House drawing with frame dimensions for permanent residence: Instructions and Tips + Video

House drawing with frame dimensions for permanent residence: Instructions and Tips + Video Drawing of the frame house. The blueprint is the official approval for the construction of the building. And also this is a guarantee that the built house will be in accordance with safety standards and will have adaptation to weather conditions in your region. The drawing includes documents describing the construction and assembly of the house; you need to think about the design of the drawing even before you start building a frame house.

It should also include the price of the house and a list of all the necessary materials for construction.

This usually includes detailed descriptions with photographs.

Features of buying a house kit

Many firms offer for sale a complete house kit (ready-made house drawings with dimensions) to start construction. It includes not one drawing with documents, but the entire set of building materials and even insulation. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly reduce the construction time of a building with one or two floors.

Advantages :

  • House drawing with frame dimensions for permanent residence: Instructions and Tips + Video A person who purchases a complete house kit is given all the necessary materials, as well as documents and drawings.

  • To protect the material from rain and snow, they are brought to the site not immediately, but gradually.
  • All drawings are clear and simple enough.
  • In many cases, home kits include recommendations on how best to insulate the room.
  • Project for the improvement of roofing.
  • Diagrams and drawings for the installation of ventilation, electricity, sewerage and water supply.

  • The complete list makes it possible to understand how much money will be spent on the construction of this house.

A set of drawings and documents

Almost any drawing can include up to hundreds of pages. Each sheet contains a detailed layout, there are sketches and even instructions in which the frame installation technology is very accurately described. You can divide the entire instruction into parts to bring more clarity to the process of building a frame house.

The study of this document is available to both professional builders and ordinary people without special skills and experience.

Also, if some questions arise during construction, then the answers to them can be easily found in the documents. Providing wind and moisture insulation is described. All construction conditions, principles of choosing windows, doors and more.


Buyers are offered many types of frame house construction, both ordinary, standard and custom-made, according to the individual preferences of the client. But with all the diversity, there is an option for the basic configuration, which also includes the option of self-building a frame house.

It includes:

  • detailed plan,
  • items for the floor, frame base, walls and racks,
  • material for the roof (rafters and boards),
  • materials for finishing the floor, baseboards and corners,
  • a set of windows and doors,
  • materials for steam and waterproofing,
  • heaters.

Instructions for the construction of the foundation

The beginning of building a house always begins with laying the foundation and preparing the soil. If the ground is soft and contains a large amount of peat, it is recommended to choose a pile-screw foundation. On other types of land, laying a strip foundation is allowed.

When installing the pile-screw foundation, it is necessary to carefully control the process, and make the strapping metal.

It is recommended to use a channel, end-to-end as corners, and the axis of the pile should be taken into account. If you will be pouring a strip or slab foundation, the need to control the number and size of ventilation holes.

Always check the quality of the delivered material. All materials must be antiseptic; they must be free of any fungus or corrosion. After the foundation is ready, the foundation of the future house is being installed.

The harness is made of wooden beams. Between the foundation and frame base of the house, it is imperative to lay a layer of waterproofing.

Assembling the frame house

The essence of the assembly is to combine building materials according to strict technology, which will be shown in the drawing.

The nodes of which the frame house will consist:

  • floors,
  • walls,
  • roof.

After attaching the lower beams to the foundation, we lay the beams for floors and vertically.

The next step will be the installation of thermal insulation and a sub-floor option. After all this, we install the racks for the frame vertically. We attach the frame to slopes. The walls are assembled on a flat surface, and then they are lifted and mounted to the foundation in the desired location.

The thickness of the walls mainly depends on the project, the optimal option for the thickness is from 17-27 cm.

This will help not to waste extra material and form sufficient thermal insulation. Mineral wool is suitable for insulation, and drywall for internal processing.

Outside, the house is sheathed with OSB plates. In the next step, the beams are attached to the ceiling using grooves. Installation of rafters, they are joined at an angle of 50 degrees using the end.

After that, the steam and waterproofing material is covered.


It is necessary to carefully control the process according to the instructions. The last stage is the settlement of the roof covering with the help of special roofing screws. In general, such a house can be built in 3-4 months, but it will not cope alone. The help of professional builders is needed.