House project with an attic and a balcony 6 * 6, 8 * 10 and 9 * 9 meters

House project with an attic and a balcony 6 * 6, 8 * 10 and 9 * 9 meters Projects of country houses with an attic and a balcony + examples and photos

The roof of the mansard type has long been known to humanity. Due to such a room, it turns out to expand the usable area and territory as a whole. Interest in such designs is growing day by day. The popularity of the mansard roof is at its peak, and for many reasons.

The fact is that even with minimal costs it will be possible to equip an additional room, which can be used as a living room, bedroom or place to relax.

But to translate the idea into reality, projects of houses with an attic and a balcony are needed.

General information

There are various options for cottages and houses with a terrace, balcony, ledges and other elements. It remains only to bring the chosen project to life. Naturally, you will have to pay extra for everything. But as a result, you will get comfortable and comfortable housing, which is pleasant to live in.

In the article we will consider all the nuances that are important to know, what are the pros and cons of using the attic floor, and you will also find out what projects there are.

Features to be aware of

The attic is an unusual room. High demands are made on it. It should start with the fact that it is imperative to introduce high quality thermal insulation into the design development. the attic can only be heated by electrical appliances, and few people carry out heating there.

And this will mean that the resulting heat needs to be saved. High-quality thermal insulation helps to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer.

The second point will be about waterproofing. The attic room will be in direct contact with the roof. If it is punctured or poorly sealed, it will affect the insulation or internal materials.

The roof pie of the attic room should be made of a layer of steam insulation, thermal insulation, waterproofing, ventilation gap and roofing material. Due to this, the stay inside will be as comfortable as possible.

Sound insulation is an extra concern. All street sounds, that is, drops of falling rain or wind - this will be insanely annoying if the attic is poorly soundproofed. To some extent, the role of a sound insulator is played by the material for insulation, and the thicker the layer is, the quieter and warmer it will be inside.

If the project has a balcony, then it is important to perfectly glaze and seal everything. Separately, it is worth talking about the roof - if it is made of metal, then during heavy rains all sounds will be heard in the attic room. For this reason, projects of houses with terraces, an attic and a balcony must include a soft roof. Due to it, the sounds will be muffled and it will always be quiet inside, even in bad weather.

Important! For the arrangement and decoration of the attic, lightweight materials are used, durable and environmentally friendly.

When overloaded, the base can crack, and if the materials are toxic, then when heated they will emit harmful substances.

They usually try to equip the space from the inside with the help of light drywall. This material is environmentally friendly, and therefore, if the project provides for interior partitions, the creation of niches or structures with a non-standard shape, then drywall is better than other materials. additional expenses and difficulties are associated with the installation of windows. For the attic, it is required to purchase special windows, depending on the structural features of the room and its properties.

Basically, the attic has sloping surfaces, which makes it difficult to work with the balcony and windows. Now, before considering projects of houses with a veranda or an attic roof, we suggest that you find out about the pros and cons of creating an attic roof.

How profitable is the project with a mansard roof and a balcony

Most people use the attic as a storage of unnecessary things. A similar trend has appeared with the attic. Someone builds them, and then they store toys, vegetables, unnecessary things and more in it.

The thing is that it is not difficult to choose a house project with a terrace, an attic and a balcony, but for a full-fledged living inside, you need to spend energy, time and money for internal arrangement. In addition, we are talking about waterproofing and insulation. For this reason, before making a choice in favor of such a project, ask yourself again - will my attic eventually be used as a warehouse? If you think about it, then such a room has many advantages. People dream of a personal attic, but why is it good? Here are the advantages:

  1. House project with an attic and a balcony 6 * 6, 8 * 10 and 9 * 9 meters Sometimes there is a desire to build a huge house, but it does not work out for the size of the land. In this case, there is a chance to increase the area of ​​the house if the attic floor is completed.

  2. Due to the competent project of the attic space, it will turn out to increase the useful house area several times. Square meters are now so expensive, and therefore if a certain room is missing in the house, it may well be placed on the attic floor.
  3. If we carry out communications, then the installation estimate will not increase much, since all communications have already been carried out on the other floors.
  4. Due to the fact that the attic will be insulated in any case, this helps to reduce heat losses in the house itself, a lot of heat will go through the roof. And with thermal insulation, heat losses will be greatly reduced.

  5. Thanks to the unusual roof structure, the interior can be made interesting and unusual. It will be pleasant to be in this room and to spend time.
  6. It is not necessary to do repair work in the attic at the same time as throughout the house. You can start finishing later. Even when living in a house, its owner can simultaneously carry out work on the upper floor.

