Hi-Tech style gazebos projects - Photos and expert recommendations + Video

Hi-Tech style gazebos projects - Photos and expert recommendations + Video High-tech gazebo: projects, photos, design tips. In modern summer cottages, it is already unthinkable to imagine a vacation without gazebos. If the design and decoration are not at all classic, then a high-tech gazebo will help to make them even better.

In this article we will talk about the design features, and also consider how to make this gazebo without resorting to the help of builders.


Buildings in this style look very modern and interesting on the territory of the house, and they can be made from almost any materials that everyone has.

The size of the building can be any, since it all depends on the wishes and needs of the owner of the house. The main thing for a high-tech gazebo is that it has right angles and clear lines. The most popular manufacturing materials that are suitable for such a building are glass, metal, polycarbonate and wood.

Hi-tech is a special style that differs from similar ones in some features:

  • Uniqueness and stylish appearance.
  • High level of functionality.

  • Manufacturability.
  • Originality of design.

High-tech buildings are very simple and practical, and are distinguished by the absence of many unnecessary decorative elements. They also have technological forms that make it possible to perceive the structure in a slightly different way. To create such gazebos, you can take a flight of imagination.

High-tech style gazebos are made individually for everyone, so that the structure matches the mood and taste of the customer. Because of this, the cost can vary greatly, since a lot depends on the chosen shape, as well as materials.

Gazebos in this style cannot be installed on those summer cottages that have a rustic or classic style, as this will be a complete bad taste and a mismatch in appearance. But on the other hand, these structures look unusual if the lighting is installed, near the pool or on a flat area, but in the middle of a blooming garden.

The design of the gazebo should follow the following rules:

  • Laconic lines and no forged openwork / carving.

  • Properly selected and positioned lighting.
  • Cleanliness of space, it is desirable that there is free space nearby and no partitions.
  • A combination of colors, usually white and black.

Selection of material

Not only the "appearance" of the gazebo will depend on what material you choose, but and installation time, as well as the final cost. Many owners of a country house make a choice in favor of wood, since it is much more affordable and better processed.

A gazebo made of wood will fit perfectly into the landscape design, and will become a true decoration. In addition, the tree has excellent quality characteristics, and it is also distinguished by its durability.

But in addition to wood, polycarbonate and metal are also often used, and their features should be identified in more detail. The advantages of using such a material as metal to create a high-tech gazebo are:

  • Simplicity and ease of installation.
  • The resulting design is considered versatile, reliable and highly durable.

  • The material is environmentally friendly.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Can be used for a long time with minimal maintenance.
  • The gazebo is mobile.
  • Low cost if you choose non-premium material.

And when using a material such as polycarbonate, you can highlight the following nice features:

  • Hi-Tech style gazebos projects - Photos and expert recommendations + Video Excellent transmission capacity, which plays the role of sound insulation.
  • Unique appearance of the gazebo.
  • Reliability and durability.
  • Resistant to external influences and UV rays.
  • Easy to install, even a beginner can handle it.

  • Eco-friendly material.
  • The material has a long service life, and it does not require an integrated approach to repair.
  • Possibility to make a gazebo of any size and shape.
  • Low cost per material.

Yes, yes, you can make gazebos of absolutely any shape from polycarbonate that you like.

For hi-tech, polycarbonate can be combined with stone or plastic.

Hi-tech gazebo - do it yourself

There are several ways to help you make a gazebo in this style with your own hands, and they should be considered before starting works:

  1. Usually, they first make a frame, and then sheathe it with the material that you have chosen.
  2. In order to fix the material, the best option is to use a mechanism called "nut-screw".
  3. To ensure that all corners are the same size and the connection is rigid, use metal corners.
  4. It's best if you opt for natural, natural and calm shades.

    If you want something bright, pay attention to the compatibility of all colors, not only with each other in the design, but also with the surrounding background.

Good advice! In order to make a beautiful and bright accent, you can buy dark furniture for the gazebo, which will attract attention.

In this section, we will look at how to make a simple version of the gazebo with your own hands and their improvised means.

Making the base

In our case, there are two options for making the foundation. 1 - platform, 2- pile-type base on pipes.

To make a site, you will need to make a formwork with your own hands in a pre-prepared area, and then lay a reinforced mesh and fill it all with concrete. For such a foundation, you do not have to spend a lot of time, material and money.

Important! The thickness of the base-platform should be from 5 to 10 cm.

But you can go the other way, mark the places and drill holes in which to insert the pipes, but they will need to be treated with an anti-corrosion agent. Such tubes should be inserted vertically and poured with concrete from above.

Assembling the frame

When assembling a frame for a high-tech gazebo, photos of which can be found in the article, you should strengthen the support pillars at the corners of the structure. If you have chosen a concrete platform as a base, then screw metal plates down to the concrete support pillars, and they, in turn, should be installed to the concrete on the anchor. After that, the upper strapping of the installed supports should be performed. In the middle of the gazebo on top, fix a timber that is suitable in size.

Please note that the material should be carefully sanded, treated with an antiseptic and painted white before installation.


When the frame is completely ready, you can make the concrete floor more beautiful by using shards or solid pieces of ceramic tiles. After that, we attach the polycarbonate sheets to the roof of the gazebo. To do this, nail a glazing bead on the inner side of the upper strapping, on which polycarbonate can be attached using a transparent sealant. In order to drain water from the roof, you need to make holes in the timber. The back and side walls should be designed as follows - to nail to the rack horizontal bars, which are processed and painted, and they should be nailed at a distance of 50 mm from each other.

To decorate the ceiling, you should make a lathing of bars arranged horizontally and attach it from the inside to the harness of the gazebo. But for a high-tech gazebo, you can make walls not only from bars, but from the same polycarbonate, which will be attached to the support posts with self-tapping screws or a press washer.

Important! When installing polycarbonate, remember that the material may deform. To do this, leave small gaps at the joints.

In addition, when working with polycarbonate, there are special nuances that should also be observed:

  • When using and transporting material after purchase, take care that so that it is not exposed to cold air.

  • When installing, the edges of the material should be sealed with sealant or silicone.
  • To exclude the possibility of damage to the coating from the outside, cut polycarbonate sheets with a jigsaw or grinder.

A finished conversation can be decorated with furniture that matches the style. Outside, you can install a small ladder or a path that runs smoothly into the garden. Outside, bindweed plants can be put on the walls of the gazebo, but there should not be many of them so that the walls are not completely covered with them.

And the final design depends only on the wishes of the owner, everything is limited only by imagination. The most important thing is that the gazebo should be a pleasant place for a comfortable stay, and also harmoniously fit into the design of the site.


A hi-tech gazebo will be an ideal addition to the local area, since there is nothing superfluous or even pretentious in it. This design is very convenient and practical, and guests will appreciate it. It is important that the gazebo is not difficult to do with your own hands, since the installation will be carried out with ready-made materials, and the scope of work is so simple that even a beginner can handle it.