House hut: Step by step construction-Advantages of the frame + Video

House hut: Step by step construction-Advantages of the frame + Video House hut - what is it? A frame house a hut is an excellent option for building a summer residence, it is a structure in the shape of a triangle, one might say has no walls. This type was in demand for construction back in the USSR. The very idea of ​​such a design came from Scandinavia in the last century.

When building such a house, it is necessary to take into account the weather conditions, type of soil and location. Before building a hut house, you should review in advance the photos of options, the layout of the room, furniture, the choice of the site where it will be built.

Draw up a construction plan, because if so at this stage you make any mistakes, it will be enormous difficulty in correcting them. This is especially true for plots with a small area.

Advantages and disadvantages

REMEMBER !!! When choosing a site, you have to take into account what plants grow on it. It is not recommended that the house interferes with the growth of trees and shrubs, and also does not create a large shade.

The easiest way to build a house is a hut house.

The idea is to abandon the walls, and replace them with a double, sloping roof from the foundation to the canopy itself. The foundation for such a structure is either tape or pile. Sometimes a combination option is used - a small box and an A-shaped roof.

The advantages of this design are:

  • A hut house is built very quickly, in comparison with other options,
  • You can do it yourself, very simply, observing the technology,
  • Small area of ​​the house,
  • The shadow will not fall on your garden or vegetable garden,
  • Not an ordinary view,
  • Protected from snow load,
  • Savings. You do not have to spend money on building walls and laying a special foundation.

Thanks to its high roof, it is possible to equip two residential floors in such a house, but it will be very problematic to select and fit a staircase to the second floor into the room. From small stairs, you can choose a spiral staircase, it will most neatly fit into the interior, but this design increases the risk of injury. Not recommended if you have small children or old people. If the house is used as a summer cottage, then it would be an ideal solution to make a staircase outside.

Disadvantages of such a structure:

  • House hut: Step by step construction-Advantages of the frame + Video A lot of free space is missing due to sloping walls,
  • Sailability.

    The direction and strength of the gust must be taken into account. Even though the triangular shape is quite stable.

  • Low amount of sunlight entering the room. But this disadvantage can be avoided when installing panoramic windows to the entire wall,
  • Not enough space for installing heating,
  • Difficulty in planning the location of furniture, etc.

ATTENTION !!! In a house where the radius of the walls is less than 50 degrees, there is much less free space, since a person at his full height can stand only one meter from the wall.

The best option for the size of the house is a hut project 6 by 6 meters and a roof radius of 60 degrees, with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters. The output will be about 24 square meters. On the first floor you can arrange a kitchen with a living room, and on the second a bedroom.

Features during construction

Often, to build a hut house, an insulated frame made of wood is used, which is previously covered with a means to protect against water and wind.

There are manufacturers who offer frames already prepared for construction.

Huge selection of roofing such as slate, corrugated board, shingles and wood shingles. Due to the steep slope and smoothness of the roof, the load from the snow will be very small, it will simply fall off the slope. An excellent option for the location of the A-shaped house hut in the mountains or places where there is often snow. It is not recommended to use metal roof tiles.

Since during the rain there will be a high audibility of the rattling of drops. Even soundproofing cannot get rid of this.

Caracas of such a building is most often made with OSB slabs, they make the structure much more rigid, and will greatly simplify the installation of walls and pediment. There are two more disadvantages of hut houses - they get extremely hot in the summer, and very poorly retain heat in the winter. Therefore, in addition to thermal insulation, do not forget about how you will ventilate the room in winter.

An air gap and ridge ventilation are suitable for this.

Stages of construction

  • Cleaning the surface from debris, preparing for pouring the foundation. Dig trenches, the size of which should be slightly larger than prescribed in the plan. At the bottom I make a pillow from a layer of gravel, and sprinkle it with sand on top. We tamp everything, install shields.

    The upper share is connected with wooden boards.

  • A special large stone is laid, trombuted. Only after this is concrete poured.
  • Pouring the foundation (use reinforced concrete piles about three meters long, extended at the end, or tie up wooden beams). Withstands for about three days.

  • House hut: Step by step construction-Advantages of the frame + Video Installation and preparation of the frame, partitions and other things, most often sheathed with OSB-3 plates.
  • Construction of roofing,
  • Installation of windows, doors, stairs. Covering the floor surface with material,
  • Thermal insulation and other finishing and interior work. With proper use of the space, you will have space, for example, you can install a shelving unit under the stairs.

If you do not have experience and skills in this direction, it is better to contact a special construction team.

The term of construction of a "turnkey" hut house is from one to two weeks.

The hut house will look great on any terrain. Whether it is a forest or a village. If you build it on some kind of cliff, you can enjoy an incredible, stunning view from the window.

Internal filling

Your house will be spacious and comfortable and the A-shaped structure is not a drawback at all, with the right design and layout, as they think many.

Instead of the usual, ordinary furniture and kitchen units, designers recommend special built-in wardrobes and racks. It is best to make these to order, then they will perfectly fit into the interior and free up a sufficient amount of space. Spiral staircases will be the best solution since they are very compact, there are also special retractable staircases that take up a minimum of space.

The most important role in lighting such a room is assigned to the windows. In order for more natural light to penetrate inside, panoramic or stained glass windows are used.

If you live in such a house all year round, it is convenient to install a fireplace or a special, bourgeois stove. Otherwise, an ordinary heater is enough for you.

TIP !!! Having installed several exits from the premises, you can comfortably pass to any part of the yard, and thanks to the through air, in the summer you will feel additional coolness in the house.

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