Home decoration with imitation timber or planken

Home decoration with imitation timber or planken Finishing the terrace with planken or imitation timber - which is better

For those who love natural finishing materials , the installation of the plank is an excellent solution. We will learn more about the features, installation and varieties of planken boards. We will also consider in more detail the decoration of the house with planken.

Planken is a kind of finishing materials that will act as a multifunctional profile. This is a cladding board that is planed from all sides.

The sides of the board are chamfered or rounded. The main functional feature of the planken is the execution of external and internal finishing works.

General concept and arrangement of planken

What is important to know

Additional functions are:

  • Arrangement of arbors.
  • Landscaping.
  • Finishing the fence.

  • Creation of decking surfaces.

Plankening is similar to working with wood clapboard. The differences between lining and planking will be:

  1. Installation method. The lining is attached to a specially prepared frame, and the lining is installed with a small gap.
  2. Planken does not allow moisture to accumulate in the wood, and therefore it will have a long service life.

  3. If the integrity of the board is violated, only one element can be replaced, and in the case of lining, the entire structure should be disassembled.

For the manufacture of this material, such types of wood as merba, larch, teak, pine, spruce and dahomu are used.


The advantages of using planken will be:

  • Home decoration with imitation timber or planken No deformation during use.
  • Ability to withstand sudden temperature changes.
  • Harmlessness.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • No growth of mold or mildew.
  • Fire safety.
  • Resistance to atmospheric precipitation.

  • Beauty in appearance.
  • Ability to hide bumps.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Variety of shades and colors.
  • Simplicity of installation work.

  • Durability.
  • Multifunctionality.

And now a little about the price.

The cost of planken

The cost per planken will be determined by the quality of the material from which the material itself is made. The most economical option would be to buy material from pine, and more expensive options from teak, cedar and larch planken.

In terms of the ratio of quality and cost, the best option would be planken made of larch. To finish the facade with planken and buy it, you need to decide on the type, as well as the functional purpose of the material and the total cladding area.

The cost will be influenced by the following:

  • The material from which the planken is made.
  • Size.
  • Appearance of the finishing material.

  • Manufacturer.

Now let's talk a little about the species.


According to the ratio of attachment and appearance, the following can be distinguished:

  • Classic look.
  • Oblique view.
  • Grooved view.

A straight plank is usually placed with a small gap, and the beveled plank will be overlapped. The latter is an edged board cut from all sides, which will be very different in beveled or even rounded side parts. Installation of special cuts will allow air to circulate freely at the installation site of the planken. Beveled plank is more popular due to the expressiveness and natural appearance of the surface after finishing.

The scope of such material for decoration is as follows:

  • Finishing of the facade, internal walls.

  • Ceiling.
  • Creation of a terrace or floor.
  • Creation of flower beds and gazebos.

Depending on the material from which the planken is made, it can be distinguished:

  1. Planken from larch is the most demanded and popular type in decoration among all other types of such material. Planken made of larch will be an excellent solution for arranging a ventilated facade.

    This is a type of facades, which is a frame or screen made of wood, on which a plank will be attached, and a heater will be located in the gap between the front wall and the plank. The advantages of using are that it is possible to use such material for 15 years or more. It also protects against cracks, UV exposure, atmospheric influences and damage. Further, there will be an opportunity to give the building an unusual design look. You can also smooth uneven surfaces without using additional materials, larch planks will have unique shades, and you can easily replace damaged elements.

  2. Pine planken is an excellent option for interior and exterior decoration. The advantages of pine planken are that you get an aesthetic appearance, because the natural structure of pine looks beautiful on the facade of the building due to being cast. Also, the material is harmless to health, because pine has a wonderful aroma that will have a beneficial effect on human health. Pine also has excellent resistance to precipitation and ultraviolet rays. Also, due to the presence of a high resin content in pine planken, such material will not succumb to rotting, and even damage by microscopic organisms.

    Another plus will be the ease of installation and maintenance, because thanks to high-quality installation, as well as the care of pine-type planks, the material will be able to serve for more than a dozen years.

  3. Planken, made of exotic wood species, is notable for its beauty, originality, but the cost of such a material is quite high, because it includes the costs of transportation and processing of wood.According to the ratio of the place of finishing the house with planken, it can be divided into facade material, which is used for exterior decoration, is distinguished by excellent resistance to light from the Sun, as well as moisture and precipitation. For interior decoration, planken has a pleasant scent of wood, harmless and fireproof for humans.

