Hanging fireplaces for home - features of choice

Hanging fireplaces for home - features of choice Hanging fireplaces for a country house - how to choose

Fireplaces have always been very popular, and especially in the present time, when a similar variety appeared, like hanging fireplaces for the home.

The only thing that sometimes stops buying such a device for your own home is its high cost. But if you wish, you can do everything yourself, the main thing is to approach it correctly.

Cost of hanging fireplaces. There are different devices that differ in configuration, size and fuel (they run on biofuel, wood and not only).

The cost is from 133,000 to 240,000 rubles.

Varieties of hanging fireplaces

If we talk about hanging fireplaces, then they have a certain division in terms of the raw materials on which they will work and depending on their shape. In order for the design principle to be understandable for the characteristic of individual varieties, it is required to understand their features.

A hanging fireplace is not much like the classic-looking device that many people are used to in private houses and apartments. The main difference is that it is located directly on the chimney (as a usual version of this type of device), and does not come into contact with the floor at all.

Such a non-standard placement option, from which its design will flow, which will seem possible for the reason that hanging fireplaces do not exceed a weight of 160 kg. For decoration, no elements are used that add heaviness to the product, for example, stone, and this is inherent in standard fireplaces.

The material from which the fireplace is made is metal, and this gives an additional advantage regarding the design of the room. With regard to the methods of fixing hanging fireplaces, they can be divided into certain types. Choosing a certain type of fireplace, taking into account its size, the type of fuel for work and other features, is in accordance with the capabilities and the room in which it will be installed.

There is even a certain list of requirements for installing a pendant fireplace:

As for the practical points regarding the hanging type of fireplace, there are a number of rules for this:

  1. The room where you plan to install the fireplace, should be 25 square meters or more.
  2. The room must have a ventilation system, and if there is none, then it is worthwhile to start installing it.
  3. At the same time, the conditions in the room must be such that the air flows are not characterized by strong gusts.
  4. The location of the device should be away from objects that can be flammable.

Next, we suggest considering how to make a hanging fireplace for a country house with your own hands.

How to make a pendant fireplace with your own hands

What you need to get started

Options for creating a pendant a lot of fireplace. One of them is a biofuel-powered device. The advantage of this design will be the fact that it does not require the installation of a chimney, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

To manufacture such equipment, the following items are required:

  • Metal boxes.
  • Cuts of refractory glass (4 pieces).

  • Wire mesh.
  • Burners.
  • Wick.
  • Silicone sealing material.

Manufacturing process

The sequence in which the hearth construction process is required is as follows:

  1. If there is no already made body for the base of the hearth, then it can be constructed independently by welding.

    This will require a drawing and steel, which can be found on the Internet or even drawn independently, based on the model of the device you like.

  2. The next step is to weld the body to a pipe made of the same material. The pipe itself is connected to the ceiling, and this allows you to choose absolutely any place for placing the hearth.
  3. After that, a protective cover needs to be made and this requires a fireproof type of glass. It is required in order to ensure safety when burning a fire.

    Use silicone sealant to bond the pieces of glass together.

  4. When the right time has passed for the sealant to dry perfectly, it is required to attach the glass to the box made of metal.
  5. The metal seams that remain on the box need to be sanded, and also processed with a grouting material and dried.
  6. Almost the final moment in the construction of a suspended type of fireplace will be the installation of the burner. It is best to use a ready-made purchased burner with this process.

    The bottom of the box should contain a tank made of refractory material into which the fuel will be poured.

  7. The final step is to lay a metal mesh over the fuel container and make a wick. There is an option to use a ready-made one, but it will be no different from what you can make yourself from a thread or even a cord. You just need to choose the desired length, and also the thread material. The installation will consist in the fact that the wick connects the burner, as well as the fuel mixture that is in the tank.

If you have a desire to make a fireplace that will work using wood materials, then the process will be slightly different, and supplemented by the installation of a chimney. Moreover, there is also an option for making a pendant fireplace, for example, wall-mounted.

Making a wood burning appliance

To make this kind of pendant type fireplace, it is better to use raw materials from industrial production. This recommendation will be due to the fact that the fireplace structure must correspond to a high level of reliability, although the use of industrial types of materials can slightly worsen the appearance of the device.

Recommendations in the manufacture of a fireplace are as follows:

  • The metal that is chosen for the construction of the firebox must necessarily correspond to the thickness parameter, which is 0.

