold design ideas, get unusual beautiful and unique surfaces, as well as give the interior chic and originality. It is worth adhering to only one rule - there should not be a lot of gold.

Only neat golden accents will look beautiful and appropriate.

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