Heating season and Example of calculating funds for payment + Video

Heating season and Example of calculating funds for payment + Video This article was created to inform electricity consumers about how the calculation of heating costs for a private house of 100m2 is carried out assistance of boiler equipment.

Also, you will find out which boiler for installation in the house is better to choose, what are their features.

We will tell you how to minimize financial costs for heating private housing.

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Heating a house with electricity

Nowadays, heating a house with electric energy is becoming more and more popular. Most often, this method is used in places where there is no central gas pipeline.

Despite the fact that electricity is still more expensive than gas, knowledge of the specifics of installing equipment for electrical heating at home can significantly save money.

Let's try to calculate the consumption of electricity for heating a 100 m² house using a specific example.

Before you start installing heating

Practice shows that such an alternative source of heating is the future.

Before you start installing such a heating system in your home, you need to decide:

  • which method is most suitable for you,
  • how much money are you willing to spend on this venture, so that later you can save,
  • how powerful a source of electricity is in the building.

These are the factors that should influence the choice of a home heating system.

Practical example

Let's give a practical example of electricity consumption for heating a house of 100 m².

  1. Heating season and Example of calculating funds for payment + Video The efficiency of an electric boiler is basically 100%. 1.03 kW of electricity is spent for 1 kW of heat energy.
  2. Take for example the electricity tariff for heating a house 4 rubles.

  3. The coefficient of heat consumption for heating 10 m² is equal to 1 kW, for this example 10 kW of heat per 100 m².
  4. The average daily rate of energy consumption is 1 kW / hour, which means: 10 kW x 24 hours = 240 kW.
  5. We take as a basis the uninterrupted operation of the boiler, that is, we count the maximum for a month: 240 x 30 = 7200 kW.

Total, monthly calculation: 7200 kW x 4 rubles = 28 800 rubles.

These are the maximum calculations taking into account the constant operation of the boiler, which in practice does not happen.

After heating the house to a certain point, it turns off and does not work, therefore, energy consumption does not go. Therefore, the resulting value can be safely divided by 2 = 14,400 rubles. / month

Types of boilers

Heating season and Example of calculating funds for payment + Video For heating a private house most commonly used single-phase and three-phase boilers. Their choice is a responsible matter, since your energy costs depend on it.

After the installation of boiler equipment, the load on the power lines increases significantly.

Therefore, first of all, you need to contact the company that supplies electricity to your site and find out the maximum current strength.

When calculating kilowatts of energy, take into account the presence of working electrical appliances in the house.

Single-phase electric boiler for heating a house

A single-phase boiler operates from a 220 V network.It is easily connected, because the boiler power is within 6 - 12 kW, therefore more in total, they are suitable for installation in a house of no more than 100 m².

The characteristics of a single-phase boiler are as follows:

  • works like any simple electrical device;
  • 220V network is required;
  • installation without permits .

    .. Heating season and Example of calculating funds for payment + Video

Three-phase electric boiler for heating a private house.

Such a boiler has a higher power than a single-phase one, so it can be installed in houses larger than 100 m².

To operate the boiler, a 380 V network is required.

Characteristics of a three-phase boiler:

  • power. For 10 m², 1 kW + 10-20% is required (as a reserve);
  • operation from three phases of 380 V, an increase in the current supply power in the room is required;
  • for installation, you need to take permission from power supply in order to increase the used capacity and installation of the boiler.

Heating season and Example of calculating funds for payment + Video

Electricity costs for heating the house 100 m²

It is known that you have to pay a lot for electricity in a private house. Above we have already given the calculations for heating a house of 100 m². It is worth mentioning that climatic conditions in Russia should also be taken into account.

Prolonged frosts do not exceed one or two weeks, but there are exceptions when winter is especially severe. During such periods, the electric boiler works at full capacity. The rest of the time, at an air temperature of -15 - 20 ° C, only by half, thus reducing heating costs.

The practice of European countries, despite mild winters, shows that saving on electricity can be significant, because their tariffs are higher than in our country.

Basically, Europeans maintain the temperature in the house at such a level that it seems to our person that the house is very fresh.

And indeed, thus, they pay less. The same applies to water tariffs. Maybe we should also adopt their practice, and not burn in houses to the fullest. Then you won't have to complain that it is expensive to heat a private house.

Important! Summing up, we conclude that the total consumption for heating a house, subject to good thermal insulation, with a total area of ​​100 m² in the central regions of Russia and the Urals, will be about 50-60 thousand rubles for the entire heating season.

Factors that affect electricity consumption

To correctly calculate electricity consumption for heating a house and decide on the installation of a boiler, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Heating season and Example of calculating funds for payment + Video area of ​​the room for heating;
  2. type of boiler ;
  3. current value;
  4. mains voltage;
  5. cross-section of the power cable;
  6. boiler power for home heating;
  7. boiler capacity ;
  8. duration of the heating period and boiler operation;
  9. cost of 1 kW / hour;
  10. daily operation time at maximum load.

Installing an electric boiler for heating a private house is the most profitable option. To install it, you do not need to select a room for it, moreover, you do not need a chimney. The efficiency index is 100% and remains at this level for the entire period of operation.


The heating season is 7 months.

Other heat sources

To reduce energy consumption for heating the house, you can use the boiler together with other heat sources. To maintain the desired temperature in the house, it is necessary to adjust the boiler operation at night (23:00 - 6:00).

At this time, electricity consumption is minimal, and the price for payment is lower than in the daytime. The flexible tariff enables consumers to save about one third of their money costs.

The maximum network loads occur during the periods 08:00 - 11:00 and 20:00 - 22:00.

In order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the heating system, circulating discharge equipment must be supplied.

The pump is connected to the return network, thus shortening the contact time of the boiler walls with the hot coolant. This method extends the life of the equipment for a long time.

Also remember that good home insulation during construction helps to reduce waste of electricity and heating.

Placing solar panels on the roof of the house or installing wind turbines to generate electricity are effective methods of saving.

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