Hanging fireplaces for a country house as an ideal way to create a cozy interior

Hanging fireplaces for a country house as an ideal way to create a cozy interior Hanging fireplace for home : unusual interior decoration

You can make the interior of a hall or a living room in a house much more interesting and extraordinary if you use a detail such as a fireplace. On a frosty winter evening, after a hard day's work, it will be very cool to sit in an easy chair with a cup of coffee, and also watch the play of living tongues of flame that continually flare up in the fireplace. No other heating devices can replace the charm of its life-giving warmth. Among the incredible variety of types of fireplaces, special attention should be paid to the pendant model.

A bit of history.

The pendant fireplace for the home owes its appearance to a certain extent to the French traveler, as well as to the philosopher Dominique Imbert, who made such a discovery in the 60s of the 20th century. In a small town in southern France, he bought an old, half-destroyed house for a small price in order to make a workshop in it. But Dominic himself remembered that the building was so leaky that snow fell on his head, as if he was standing on the street.

In order to somehow escape the cold and cook food, the former student of the Sorbonne decided to make a hearth that would be hung from the wall. The material for the product is metal plates.

Many visitors liked this original idea, and some even ordered the same device for themselves. And although such an innovation was not properly received by a large audience, in the 2000s, a hanging fireplace was nevertheless recognized as one of the most beautiful and original interior elements.

General information

Types of devices

When choosing a method for fixing a fireplace, you will definitely need to take attention to its size, configuration, the required type of fuel in which it will stand, as well as the general interior. The most important difference between this type of fireplace and other devices is its location, because it does not touch the floor surface and is located on the chimney. Although its weight is usually no more than 160 kg, the ceilings in the house must be strong, because the entire mass of the fireplace structure will be loaded on them.

Taking into account the installation methods of the pendant type fireplace, they can be divided:

  1. Hanging fireplaces for a country house as an ideal way to create a cozy interior Wall mounted. The name itself indicates exactly where the device will be located. But the most important thing is that the surface of the wall, on which the entire load will lie, must be strong, perfectly flat and vertical. This option for hanging a fireplace is ideal for a room that does not have a very large area and significantly save space for the owner. Moreover, such a device does not require a vertical pipe.

    The cost of manufacturing a wall fireplace is much less, and therefore it is one of the cheapest. A wide variety of fuels can be used for it.

  2. Central. It is also sometimes called insular.Usually such a fireplace is placed on the chimney, and at the same time it does not completely touch any wall.

    For such a design, it will not be superfluous to use a special screen made of fireproof glass, which will protect the room from ash and fire.

  3. Rotating. This is an analogue of a fireplace of the above-described type, which is equipped with an additional mechanism and allows the structure to rotate around the axis as needed. The use of this installation method may require the equipment of the space under the fireplace with a radius of at least 2 meters by means of heat-insulating material.
  4. Transforming.

    Here it will be enough to raise the fencing screen, and the fireplace becomes open.

Before installing a pendant-type fireplace in your own home

You need to decide on its shape and decide what type of fuel will be used.

  1. Firewood. This type of heating material is considered the most popular and classic, especially for a suspended wood-burning fireplace. There will be no imitation - the fire and crackling of the logs will be real.

    It is better to use firewood in fireplaces that are installed in a private house and in the country, since for the normal operation of the device, a vertical chimney with a clearly established pipe diameter is required. When using this type of fuel, the fire is usually open, and so that there are no troubles, all the requirements must be met when installing the fireplace, from which it is strictly forbidden to deviate. So that the air in a room with a wood-burning fireplace is not dry, the space with fire should not be covered with fire-resistant glass.

  2. Biofuels. This is ethanol, which contains alcohol.

    its use makes it possible to install fireplaces in an apartment of a multi-storey building, because there is no likelihood of the appearance of soot, soot, smoke, it is not required to install a chimney (its elements can be used as decor), and additional cleaning is not required. The design of the suspension device when using ethanol is simple, and it is not difficult to mount it. The hearth can have one or several burners, which will give a real flame, and its intensity can be adjusted.

In fireplaces that run on biofuel, there are special tanks for it. There is also a small nuance when using this fuel in the fireplace.

An additional ventilation system will need to be made in the room, because a lot of oxygen will be spent due to the combustion of fuel, and natural ventilation will not reliably provide the required level of air exchange.

There are pendant models of fireplaces that operate on electric energy. Since the type of device is a screen on which there is a realistically depicted flame, in this case, the fire will definitely not please the owner. There is naturalness in the device, and this is achieved thanks to modern technologies, for example, 3D and 5D effect.Such a device looks better when closed, because an imitation of fire will be strongly visible in an open one.

