Good grades of linoleum for flooring

Good grades of linoleum for flooring The best brands of linoleum for the apartment (VT, PR, TTN and M)

For a long time, such a floor material as linoleum has gained popularity in the domestic market. He continues to be a leader today. Such popularity is understandable, because it is quite simple to install, has a high resistance to wear,

and also offers a choice of a large number of colors and textures, while having an affordable cost. Consider what good brands of linoleum are.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the material in question can be attributed to:

  1. Ease of installation is one of the main advantages of such a rolled floor covering .

    .. At the expense of Veda, the buyer can save additional finances and do it himself.

  2. Ease of maintenance - traces of dirt on the floor in question are less noticeable than on laminate or parquet, and in this case, if they appear, they can be easily removed by ordinary wet cleaning.
  3. High resistance to moisture, as well as resistance to acidic environment.

    Due to this quality, linoleum can be laid in a room where there is an increased level of humidity in the air, and it can also be wiped as often as needed.

  4. High level of thermal insulation.
  5. Low sound transmission.
  6. It is not necessary to cover with an additional protective layer.
  7. Lack of sliding effect and elasticity, which will ensure the safety of the operational process, such a factor is extremely important in the presence of children in the apartment.

  8. A wide selection of colors and textures - makes it possible to bring to life even the unique ideas of designers.

But there are certain disadvantages, though there are much fewer of them:

  • During the production process I use harmful chemical components, but in general, everything complies with the established rules and regulations.
  • Dents may appear if heavily weighted objects are placed in the same place for a long time.

Consider the types of material for floor decoration. There are various classifications of the flooring in question.


Classification by materials of manufacture

Material from natural constituents

For its manufacture, people usually use:

This is the safest and most environmentally friendly material for health, which is resistant to bacteria, has antistatic qualities, is not able to absorb fat, and is practically not flammable.

Please note that you do not need to install the flooring in a room where there is no heating or a high level of humidity, because it is subject to rotting, and it also becomes brittle at low temperatures.

Made of polyvinyl chloride

This type of material is produced on a foam, heat-insulating, fabric or non-woven base. By its own structure, it can be multi-layer or single-layer. The main disadvantage is the presence of a sharp, even unpleasant aroma, which wears out for a long time, and even greater shrinkage.

From relin or rubber

Of the best brands of linoleum for an apartment, we will single out rubber.

It is made of two layers - the base is rubber or bitumen, which was previously used, and the outer layer is made of a specific filler, synthetic rubber and all kinds of dyes. This material is very flexible and perfectly withstands high humidity levels.

Nitrocellulose roll material (collokeilin) ​​

This coating is very thin and is made of nitrocellulose. The material has a glossy beautiful shine, is very elastic and resistant to moisture. The main disadvantage was the increased degree of fire hazard.

Alkyd (Gifthalic)

Made of fabric material, dyes and resins based on alkyds. Hyftal linoleum has excellent thermal insulation properties, but at the same time it is quite fragile material.

Classification by material structure


This type of material has a fabric or non-woven thermal insulation substrate ...

Linoleum is elastic, due to which it can be easily laid on any type of surface.


This coating is very thin, and its thickness ranges from 0.15 to 0.3 cm. Installation of such a roll floor covering is possible perform only on a perfectly flat surface.

The material is quite cheap, and also has a short operational life.


This type of material has a homogeneous structure, and is made from a mixture of pigments and PVC granules. The drawing is not located on its top layer, but permeates the entire material. The homogeneous type of roll coating is great for installation in a room with a high permeability rate, because it is very resistant to abrasion.


May have up to 6 layers and is based on fiberglass.

The backing can be woven, foamed or non-woven.

Classification by area of ​​application

When choosing linoleum, it is important to know that it is divided into classes. So, in European countries there are classes from 21 to 23, from 31 to 34, from 41 to 43. They differ not only in appearance, but also in technical parameters. According to domestic standards, linoleum can be divided into 3 varieties (depending on the place of application), and each of the types is divided into classes.

You will find all the information below.


Linoleum for household use is used for laying in rooms where a person lives. There is a large selection of decor and colors.Most often, it is a heterogeneous coating, which has a protective outer layer from 0.15 to 0.

3 cm. This variety has a low resistance to wear, in contrast to the commercial and semi-commercial analogs, but is more environmentally friendly.


It is used under conditions with average traffic (offices, cafes or shops). According to its inherent parameters, it is located between the commercial and everyday look.


Such material is used in premises with a high degree of traffic (large stores, production or offices).

You can be both homogeneous and heterogeneous. The protective layer is large, and often there are various additives in the composition (antistatic agents, insulators, sometimes corundum). It is highly resistant to wear and tear and retains its original appearance for a long time.

Linoleum brands VT, PR, TTN and M

For flooring in an apartment, the best option can be considered linoleum brands PR, M, VT and TTN. We propose to figure out what they mean.

Linoleum PR

Such marking as PR means that the linoleum was made by the industrial method. This method is the most popular among manufacturers from abroad, due to its low cost and simplicity. A floor covering that is produced by this method will meet all the standards established by SNiP and GOST. By the way, according to the manufacturing method, such types of linoleum are also distinguished as VK (roller-calender), PRP (contact-coated), EC (extrusive) or EKP (extrusive with a transparent PVC film on top).

Linoleum VT

Good grades of linoleum for flooring Mark "VT "means that the covering has a needle-punched backing, which is made from a mixture of synthetic and recycled fibers with a top layer of protection made of lavsan and other artificial fibers that prevent the backing from rotting.

Also, depending on such material, one can distinguish VTK (the same material, but with a frame), C (with a base made of artificial fibers), X (with an antiseptic base made of synthetic fibers), and D (an antiseptic base made of bast or jute fibers).

Linoleum M

"M" means that the linoleum is marbled or monochromatic, has several layers. Moreover, according to the number of layers, linoleum is MP (multilayer, coated with transparent PVC film with a pattern) and O (single-layer, with a marbled or monochromatic color).

Linoleum TTN

This is a PVC coating that has no base and is hardly flammable. It is made using the roller-calender method according to the recipe approved by the customer.

It is so divided into TTN-1 and TTN-2, the latter being very resistant to wear.

Recommendations for choosing

When buying linoleum, be sure to take into account the permeability of the room, the degree of humidity and the temperature regime.In addition, watching the video, which is presented in the article for review, helps to help with the choice of linoleum for each of the rooms of the apartment.


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