House 7 by 8 layout and construction tricks: Project + Photo and Video

House 7 by 8 layout and construction tricks: Project + Photo and Video Did you have a question about building on a site with limited dimensions? There is an exit! In this article we will tell you everything about the layout of houses 7 by 8. Such a project will be successful for the construction of a small but roomy cottage, the main feature is that its living space can be easily increased by building a second or attic floor.

This type of construction is in great demand, as it saves space and allows you to equip a garden or a resting place on the street.

What to choose an individual or typical project?

The undoubted advantage of such houses is their relatively low cost, especially if you do not include design inventions such as: front stucco moldings, bay windows, roofs of atypical shapes. In order to save even more, you can build an attic instead of the second floor, this will greatly reduce the expense item associated with an increase in living space.

House 7 for 8 individual project planning

When developing an individual project, the developer tries to take into account all the ideas and wishes of the customer, and can also propose and make his own amendments ... In construction using this type, various technologies can be used, the loads and the calculation of which were incorporated into the project at the initial stage. These technologies include the "smart home" system, it appeared quite recently, but has already established itself as a universal assistant for the home.

House 7 to 8 typical project layout

A typical project has its advantages, as a rule, you can see live what a house looks like in real life, learn all the nuances with regards to construction and not only. When using this type of project, it is necessary to adapt it to your region of the country, taking into account the climatic features of the area and soil.

Building a house 7 by 8 with your own hands


House 7 by 8 layout and construction tricks: Project + Photo and Video It is possible to build a 7 by 8 house with your own hands only if you have experience (skills) in this area, otherwise, there is a high probability of building a house that is not suitable, dangerous for habitation. We advise you to contact specialized firms to avoid negative consequences.

Choosing a project and layout

At the initial stage, it is necessary to determine the number of storeys of the house.

One-storey house 7 by 8 is ideal for people of age or for a small family. It should be borne in mind that such a house will not cost much more than the same one, but with an attic floor - the foundation and the roof with a larger area lead to an increase in costs.

For a small plot and a modest budget, a house with a 7 by 8 attic is ideal, which can be zoned according to the customer's interest. A feature of this house is the ceiling area of ​​the upper floor, but a flight of fantasies opens up for its arrangement.

A two-storey house will cost more, but living quarters will be more comfortable due to their height and scale.

In order for the house to be comfortable and pleasant for living, it is necessary to think over at the planning stage - the location of rooms, zones, illumination (windows), availability of utility rooms. Also, do not forget about the opportunity to retrain one room to another. For example, an office can become a living room.

Layout options for the house 7 by 8 (one-story, two-story and attic)

House 7 by 8 with an attic. The first floor can be designated as common, intended for the whole family or meeting guests.

We advise you to arrange a living room, an entrance hall, a kitchen, as well as a bathroom and utility rooms here, in addition, you can add a veranda and a summer kitchen.

On the attic floor, a bedroom will ideally be located with a larger free area, you can equip dressing rooms, a bathroom. Such a house will be comfortable for living, a family of 3-5 people.

House 7 to 8 is one-story. This option is suitable for seasonal vacations or permanent residence of a small family.

In such a project, combine the kitchen and living room, allocate a separate room for sleeping. Separate rooms for a boiler room and a bathroom are allocated next to the hallway.

House 7 to 8 is two-storey. Suitable for large families living together, those who like large spaces. On the ground floor, you can conveniently place the kitchen - dining room, living room, bathroom, hallway, utility rooms.

On the second floor there is a sleeping room, a bathroom, a hall. For convenience, such a house is often equipped with two entrances.

How to increase the space of the house?

Given the limited area of ​​one-story buildings, many owners resort to increasing the internal space, which are reflected in projects.

Here are some tricks that will help expand the space inside the house:

  1. Construction of a basement floor in which you can fit both living quarters and an economic orientation (closet).
  2. Construction of the attic.

    The cost of the attic floor is not much higher than the cost of creating the usual gable type roof.

  3. Construction of a roof with a single slope and the subsequent organization of the utility room.
  4. Installation of a flat roof, which allows you to place a flower garden, not a large vegetable garden or a resting place

Such techniques make the building more convenient and comfortable for living.

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