That's why the attic has gained incredible popularity. Not his negative moments, which sometimes scare away developers.What are we talking about? The disadvantages are as follows:

  • If the project is not written correctly or you hire non-professionals, then this will entail difficulties. The first is heat losses, the second is the formation of condensate inside, the third is that the room will constantly freeze through, and fourth, the building materials will deteriorate.
  • Manufacturing roofing with windows is quite expensive, and their final cost is 1.

    5-2 times more expensive than that of conventional ones. Considering the planning of the balcony, additional costs await you.

  • Separately, we note that this undertaking is very expensive in itself - materials for decoration, pieces of furniture that often have to be made to order, insulation and communications - all this is decent money. And if you do everything not with your own hands, but with the involvement of specialists, you will need to pay them too.

This is all there is to know before you decide if you need a roof attic.

Then you can start designing.

Additional nuances in design

So that all efforts are not in vain, the attic with a balcony space is comfortable and convenient, you need to pay attention to the nuances that are associated with the design process. For example, everyone is used to the fact that the attic is small, and this is true there, if you pay attention to certain types of roofing. But keep in mind that in the attic, the ceiling height should be 2.5 meters.

If you make it smaller, you will need to select special furniture, and the operation will not be the most convenient. And if the attic is higher, then the effort and construction costs will be much higher.

Since we are talking about a roof, we need to understand that it plays an important role in an attic project. Each type of roof is good in its own way, and the choice will depend on various factors. For example, if gable roofs are used, then the project will involve about 2/3 of the entire floor area.

But in this case, the pediment will serve as an excellent place for arranging a balcony. The best option would be a sloping roof. This is a roof with a ledge, with a complex project, but inside you can fully use 90% of the area, which is an excellent indicator.

If we are not talking about a one-story house project with an attic and a balcony, then there is also a staircase. Subject to all norms and requirements, the operation of the stairs will not cause problems, it will be comfortable and safe.

A balcony inside will give you the opportunity to enjoy pleasant landscapes in the early morning or late evening. If there is a terrace in the project, you can create an ideal place to relax with your soul and body. Below is a photo of the project of a house with a terrace and a mansard roof.

Examples of projects of private houses

After the theory, we propose to go straight to practice. Immediately, we note that the choice of certain projects will depend on what is the purpose of the house - there will only be this huge cottage with many floors, a summer cottage for living only in the summer season or a small house for two.

Project 6 * 6 meters

If we talk about the layout of 6 * 6 meters, then usually this garden house is for a small family, and the total the area is usually 50 square meters, which is enough for 2-3 people. Specialized design companies provide design services. This is how a house project with a veranda and an attic with a size of 6 * 6 meters might look like. In this case, the roof is gable, there is a regular standard window on the pediment (it can be replaced with a balcony), and additional skylights in the far corner. This will make it possible to fill the attic with natural light.

And this is how you can look like a cottage with a balcony block.

House project with an attic and a balcony 6 * 6, 8 * 10 and 9 * 9 meters The advantage of such houses is that they are beautiful, cozy and economical. Less money will be spent on construction, and this also applies to finishing materials, etc. In addition, it is much easier to heat a small house. For this reason, utility bills will be small, and with proper planning, small rooms can be very functional - for this, mezzanines, built-in wardrobes and shelves are often used.

There are projects where the space under the stairs is rationally used. So that it is not empty, they make a pantry there. There are other tricks as well - for example, connecting the bathroom to the toilet, and the living room to the kitchen. Instead of a bath, put a shower stall, and when creating a terrace, you will not feel a lack of square meters at all.

Project 8 * 10 meters

Such dimensions make it possible to roam.

The house will turn out to be large, and with an attic such space will be more than enough. Below is one of these projects. This option is provided for the manufacture of brick or expanded clay concrete buildings. The decoration of the rooms will fall on the shoulders of the home owners. They often make a bedroom and a children's room there, and due to the large windows, the rooms will turn out to be bright.

Below is the second version of the project, which is a great option for those who love eco-style.

Project 9 * 9 meters

If we consider the optimal layout, then this is the size of 9 * 9 meters. For a simple house, the project includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery and sanitary facilities. As for the upper floor, it is made for personal needs. There might be a lounge, a study, a small home gym, or even a workshop.

The interior arrangement is similar to a project measuring 8 * 10 meters, but has a slightly different outline.

Next, consider the unusual options for house construction with attics. The most difficult will be the projects of houses with bay windows. Due to the multifaceted protrusions, the structure will be individual and original. Such a beautiful and neat housing, built according to the project of a 9 * 9 meter house with an attic and a balcony, will be a joy for a small family.


We have considered all the advantages of structures with an attic - this is an ideal solution that allows you to realize a variety of desires. House projects can be very different, you just have to choose the right one.