Home interior for those who are in love with Scandinavia: Review + Video

Home interior for those who are in love with Scandinavia: Review + Video The interior of the house for those who are in love with Scandinavia. It is much more difficult to decorate a country house than a city apartment, since all the details should be calculated, and nothing should be overlooked. After detailed planning, as well as considering all technical issues, you can move on to the most "delicious" - design. But here, too, everything is not so simple. To begin with, it is worth disassembling the project plan, taking into account all design decisions, as well as technical features.

To create it, you first need to define a style. We offer you to pay attention to the interior in a wooden house in the Scandinavian style. What are its advantages and features? Now we will consider, because the chosen style of interior decoration will reflect the features of the inhabitants, and this is solidity, restraint and slowness for northern residents.

Basics of style

Comfort, coziness and space

Scandinavian, that is, the northern style, which originated in the middle of the last century, was able to combine in simplicity and comfort. It helps to create unusual coziness, and besides, it is not pretentious.

It appeared in contrast to the pomp and luxury that reigned in the rest of Europe at the time. This style direction of the inhabitants of Iceland, Sweden and Denmark is distinguished by functionality and simplicity. The Scandinavian-style interior is suitable for many regions of the country, since it takes into account the lack of natural light and longitudinal cold.

At the moment, it is in the same row with minimalism and loft, as it supports the basic ideas of these trends. This fusion of comfort, beauty and at the same time coziness and simplicity is perfectly embodied, therefore it is ideal for decorating a country house.

Scandinavian-style rooms are free and light spaces. The name of the style speaks for itself. Cold colors will prevail in the range, but white is the main one. The considered style cannot exist without white. Comfortable and simple furniture is welcomed in the design.

To some extent, this direction can even be called cruel, since it does not imply the presence of free ideas, everything is thought out here and corresponds to the existing scheme. Each detail has its own place, purpose, and it clearly performs all the necessary functions. There is nothing superfluous in it, and the details are harmoniously connected, so that they perfectly complement each other.

Distinctive features

Each style of interior decoration has special features, by which it can be recognized from many others. Despite the fact that the presented was able to combine elements from most other modern style trends, the distinctive features are still present.

For example, this is the existing cult of ecology.Materials for decoration are selected for the most part natural - window sills and furniture are made of natural wood, carpets are only woolen, walls are plastered (no artificial wallpaper is used), if possible, they try to frame windows with wooden frames. Such a trend can be considered as a love of the natural, and you can emphasize the situation with the help of living green plants in the room. In this case, it will differ from the ecological style in that a large number of neutral and monochromatic shades prevail, while the eco-style focuses on all shades of green.

Features in-depth


Home interior for those who are in love with Scandinavia: Review + Video The first feature that distinguishes the interior of this style direction is the white color.

It always underlies the creation of a project. You can also use a gray or even beige shade. But keep in mind that warm tones are not so common in modern northern style. Painted walls in a cold solid white color even have a practical value, namely, to visually embroider the space. Such framing will give more freedom, and at the same time will show the scope of this "freedom".

This is the most striking feature of the flow - the combination of what, it would seem, does not match. Most of the designs are based on gray, white and sky blue.

The Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house allows the use of bright details. These can be cabinets, sofas, a table or chairs in contrasting shades. Colors such as gray, yellow, or beige are commonly found.

Against a general neutral background in the form of white, they look bright, but at the same time they are not flashy. This style is distinguished by its comfort and tranquility. Another feature is the presence of a fireplace, which is for the most part a must-have item that will help create a pleasant atmosphere.

Please note, that to some extent the proposed direction can be considered free to some extent, because it will be allowed to introduce contrasting details or completely change the color, which is in the lead. But in any case, the design will differ in functionality and simplicity.


Even in the exterior, naturalism and simplicity will prevail. Basically, the walls are painted white, or even made of wood. In addition, coloring in red, blue, or brown would be welcome. You can find on the facades of houses that are dressed in a similar way, vertical or cross beams that are able to create the outer boundaries of the walls and this is another distinguishing feature of the direction - clear boundaries and lines. The beams are usually made of dark natural wood and also varnished.

