Home security alarm systems - how to choose them

Home security alarm systems - how to choose them Security system for a private house: features of choice and principle of operation

Home security will become the most important for most people, and a lot of time and effort is devoted to this. Also, people are ready to spend a lot of serious resources on this.

The main thing for them will be that the systems should be as efficient as possible. What security systems are there for a private house, it is worth trying to understand this article and understand how such solutions are really effective, as well as whether it is worth the money spent.

The alarm, which is equipped with a GSM device, and also represents a special protection mechanism that will alert the required people about intruders entering the owner's home territory.

Usually, the transmission of appropriate signals will come via a mobile communication channel, and this makes it possible to speed up the receipt of information by a person, or the transmission can be carried out on a security panel.

General information


Such an alarm system will notify about such aspects:

If an expensive security system with great functionality is installed, as well as a fuel and lubricants module, then such solutions can even be remotely activated, with which they will create a single system. For example, lighting equipment and heaters.

The principle of operation of such home security systems for a private house outside the city is based on the possibility of various types of sensors to detect changes, movements in housing, or other phenomena. The information will immediately be recorded and transmitted to a special control panel, which, after analyzing the received data, if necessary, through the fuel and lubricants system, will send a message about this to the owner. Such messages are also called "alarming", and they will be sent to the owner's phone in different ways - by a message in the form of speech, MMS or using the GPRS channel or SMS.

It should be said that different systems will have different configurations. For example, the composition may include not just sensors, and even video surveillance.

If we talk about what is in a simple security system with a SIM card, then we should name:

  • GSM antenna.
  • Control unit where the communication module is located.
  • Various types of sensors.

  • Searchlights and sirens.
  • Optional power supply.

Sometimes they can have a dummy sensor to scare off potential intruders. The easiest to install and debug are products that are made as a separate solution with autonomous power supply. They can contain a module for transmitting information, as well as a block with a motion and sound sensor.

The parts of the protection system that will record movement, ways not only to be alerted by phone, but also to turn on an alarm or lighting.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a system

Burglar alarm systems for the house are different, and this category will seriously stand out among analogues. One of the main advantages of both wired and wireless alarms equipped with fuels and lubricants will be the ability to alert a person about the occurrence of certain events. Moreover, such a complex will make it possible to monitor the state of each object online. For example, if there are elderly people in the house, then they will only need to click on the alarm button so that several numbers can receive the required information.

It is also possible to record voice messages that will be played back if the sensor is triggered. Access to the device can be restricted if you set a password. As already mentioned, any number of sensors should be connected to the main unit in order to provide the best level of protection for the home. If the system is wireless, then the homeowner can install it himself. All sensors of such alarms will operate in autonomous mode due to the fact that it is necessary to check from time to time whether the batteries are not discharged.

But even such systems have certain disadvantages. The most noticeable disadvantage will be that the quality of work will directly depend on the signal of the mobile network. If network outages are regular, then the advantages of this format of fuels and lubricants will simply disappear. In addition, the signal that will be sent by the system can be easily suppressed if special devices are available and desired. Another disadvantage will be the need to pay for the operator's services on time, because due to a delay in payment, the connection can be interrupted at any minute.

It is also especially dangerous that when a signal is needed at a certain moment, but there is simply no connection.

Varieties and rating of models

What is important to know

The system for the protection of a private house can have three lines:

  • Home security alarm systems - how to choose them Internal space.
  • Territory.
  • Approach to the object.

For a particular variant, special equipment is required, which must necessarily meet certain standards.

There are other solutions, for example, security guards. This is the simplest type of burglar alarm used for a private house. you can simply hire a person who will perform the functions of a security guard, whose duties will include the protection of things, as well as the detention of intruders with the subsequent call of the police. But this method is not effective every time, because no one can cancel the human factor.

At least for this reason, it is better to use more modern options:

  • GSM type cellular signaling.

  • Panel signaling.

The constituent elements of the security-type mechanism, which is used for a country house, will be various sensors that record the violation of the integrity of windows or doors, as well as an attempt to enter the room, movement in the protected area. After that, the sensors will transmit data to the console, and the mechanism can also be integrated with a fire alarm. For the correct operation of the specified system, all parts should be connected to a loop, which must be laid during the construction phase.

If the installation of the system is planned after the implementation of construction work, then you should choose wireless security alarms for private cottages or houses.

