Home care of parquet so that it lasts a long time: Tips and tricks + Video

Home care of parquet so that it lasts a long time: Tips and tricks + Video Parquet flooring is one of the most beautiful floor coverings today, but it is quite demanding and fastidious in taking care of itself.

In this article we will tell you the nuances of caring for parquet at home, without resorting to sanding and scraping.

Principles of care

In order for the parquet to remain in its original irresistible form, you need to follow some rules for caring for it:

  • Daily cleaning is carried out with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

IMPORTANT! Avoid using a washing vacuum cleaner.

Also one of the stylish solutions to this problem can be the installation of an aquarium. It will be useful for the parquet - by slightly increasing the level of humidity in the room, preventing it from crumbling, and you will be able to observe the carefree life of new wards.

  • When placing furniture in a room where parquet is laid on the floor, it is better to use special protective pads made of felt or silicone, if there are no such at hand, then you can use neatly cut cardboard for the first time.

  • Use only those products that will not damage your parquet during maintenance.

Parquet care products

Today the market offers a huge variety of parquet care products that are able to revive it (restore shine and smoothness) without resorting to professional methods.

Varnishes for parquet

Varnish, as a rule, gives the parquet a glossy shine and dense coating. There are the following types: based with a synthetic solvent; based on water.

These varnishes are excellent for applying to parquet in industrial premises.

There are varnishes, the use of which involves the use of ultraviolet lighting devices. If you want to make the parquet more moisture-proof, we recommend that after laying it, apply a layer of varnish based on water on the parquet boards.

IMPORTANT! You should refrain from using synthetic varnishes when it comes to children's rooms or the frequent presence of animals, since this type has a rather pungent odor that can cause allergic reactions.

Wax-oil mixtures

This type of care products is more versatile and practical. Penetrating into the coating, they fill the pores, simulate its texture and emphasize its features.

To begin with, the floor is covered with a layer of a specialized oil solution, a prepared mixture of wax and oil is applied on top of it. This procedure is hypoallergenic, has no unpleasant odors, and is safe for humans and animals. This mixture must be renewed as needed, depending on how often the treated premises are used (as a rule, the coverage renewal period is 1 year).

Possible damage and how to fix it

  1. Color change. The most common cause of this defect is aggressive sun exposure, so it is important to think about this issue at the initial stage.

    Breeds such as cherry are prone to darkening, for them it is a natural process when exposed to ultraviolet rays. In order to stop this process, you can cover the highly illuminated area with a carpet.

  2. Loss of color and staining. This often happens when the parquet care is not properly chosen. It is necessary to prevent the presence of liquids on it, to exclude ammonia-containing care products.

    In this case, the solution will be sanding, and then varnishing.

  3. Cracking. This can happen in rooms with very dry air, which is a catalyst to speed up this process. It is necessary to monitor the humidity and air temperature in the room where the parquet flooring is located.
  4. Web deformation.

    The change can be seen after the installation of the parquet and its varnishing, this is due to the movement of the panel, such corrosion is typical for some types of wood. As such, this problem has no solution, there are two ways out: either measure or replace the wavy dies.

  5. Swollen elements are a sign of high humidity, insufficiently tight joints in adjacent rows. To prevent it, it is necessary to make a good, high-quality waterproofing.

Follow the recommendations given in the article, the manufacturer, and then your parquet will delight you for many decades.