    5 cm. Basically a similar characteristic is inherent in steel pipes, which can be taken as a base.

  • It is extremely important to correctly calculate the dimensions of the equipment for the furnace before starting to design it. The indicators that must be calculated are the volume of the box, the size of the window and the diameter of the pipe section, which will be located horizontally.
  • The dimensions of the parameters are best determined in accordance with the data in the table.

The sequence of actions that must be followed in the process of making a suspended wood-burning fireplace for the house:

  1. First of all, you need to determine how much the firebox will be , and it is also required to make a start in such calculations from the area of ​​the room in which the hearth is to be installed. The dimensions that are used in this case are the width and height of the portal, and also the depth of the box.
  2. The next thing you need to know is how long the pipes that will be a component of the structure and its section. In such a calculation, the computer program MS Office Excel will help, in which there will be the necessary formula for calculating the cylindrical volume. It turns out that this is how you select the parameters of the pipes.

  3. Next, cut two holes in the box - one should attach the chimney, and the second - the door.
  4. The part of the pipe on which the chimney will be installed must be installed in a special hole intended for this, the pipe must necessarily correspond to the diameter. Attach the element using welding equipment, and the resulting structure will become the basis for connecting the main chimney part of a standard size.
  5. The side of the box must be closed, and for this, rectangular covers are used, and it is desirable to use fire-resistant glass. These rectangles must be in a mandrel of three corners that will be welded to the pipe.

  6. The next thing to do is to attach the grate, which will perfectly fit the perimeter in the firebox so that its edges are in contact with all sides of the box. This is required in order to provide a small distance between the raw material for the furnace and the volume of the box itself.
  7. The perimeter of the firebox must be equipped with a special collar, which has a height of up to 15 cm and a rectangular shape. Such a device is required to regulate and improve the process of draft inside the pipe, if necessary, and also to eliminate smoke.
  8. The final stage will be the construction of a mesh-type cover, which is installed together with the collar to protect against flying sparks from the hearth.

    It will also provide convenience for laying wood raw materials for the firebox, removing the cover from the side.

If you have a desire or even a need to attach the hearth to the wall surface, then it is important to occupy the welding of special corners, which will serve as a support for the attachment. They should be welded in a place just below the cap mandrels. In addition, it is possible to ensure secure attachment by means of chains. It will be extremely important to ensure thermal insulation of the wall surface if the fireplace is installed on it.

Taking into account the high heating temperature of the device, it is required to build a layer of 5 cm using mineral wool. It is required to attach grinding stainless steel to it, observing a distance of 15 cm between them. At the bottom, the hearth needs to be equipped with a pallet into which burnt wood will be dumped, and it should also be easily removed.

Fireplace boiler

To simplify the task of making a hearth box, you can use a cast iron boiler or a steel one used for cooking over a fire:

  • Hanging fireplaces for home - features of choice The suspended version of the fireplace will look beautiful and complete, you just need to attach the bottom for the boiler.
  • The boiler is positioned upside down, and the chimney should be welded to the bottom and connected to the chimney opening.

  • The window opening for further installation of the glass should be cut with an angle grinder.
  • The placement of the grate inside the boiler is also important.
  • Hang the device in the same way as in the previous version.
  • Manipulations when fixing such equipment to walls are also similar to the previous version.

Let's consider another type of fireplace.

Electric fireplace

There is another option for a hanging fireplace for home - buy an electric device. The design of such a hearth will be based on a metal heating spiral, and it is very simple to make it.The shape and size can vary depending on the desire. Taking into account the fact that the heating coil has the property of reducing the oxygen level when in contact with the air space, and then it is required to think over the insulation of such an element. This can be a simple separation of it from the external space by a well-thought-out design of equipment, for example, by means of quartz glass, as well as providing a vacuum shell.

The latter option is not particularly necessary, since the combustion of oxygen from the air will also be reduced through the glass door.

As for the manufacture of a heating element, and then you can build it yourself:

  • This can be done using the spirals that are in the iron. The power must add up to 3 kW.
  • The same number of quartz glass tubes needs to be purchased, taking into account the size of the spirals.
  • When ensuring the insulating properties of the spirals, it is worth using a sealant for the oven and an insulating material, in the role of which a basalt fiber cord is used.

    They should be wrapped in spirals, and then placed in glass tubes.

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a pendant fireplace and it is ideal for home.