Yes, minimalism became the basis of the external design.Large and even slightly rough windows of several floors are also a great feature by which you can recognize the described style. A lot of light should be brought into the interior setting, and in the exterior it will be one of the main details. Additionally, a similar house will be decorated with a large amount of greenery on the lawns and flower beds around the house.

The main details of the style direction

When we figured out the distinctive features, and also gave our heart to the definitive Scandinavian direction, we can proceed to its deep radiation.

Pay attention to the details that will make up the neck of this flow.

Details Shade, color Material of manufacture Example
Furniture items White, gray and orange Natural wood, leather Snow-white sofa made of genuine leather
Accessories Blue, pink and green Any materials of natural origin Wooden figurine in the form of a person, decorated in a futuristic form
Fireplace Black, natural brick color Wooden beams and stone Real fireplace in brown, made of stone
Textile products Gray, blue and beige Fabrics (not synthetics) Beige curtains, linen
Lighting (lamps) Metallic, peach and black Straw, metal and glass Ceiling lamp in the form of a large lamp on a long wire

Believe me, in Nordic design everything must be concise and simple then.

Furniture items

For a Scandinavian-style home interior, use those pieces of furniture that are the real embodiment of convenience and simplicity. It should be made of natural wood. Next, it should be painted white or simply painted with varnish.

Also, the purchase of sofas and armchairs that are made of genuine leather is encouraged. In addition, the use of eco-leather is acceptable.

Rooms should be furnished as in minimalism - only the most important things, the Swedes do not like to clutter up the space. Beds are usually also used only those made of natural wood. In the interior of the bedroom, it is placed away from the walls.

It is worth noting that the color of bed linen is dominated by orange and gray trends, but sometimes you can notice accents on green or cold blue. The rest of the furniture is only required for functionality. In the bedroom, you can only use a chest of drawers and a bed. Built-in wardrobes, hanging-type swing chairs, unusual-shaped shelves - all pieces of furniture have a specific purpose, and at the same time play the role of decorating the interior of the room.


Home interior for those who are in love with Scandinavia: Review + Video Woolen and fur blankets and capes are not just an object that makes it possible to keep warm on a cold winter evening, but in the Scandinavian interior they will be accessories that make a reference to the place of origin of the style - the northern cold countries.

In a snow-white bedroom or living room, there are always bright spots in the form of unusual carpeting, colorful upholstery or unusual lamps. The use of small ecological parts is also encouraged. Decorative wooden shelves, cubist or futuristic decorations (which also represent the embodiment of sustainability). Painted with angular patterns or monochromatic flower pots with living plants will also indicate this trend.

Please note, that any accessories you come up with (especially handmade and those made from natural materials) will be welcome, as long as they are not defiantly bright or flashy .


The fireplace as an important part of the home

Another reference to the rather harsh climate of the northern countries is the fireplace. In those regions, it is an essential attribute for the living room. In a modern interpretation, it is required not even to heat the space as a whole, but as a stylish accessory.

Meanwhile, a real stove will make its own adjustments - the aroma of wood, a live fire inside a spacious house, a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. In addition, it is also made from natural materials.

The basis is gypsum or stone; for cladding, you can use a material such as talcochlorite, which will perfectly retain heat and heat the whole house. In addition, decorative stone or wooden beams can be used for exterior decoration. Wrought iron grates will add a special charm to the living room and help protect the floor from hot coals on its surface.

In any case, there must be a fireplace in the living room - a real one, or at least a fake one.

If you do not have the opportunity to add a real stove to your home project, then use a fake or electronic fireplace in which you can place aroma lamps or candles. Both options are great substitutes for a natural fireplace. In any case, this element is important enough for the interior.


The Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house in the photo differs in something else.

Lighting plays a significant role in it, and it is to him that a large share of attention is paid. There is no room in this current for rooms that are half dark. The use of abundant lighting in all possible ways is also encouraged. Please note that window openings should let in daylight as much as possible. In the daytime, due to the large number of windows, the room will be illuminated to the maximum.

