Hallway orange

Hallway orange Orange interior of the hallway + photo

Since the hallway is the first room where a person will get to entering a city apartment, it is best to make a choice in favor of warm shades that can set you in a positive mood. One of these colors was orange, which is perfect for the hallway of people who are very cheerful. This shade is able to give positive, energize and vigorous mood for the whole day.

But it is extremely important to correctly decorate the hallway in orange so that all the qualities work.

What are the nuances in the shade

Orange, like a bright orange, attracts with incredible juiciness.

It is suitable not only for hallways, but also for living rooms and kitchens. But in the bedroom it is better not to use this shade, because it is capable of disrupting the pleasant atmosphere that should be in such a room.

Please note that orange fits perfectly into the hallway for those who love fun, and also often receive guests, as well as for those families with preschoolers.

This color has many different shades, among which you can choose the most suitable one. This should be done based on personal preference and the overall design that you plan to get as a result.

You should not make a choice in favor of the color that you like at a particular moment, the nose after a couple of months will start to irritate. This aspect is extremely important, because the design of the room must be positive in order to maintain a good mood. It is also required to remember that this active shade should not be in the entire room, but also fill it. It is enough just to place accents to add brightness to the hallway.

But keep in mind the fact that it is not appropriate to use orange in all hallways, because rooms can be different in geometry and area.

So, for small hallways, it is better not to opt for orange, because this will make the room even smaller. As a rule, there is no natural light in the hallway, which makes it impossible to use bright colors. Much calmer shades in orange will do. When decorating a room with orange, there are several interesting features to consider. Only by observing all the rules for creating such a bright interior will it be possible to achieve that the design will cheer up, and also act extremely positively.

Here is a list of them:

  1. Hallway orange If the hallway is located on the south side, then you should not use too much orange, because it will be redundant in an already filled room with artificial light.
  2. Shades of orange cannot be used in hallways decorated in old styles such as Rococo, Baroque and Art Nouveau.
  3. An orange hallway, which is decorated in an oriental style, will look ideal. Combining with black will help balance everything.
  4. In a dim and dark room, even a small accent of orange will give the interior a liveliness, and will also fill with brightness.

  5. The orange color will differ in that it makes it possible to slightly change the geometry of the space. So, in order for the room to look wider, its distant wall can be decorated in exactly that color.

In order for the orange color not to burden the room, it is necessary to correctly withstand the combination of the shades used. So, the ceiling surface should be neutral in color, where orange inclusions are acceptable. For example, a small blooming flower will look great if the design is a stretch one.

As a floor for such a hallway, it is best to use a light-colored tile or self-leveling structures.

Please note that when choosing a floor covering, you should pay attention to the fact that the material can be easily washed from all kinds of dirt.

Orange walls in the hallway can be organized using paint and varnish, wallpaper or decorative plaster, because it is this finish that makes it possible not to worry about unforeseen types of pollution.


Rules for combining with orange

For a perfect understanding of how to create a hallway in an orange shade and do it as competently as possible, you should familiarize yourself in advance with those color shades of the palette that are harmonious when combined with it. For example, white helps tone down the orange focus a bit.

If the room is poorly lit, then white should be introduced into a dominant position, and orange should be used as an accent. The pieces of furniture will look great against the background of snow-white walls. If you have a desire to create a bright finish, then ideally you should opt for peach or carrot color.

Orange with black can be perfectly combined in a hallway decorated in a modern style, for example, minimalism or hi-tech. Moreover, all furniture items must have strict forms of geometry.

This room must have several shades of light type so that it does not seem gloomy. To complement the orange hallway, colors such as brown and blue are perfect. They help to create an interior in a pleasant natural range. But if you want to achieve just such an effect, you need to exclude the presence of glossy surfaces.

Style of decoration

The entrance hall, which is decorated in a bright orange color, must necessarily refer to some established style direction, so that the interior is fully formed .

..For such a color scheme, various interior style options are offered:

  • Hallway orange Classic - with a similar design, it is best to use that shade orange, which will be close to orange. He must be calm, not focusing on himself. It is ideally combined with brown, milky or even beige, which cover 3 walls, and the rest of the area will be accentuated in the form of a bright orange.

    In order to create a cozy atmosphere, furniture items should be chosen such that they are made of natural wood. They should have curved, clean lines.

  • Hi-tech / minimalism - modern styles have become an excellent basis for the use of orange. It is imperative to apply only a rich color scheme. A good combination will be the use of bright contrasting shades.

    In order to maintain the design, glossy surfaces are used.

  • Empire style - although we said earlier that orange is not suitable for decorating hallways in those styles that are inherent in ancient eras, a shade is suitable for it exclusively in pastel colors, without color transitions and bright contrasts.

For other directions of the style, orange may be inappropriate only if it is not oriental design or boho chic.

Room decoration and furnishings

A rather important role in creating an orange-colored hallway is given to the choice of pieces of furniture for it. Only correctly selected, it is able to make the interior as comfortable and harmonious as possible.

So it is worth making a choice in favor of the color of wenge furniture items or one in which black and orange will be combined. Only in this way the interior will look elegant, and the main color will stand out.

Please note that if there are a huge number of elements in the orange interior design, then it is important to balance them with light furniture items.

If desired, add a din or multiple orange accents to support the overall design of the room. These can be hangers, lamps, mirror frames, paintings, or something else that will fit into an orange hallway.

Do not overload the hallway with pieces of furniture. It will be enough to place a closed-type shoe rack in the room, a small shelf for small things and keys, while it may contain drawers, a hanger (wall or floor), a mirror. If space permits, then mount a wardrobe suitable for the style. Small-sized paintings are usually used as wall decoration.

Lighting in the hallway, which is decorated in orange, will play an important role.

It is important to choose lamps with warm light that can envelop the space. Cool white light can discord with warm decor. If the ceilings are stretch, then the light sources are usually spotlights on it.If it is simply whitewashed or decorated, for example, with tiles for the ceiling, then it is quite possible to install a chandelier, but only a small one, with the maximum amount of decor. Its design should be as laconic and compact as possible so as not to draw all attention to itself.

Additionally, install wall sconces or floor lamps for the main lighting. You can make a choice in favor of directional lighting, which should be turned up to visually raise the ceiling height in the room.


The entrance hall, which is decorated in orange, will not leave indifferent any guest. It can cheer you up even on the gloomiest days, and if you make the right combination of shades, then this interior has every chance of becoming a stylish highlight of a city apartment.