High-gloss varnish PF-283

High-gloss varnish PF-283 Properties and application features of PF-283 glossy alkyd varnish

Every person who has invested in expensive repairs, t hopes that it will last a long time. For this, it is recommended to use a glossy alkyd varnish PF-283, and such a coating can also be used not only for home.

Such mixtures contain polymers and resins that are dissolved in water or organic substances. When dry, they will cover the base with a transparent, reliable film. They should be applied in final coats, after the surface has been prepared for painting.

Coating with such materials will emphasize the natural texture of the wood and protect the surface from mechanical and physical stress.

Alkyd types of varnishes consist of a mixture of special synthetic resins and solvents. They are often called oil by the people, confusing them with a separate group of coatings, because wood or linseed oil is part of such mixtures.

A little about alkyd varnishes

In order to simplify the application process in alkyds, manufacturers use a solvent that can volatilize (evaporate) within 9-12 hours forming a solid film after itself. Favorable conditions for such a process will be the air temperature from +18 to +20 degrees, and the humidity should be no more than 50%.

Alkyd types of varnishes are widely used for painting various surfaces, and such a material can be coated with:

  • End type of parquet - on a base painted with paint material, the wood grain will be preserved.
  • Warm floor - the composition of the material will retain the original appearance of the base with a sharp temperature drop.
  • Floating floor - alkyd varnish perfectly withstands vibration and mechanical stress.
  • Most varieties of metals.

Now let's look at the benefits of the tool:

  • High-gloss varnish PF-283 Materials are resistant to temperature extremes and humidity.

  • When using this varnish, the gaps and strips will not stick together.
  • The material perfectly impregnates wood.
  • The dried surface has a shiny or matt surface.
  • The coating is resistant to chemical substances.
  • This material will protect wood from blooming and fungal growth.

But alkyd-type varnishes used for wood have certain disadvantages:

  • They dry out for a very long time.
  • They have an unpleasant pungent odor.
  • If the application technology is not followed, the film may wrinkle.
  • The service life is 3 years.

By the way, these types of varnishes have different characteristics, components and purposes.

Varieties of compositions - for metal, yacht, glossy and matte, two-pack, alkyd-urethane.In terms of components, varnishes can be two-component and water-based. The final result can be a semi-gloss, semi-matt, glossy or matte surface.

Before painting the wood, the surface should be prepared for painting. This includes major repairs to damaged parts, removing the old layer, stripping wood, sanding (along the wood fibers), re-cleaning, priming, as well as sanding with fine sandpaper (zero) in order to bring the surface to a smooth state.

The recommendations are as follows - the material should be applied in a thin layer once or twice, observing the time intervals for setting and drying. The room in which the work will be carried out should be well ventilated.

Most types of surfaces need to be protected from the harmful effects of the external environment, as well as from the effects of a mechanical type. For this, lacquer coatings are used, which help to make the base stable and reliably protected from most damage factors. One of the most popular and effective compositions will be PF-283 varnish, which can be applied to different types of materials.


Description of the product

Such a varnish composition as PF-283 is an alkyd varnish that is made from various modifiers, resins and additives. Such a composition can be used for the treatment of wooden and metal structures, as well as products, thanks to the application of a varnish, the surface characteristics are improved, and it becomes stronger, more protected and attractive in appearance. The manufacturer will indicate in the description that such a paint solution can be used to treat surfaces that have already been painted with oil paints, alkyd paints and enamels. Moreover, such varnish can be applied to new surfaces that have never been painted.

This is an effective varnish, which can only be used for interior work, it is not allowed to use lacquered products in the open air.

Such a varnish composition is made according to GOST 5470-75. It is simple and easy to use, because it is one-component, you do not need to mix different components together. After drying, a hard, durable layer is obtained that is resistant to water.


Such a varnish composition is ideal for finishing the interior of various surfaces, and it can also be applied to the base using several methods at once - with a spray gun or a brush.

Typically this varnish is used to cover the following surfaces:

  • Window frames.

  • Doors.
  • Various metal parts and elements.
  • Various pieces of furniture.
  • Wooden window sills.
  • Hardware made of metal and wood.

It should be immediately noted that the use of such a varnish will be effective for any surfaces inside, made of wood and various metals.