In the evening, this function should be replaced by artificial luminaries.A characteristic feature will be the presence in the rooms of a large number of lighting devices - various lamps, sconces, floor lamps and even candles, and the fireplace to some extent can also play the role of a lamp for the house. As you can see, there is nothing complicated and the lack of natural light can be compensated for with a large number of table, pendant and even floor lamps.

Now about the lamps themselves. The northern interior will be characterized by the use of original models - wall lamps in the form of large lamps, floor lamps with curved legs, sconces that are made in the original author's design - everything that can be imagined.

In addition, the lighting will be replete with various types of lighting fixtures, decorated with their own hands using materials of natural origin. But hidden and spot lighting is used extremely rarely.

Color Gamut

Home interior for those who are in love with Scandinavia: Review + Video From the above, we can conclude that in the Scandinavian style, it is cold light shades, which are based on white, that are most used. Walls should be painted gray, maybe white, and much less often gray. Furniture and decorative items should differ from the main color by a couple of tones.

Most often, the palette is brown or even dark gray, much less often blue, green or orange. In the northern style, no more than two basic tones are approved, and it is better not to allow multicolor.

The popular color in this direction is orange. It will frame furniture, shelves, lamps or all kinds of accessories. In addition, even blue is found.

It is rarely possible to form the basis for large items. It is most often used to frame small accessories. Surprisingly, sometimes there are chairs, blankets or shelves in this tone - a lot will depend on the owner's own preferences.

In addition, the Scandinavian style for a country house is created with a base of peach or beige. Despite the fact that in the palette it is located among warm shades, the overall atmosphere turns out to be completely different.

Thanks to minimalistic currents in the setting and other details of cold shades, it will support the basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaconicism and "rigidity", and at the same time will create a cozy mood in its own way. By the way, quite often you can see a wooden wall that has a rough finish. The main purpose of the colors is to convey the cold atmosphere of the northern countries, to emphasize the functionality and minimalism of the main as well as minor details of the style direction.


So, we have analyzed the basic laws on which the style is based. We suggest considering some beautiful examples, as they may suit your taste.

Please note that there are often no curtains on window openings, but this is an optional item.


The Nordic style is great for creating kitchen designs.Light colors will emphasize the nobility of the room, and will also give it solemnity. White is ideal for decorating a kitchen space because it will create a sense of cleanliness, which is extremely important for a room where food is prepared. In addition, for a small kitchen, such decoration and furniture in white will be very appropriate.

Kitchen sets and household appliances will become the backbone of the kitchen. It remains to add a massive table made of natural wood.

Above it you can place a lamp made of natural materials like straw or fabric and having an original shade. Place wooden chairs around the table, which will have high backs. The color can be beige, white, or the product can be simply opened with varnish, and then it will have a light brown tint.

Complement the look with gray textiles - napkins, tablecloth and curtains (for those who like contrasting styles, the color can be blue or green). Nordic style kitchen design is ready!

Living room

Home interior for those who are in love with Scandinavia: Review + Video This is the place where friends and relatives like to gather. It must be comfortable and spacious. In country houses, the Scandinavian spirit is suitable for the embodiment of such a function, which will give a feeling of freedom.

It is allowed to use elements that will not play a functional role, but will be used as decorations.

The walls should be light, it remains to add gray furniture - a sofa that will be pulled over with natural fabric, add ottomans or chairs. A brown floor, made of wood or laminate, will help bring in a warm touch.

It should be covered with a carpet of fur one shade lighter or darker. A long wall unit should be low (use a table as a last resort) - this is an extremely important minimum for a northern-style living room. The curtains should be white, but differ in tone from the main color.

You should also pay attention to the lighting. In addition, hang a couple of wall lamps, a modern chandelier on the ceiling is perfect, it is advisable to buy a floor lamp, and so that all the elements are in the room, and also have an unusual design. In the living room, the presence of any devices that can increase the illumination of the room will only be a plus. And an obligatory detail, without which there can be no living room, is the fireplace.


Yes, the Scandinavian interior is perfect for a country house.

It was created for those people who love simplicity, comfort and brevity. It has no unnecessary details and is quite conservative.