But what should the planken be attached to?

Fastening elements

For fastening such material of a straight type a part is used that is made of galvanized steel, which has an acute angle and a pair of holes for self-tapping screws.

The use of "bridge" and "crab" slot-type fasteners also makes it possible to mount a straight planken. For the beveled material, rectangular plates are used, which have different-textured holes for self-tapping screws, and they are called "snake". Such fasteners are reliable, have different lengths and make it possible to fix different types of boards. To ensure an even finish, spacers, plastic inserts are used, which will be removed at the end of the installation work.

Home decoration.

There are three ways to mount the planken:

  • Vertical.
  • Horizontal.
  • Diagonal.

The horizontal method will be the most convenient and easy, it does not require any special skills or tools.

  1. Home decoration with imitation timber or planken The installation should be started by creating the building batten, which is made of insulation and log In the form of a lag, larch bars are used, which will be attached to the main facade by means of self-tapping screws.

  2. Lags must be treated with an antiseptic, as well as impregnations. Before installing the lag, depending on the climate conditions, you should lay a layer of insulation.
  3. Before installation, the material should be treated with fire retardant and moisture protection agents.
  4. The size will depend on the size of the finishing area of ​​the building, and you should not cut the boards yet, but if necessary, you should make a breakdown so that there is no vertical joint.
  5. Installation of the plank begins on the second row, and with the help of a laser or building level, markings should be made on the frame from the log.

  6. In order to work comfortably, it is important to set one bar vertically.
  7. A marking board should be placed on the timber.
  8. Mounts are installed on the outside of the board so as to connect the gap for the self-tapping screw. The lower part of the planken will be connected to the previous part only by engagement.
  9. Using a screwdriver, the upper part will be attached to the logs with self-tapping screws.

  10. After the installation is complete, you will need to remove the auxiliary bar and install the first row.
  11. The first row should be placed using fasteners and a building angle.

Now let's talk about the planken terrace, and recommendations for installation.

Installation Tips

So here are some installation tips:

  1. You can use and wooden logs, and a metal profile.
  2. The optimal distance between the logs will be 0.

    5 meters.

  3. The construction of the battens will depend on the installation method - vertical, diagonal and horizontal.
  4. When installing the plank horizontally, the batten will be stacked vertically.
  5. Use a plane or chips to correct unevenness.
  6. Windscreen will become a mandatory component for installation.

    This will help protect the building from heat loss and blowing.

  7. In the case of mounting a straight plank, use the open mounting method, which consists in fixing the material to the batten with self-tapping screws. The disadvantages of this method will be a less aesthetic appearance of the finish.
  8. After installation, use natural oils for coating to protect the planken from discoloration, mildew and mildew.
  9. For a straight plank, use a crab mount, and for a beveled snake mount.

What about timber imitation? Why planken is better than imitation of timber

And now we propose to compare imitation of timber and planken, which will behave better when used outside the house. You know that planken is a type of wood finish, and its distinctive feature is the rounded or beveled shape of the edge, as well as the absence of a tongue-and-groove connection. Imitation of the same timber is a finishing panel with a beveled shape of two edges, when joined, a triangle will be obtained. The panels will be connected to each other by means of tenons on one board and a groove on the other. Used for interior and exterior decoration.

Often many people ask themselves which is better - imitation of timber or planken?

The answer will be correct when considering the application, for example, external cladding of a building - imitation of a bar consists of a tongue and groove connection, and also has the potential to be damaged during transportation (often thin spikes break during loading, although this can be corrected by careful workers at the warehouse and facility). The connection of the tenon groove imitation of a bar will become a risk zone when the geometry of the wood changes.
When the wood dries out, a thorn may be exposed, and when it swells during the rainy season, it will squeeze out (stick out). The fact is that the connection will not allow the wood to "walk" (this can be improved by double-sided treatment of the panels with paint and varnish material), as well as sealing the ends, which will reduce the ability of the boards to absorb moisture.

The main advantage of the straight and oblique profile will be the absence of spike-groove connections.

Installation of such panels is carried out with a gap, which provides additional ventilation, so that moisture will not accumulate. Boards change geometry to a significantly lesser extent and this, due to the gap, is completely imperceptible visually.Planken will behave much better in operation from the outside than a house block or imitation of a bar, but this does not mean at all that it will not need additional protection. Processing the back and outside of the paint and varnish material, sealing the ends with a special sealant will greatly extend the life of the facade and help save the budget.


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