Basic properties and composition

The composition of the paint and varnish product contains the following ingredients:

  • Organic type solvents.
  • Vegetable oils.
  • An agent that accelerates drying.
  • Various resins.

  • Fatty acids.
  • Tallow oil that has been previously distilled.

The composition and properties of the varnish help to make it more effective compared to other products of a similar type. The lacquer composition creates a reliable, strong and durable coating layer that is able to perfectly protect wood and metal products, and also great emphasizes the natural texture and wood pattern. The protective film has a high strength index, and it is also quite difficult to damage it.

The lacquer composition wears off very slowly, is resistant to mechanical influences, and also has an excellent appearance, which gives off gloss. Alkyd glossy varnish PF-283 is very slowly erased, is resistant to mechanical stress, and also has an excellent appearance. It will look very beautiful on various objects, the composition is transparent, but it can also have a dark brown or light brown hue, which has excellent elasticity.

Below we have given the technical characteristics of the varnish:

  • High-gloss varnish PF-283 The gloss level that comes from the device (gloss meter) is 60%.
  • Variation of the varnish layer - one-color, transparent, does not have any inclusions.

  • Viscosity index can be from 40 to 60 s. Such data were taken from the VZ-4 device, provided that there is room temperature.
  • The proportion of dry residue is about 50%.
  • Drying time is 1.5 days (that is, 36 hours) at an air temperature of +20 degrees, and 3 hours at a temperature of +60 degrees.

  • The hardness will be only 0. 35 units, if we take the data from their pendulum device.
  • Resistance to water approx. 8 hours.
  • The flexural elasticity index will be 0.

    1 cm.

Now let's look at how to apply the agent to the treated surface.

Application of varnish

To protect the coating, and it was as strong and high-quality as possible, the surface should be properly prepared before applying the varnish composition. The base is cleaned of various types of dirt, and this includes dirt, dust, grease stains, and even old finishing materials that are crumbling. The wood should be cleaned in advance with fine-grained sandpaper.

And iron and other metal products should be cleaned of rust, corrosion, oil stains and scale, degreasing should be done with a solvent.

For the best possible performance of the varnish, it should be mixed as best as possible before varnish is applied, as some components have a tendency to settle. If the solution is too thick, then it is allowed to use solvents, for example, white spirit, turpentine, nefras, and they can be mixed with each other in a ratio of 1 to 1. When the varnish mixture is diluted, in terms of viscosity it should correspond to the indicator that is prescribed in technical characteristics. Viscosity can be measured with a viscometer at a temperature of about +20 degrees.

If you are painting a new surface that has never been painted before, it can be coated with an additional coat of primer or colored tinting if desired. Thanks to this, the service life will be extended for both the product and the varnish, and the woody texture will be much more pronounced. It is also advisable to prime metal bases, but before applying varnish, because it is thanks to the primer that the adhesive indicator is enhanced.

It is ideally worth applying the varnish composition with a brush or a spray bottle, and in 1 or 2 layers. The application process should only be carried out on a clean and dry substrate.

Before applying the second coat, the first coat must dry completely, and this takes about 36 hours at room temperature. You can even increase the drying process by heating the varnished surface to +60 degrees. Consumption of varnish mixture is 0.07 kg per square meter, if all covered with one layer.


Apply PF-283 varnish solution in personal protective equipment, and here we are talking about a respirator, rubber gloves and goggles.

When working on the application of the finished varnish mixture, good ventilation should be organized in the room or windows should be opened. Be sure to ventilate the room at the end of the work. If the varnish accidentally gets on the skin, wash it off with running water and soapy water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean, cold water. When the varnished coating dries on the surface, it will become completely safe for humans.

Packing and storage features

This varnish composition is packed in cans of 1, 2 and 3 liters, and the composition is supplied in industrial containers of 15, 57 and 25 kg. The product should be stored in a factory container, which should be covered tightly, and then the varnish will not be able to come into contact with moisture. Also, the varnish should not be placed near an open fire, heating devices and heating pipes. It is important to exclude exposure to sunlight, and the air temperature should be from -40 degrees to +40. Shelf life is only 1 year if all the above storage rules are followed.