Annunciators of this type will have special transmitter devices, and the control panel will have a receiver. But the cost of such equipment is much higher than that of a wired analogue. It is also possible to carry out the installation of an autonomous type of alarm, which will operate from a power supply. A similar model with a motion sensor can be with a signal, a simulator and everything else that is required, including wi-fi, GPS and more. Moreover, home security systems can be divided into types depending on their functions.

According to this criterion, there can be four:

  • Visual video surveillance.
  • Generation and signaling of an alarm signal.
  • Engineering and technical strengthening.
  • Access control.

Please note that you can make sure that there are enough types of different systems, so that everyone can find the optimal solution for their home.

Now we propose to try to figure out which system will be better and whether Chinese equipment can compete with solutions from domestic manufacturers.

Overview of models


If you decide to buy security systems for your home, then the first the model, which is worth talking about, has the name "watch". This is a wireless alarm system that will provide high-quality security for a country house or apartment.

The complete set will include:

  • Control unit.
  • Sensors for opening doors and windows.

  • Piezoelectric sirens.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Several remote controls.

Up to hundreds of sensors can be connected to the control unit, and a couple more sensors via a two-wire line. The operating mode can be easily changed in different ways:

  • Remotely.

  • By using the keys on the device.
  • Using the remote control.

Let's consider one more view.

Sentinel frame T200

This is another model that needs attention. It will represent a security mechanism that works on the basis of fuels and lubricants, and can function with sensors of different directions.

You can enter up to five numbers into the system block where data will be sent, as well as up to 4 numbers for SMS notification.It turns out that if there is an emergency, it will be possible to inform not only the owner of the premises, but also law enforcement agencies. By design, this mechanism has 2 wired sectors, as well as 8 wireless ones. Various sensors can be easily connected to the system and grouped if desired.

The set includes:

  • Power supply device.

  • Control unit.
  • Siren.
  • A pair of wireless sensors.
  • Two remote controls.

Moreover, there is a built-in battery, thanks to which the mechanism can work for about 10 hours without being powered from the mains.

By the way, the popular Gulfstream system works by a similar principle.

Ajax StarterKit White

Another interesting set of security mechanism is Ajax StarterKit White, and such a version of the wireless security system will represent a mechanism that able to supplement by adding security sensors for different purposes. Such equipment will be an excellent solution for protecting an apartment, office and home. Signal transportation is possible either by means of a GSM signal, thanks to the Internet technology, which is able to act as a backup solution. A lot of devices can be connected to the mechanism, which will make it possible to provide the best protection of the required space within a radius of up to 2 kilometers.

Features of the selection of the device

The security alarm system for the house must be correctly selected. Such a question can be called very serious, because the purchase of the purchased model will depend on the safety of the property, as well as the level of security. We repeat that the signaling, which will be based on the GSM signal, can perform its own functions only when there is a mobile connection. That is, in places where there is a bad connection, such a kit will be useless. Experts note the fact that it is better to buy ready-made systems, and not to purchase an incomplete model, and then you will need to look for separate sensors.

This will make it possible to significantly simplify the installation of the security system.

The set of such equipment must include the following elements:

  • Power supply unit.
  • Sensors.
  • Wires for connection.
  • Main programming block where the GSM communication module is located.

When choosing, it will not be superfluous to contact the specialists of the relevant security service.

Inexperienced people are unlikely to be able to independently choose the best solution for their home. The choice of the GSM signaling type should be based on similar principles:

  • Excellent protection cannot be cheap.
  • Consideration should be given to where such a protective system will be used.
  • Consider the calculation of the signal transmission power.

  • Pay attention to the cost of the model corresponds to the quality.
  • It is better to buy models with the ability to retrofit the required sensors.
  • Ideally, the system should be equipped with additional functions.

In general, if you follow these principles and rules, it will be possible to choose a good solution for a private home without much difficulty.

Recommendations for installation

Installation of a multifunctional type of security mechanism implies the use of fire and security sensors.

To get a high level of security, you need to know the subtleties.

  1. Contact sensors should preferably be installed on all window doors.
  2. If we talk about glass breakage and motion sensors, then installation should be carried out in all rooms.
  3. There should also be fire detectors.
  4. Security-type alarms should be turned on, as well as video cameras.

  5. If you want to install a normal alarm, then the number of different alerts and sensors should be the minimum number. But here it will be necessary to cover the balcony doors and entrance doors.
  6. Volumetric sensors should be installed to fully cover windows and doors.

It will be important to read the instructions before starting work, because this can significantly save time and correctly configure the system.