Highlights in application - Instruction + Video and Photo

Highlights in application - Instruction + Video and Photo The gauge RR-1900/330 of the Caliber company is the most popular and demanded plane on the Russian market. They are mostly electric. When choosing, it is necessary to focus on the maximum thickness of the workpiece to be processed.

Thicknesser Caliber PP-1900/330 is designed for processing wood products and wood substitutes. Suitable for working in a temperature range of -10 to +40 degrees and a standard humidity of 75%.

Powered by AC 220V.

The machine is suitable for processing workpieces of large thickness and width. The main thing is to choose the right parameters for processing workpieces. These include the speed and depth of sharpening of the workpiece. The harder the rock of the processed material, the lower the processing speed should be.

Incorrectly selected parameters can lead to engine overheating.

Basic installation parameters

  • Length 980mm;
  • Width 715mm;
  • Highlights in application - Instruction + Video and Photo Height 760mm;
  • Weight 82kg;
  • Power consumption 1900W;
  • Number of knives 2pcs;
  • Knife length 330mm;

Workpiece parameters:

  • Maximum width 330mm;
  • Minimum length 140mm;
  • Thickness 4.2-150mm.

Completion of the plane model РР-1900/330

  • Dust collector (2 screws M4 * 12mm);
  • Adjustment wheel for adjusting the sharpening depth;
  • Cutting depth fixing knob;
  • Stable rubberized feet 4pcs;
  • Hex keys 3mm and 6mm;
  • Knife installation device;
  • Bolt М6 * 30mm with internal hexagonal slot;
  • Screw М6 * 20mm (washer and grover).

Important points during operation

The gage has a powerful engine.

To prevent its overheating, the model is equipped with a fuse button on the front wall of the case. At the first signals of motor overload, the fuse is triggered and leads to a break in the supply of alternating current along the circuit.

Knives are the working elements of the structure. The planer includes 2 knives. In order for the plane to work efficiently and for a long time, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the knives.

Change or sharpen in a timely manner. The use of faulty knives in work can lead not only to a deterioration in the quality of material processing, but also to overloading the engine and breaking moving parts - sprockets and chains.

To prevent sawdust from sticking to the planer parts and to increase the slip of the workpieces, it is necessary to treat the planer cutting parts with silicone greases.

Ventilation openings during planer operation must be clean and not obstructed by material.

ATTENTION! The material must be fed to the thicknessing tool for processing after starting and running the engine to the maximum number of revolutions.

Model features Caliber PP1900 / 330

  • Cutting depth lock - allows you to fix the depth of the cutting head;
  • Adjusting the depth of planing - allows you to adjust to any thickness of the workpiece;
  • Convenient adjustment of the feed rate of the workpiece;
  • Includes folding tables for convenient work with workpieces at the exit and exit;
  • Possibility of attaching the planer to the workbench;
  • Digital indicator.


The cost of the thicknessing device of the Caliber PP-1900/330 model is different and depends primarily on the region of sale and the price policy of the seller's company. The average price in Russia is from 27,000 rubles. when buying it through online stores.