Often everything is done in the form of a box or glass ball.

Next, we will consider the installation in more detail.


In order for pendant-type fireplaces to meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, and also not to be too heavy, they are made using stainless steel and glass, which is heat resistant. Stainless steel is known to everyone for its resistance to wear, strength, ease of maintenance, does not corrode, and also has excellent heat resistance. Fire resistant glass is able to withstand high heat, will not crack from sudden temperature changes, and transfers heat well.

It will practically not undergo mechanical damage, will not be afraid of the touch of burning wood, as well as a hot poker. Moreover, products made from such material are very elegant.

Features of mounting hanging fireplaces:

  • Hanging fireplaces for a country house as an ideal way to create a cozy interior In the room is required there must be high ceilings and a large area (at least 25 m 2 ). In a room where such rules are not followed, a hanging fireplace may not fit into the interior and spoil the appearance.
  • Thermal insulation of walls and foundations is optional.

  • If the fireplace is not electric, then there should be no strong air currents in the place of its location, so that the fire does not fade out, or, conversely, burns out.
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation must be provided.
  • Items that are located near the fireplace must be made of fireproof materials. All things that catch fire are located as far away as possible.
  • For a wood burning fireplace, the chimney will be an important detail, and its shape will be determined by the tastes and requirements of the owner.

  • In the case of independent construction of hanging fireplaces for the home, it is imperative to take into account the thickness of the metal for the firebox, which must be no less than 0.5 cm.In this case, it is better to use a steel pipe, and the correct calculation of the ratio of the volume of the firebox is also required , window area and chimney cross-section.

And now it's worth considering all the pros and cons of such a device.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the non-standard location, hanging fireplaces have certain advantages that will outweigh the qualities of other structures.

  1. Relatively small size. This will allow the device to fit compactly in a room even with a small area and save space.
  2. Easy to operate. As a rule, hanging fireplaces will not be burdened with complex functions, and it is quite possible to handle them without some skills and abilities.
  3. Easy to assemble.

    Such a structure can be easily assembled if you follow the instructions. In addition, the simplicity of the hanging fireplace mechanism makes it possible to create a special version to your taste.

  4. Non-standard design will give originality to each interior.
  5. Due to the peculiarities of the biofuel used, the fireplace does not need a chimney, and its installation is possible not only in the house, but even in the apartment.

Of the shortcomings, we note only the high cost.

The reason for this is the high price of materials that will be used to make it.

Harmony in the unity of style

Recently, suspended types of fireplaces are in incredible demand in Russia due to their unusual appearance, ease of use, compactness. But when choosing the desired model, it is worth considering not just your own preferences and financial capabilities, but also the style of the room where the fireplace will be installed. You can diversify everything with the help of additional elements and mechanisms that harmoniously fit the chosen image of the room and give the device a decorative effect. These can be lifting devices, a rotating pipe or firebox, a protective glass control system, removable parts, etc.

The use of materials such as glass and steel in the manufacture of a pendant device will successfully fit into the high-tech style. It is the fireplace that can become the center of the interior if it has an unusual shape of a triangle, sphere, drop, bowl, pyramid and embodies the wildest dreams of the home owner. Rotating fireplaces can be supplemented with a waterfall, and this will bring the observer's worldview even closer to wildlife, water, and fire. An interesting option will be the fireplace, which represents an aquarium in which a flame will sparkle. A fireplace that is equipped with a smoke collector made of clean glass looks very cool, and outwardly it resembles a large flask, or a large fiery eye that blinks (this is when there is a device inside the fireplace that closes and opens fire).

The small size of a pendant fireplace for a home is perfect for a style such as minimalism. A laconic and simply decorated dining room or living room will be successfully complemented by an unusual design. The panoramic model looks especially interesting, the device of which will allow you to see the flame from any side. The configuration of the fireplace in this case can be absolutely any.

Application examples

A pendant round fireplace is perfect for decorating a loft-style room.

Calm colors and bright accents will complement the black steel fireplace design. The special atmosphere of open space, the decoration of the walls with different stones, the geometric correctness of the furniture will be domesticated thanks to the living warmth of the fireplace.

A distinctive feature of hanging fireplaces in modern modern style will be its tradition. The design is equipped with a minimum number of elements, it is possible to regulate the strength of the flame, as well as to obtain a high level of heat transfer. A device in this style will strikingly combine the classics of fire and the originality of design.