Household habits of households that enrage: Review + Video

Household habits of households that enrage: Review + Video Bad everyday habits that are annoying + things that should not be in home. How often it happens that a person does not feel at home in his own home. Something makes staying at home uncomfortable, and after some household chores, you feel like it was a Dementor's kiss, and not just cleaning.

Let's look at what bad everyday habits, things and household chores that oppress, and how to cope with it.

List of annoying things


Mold can appear on almost any surface, but most often it occurs exactly in the bathroom, because it is the wettest room in the whole house.

But other dangerous places can be walls, plastic windows, and even ceilings in living rooms. Whatever the type of mold, it will still negatively affect the functioning of the respiratory organs, and will also cause big problems for family members who have poor immunity. For this reason, it is definitely not worth waiting for a small patch of mold to grow (which will inevitably happen). It is best to try to remove the mold as soon as you notice it, and ideally it should be done with special chemicals, because home methods will only work as a preventive measure. After the removal is completed, you should not allow reappearance, and for this you should regularly ventilate the rooms, as well as monitor the wet spots that are on the walls.

Heating systems and air conditioning

Due to the fact that people are constantly striving for comfort, every time it gets cold, people wait for the heating equipment to turn on, as if it were manna from heaven, and they also try to seal up all the cracks in the windows and turn on all kinds of heating devices. In the summertime, we cannot even imagine life without the included air conditioner with its saving coolness.

But the problem is that fresh air in both the first and even the second case is a rare guest in our house. Heaters and hot batteries dry out the air, and air conditioners are recognized thieves of oxygen. Moreover, if the filtration systems in the device are clogged, then in the literal sense you have to breathe dirty air.

All this can be fraught with the appearance of respiratory diseases, and due to the fact that the air is dry, a headache often begins, as this is associated with a lack of oxygen.

To correct the situation, it should be a rule to ventilate the rooms from time to time. Also, it will not be superfluous to consider the possibility of installing a breather (recuperator), which is able to regulate the flow of cold air even when the windows are closed. During the heating season, it is worth using humidifiers.

Dishwashing sponges

Most likely, you have never even thought about the harm to health can be caused by untimely replacement of the dishwashing sponge or kitchen towels.

The fact is that bacteria accumulate on them when raw fish, meat, vegetables and fruits are washed in the sink. It is for this reason that you should not be too lazy and replace the sponge at least once a week, or even more often if you notice how dirty it is.


Not only are carpets in the form of real dust collectors, which is extremely dangerous for people who are prone to allergies, some unscrupulous Manufacturers sometimes coat the villi with a compound that contains formaldehyde. The problem is that it damages the airways and causes nosebleeds. For this reason, it is worth buying carpets from trusted manufacturers or factories, try to arrange cleaning of carpets as often as possible, and try to refuse accessories that have a long pile.

It is also worth using special products for cleaning upholstery fabrics and carpets.

Household chemicals

Household habits of households that enrage: Review + Video One of the household habits of many housewives is the use chemical means to restore order in the house, as the mentality of people is such that "the more, the better." In fact, harsh chemicals can be extremely effective for cleaning, but harmful to people, and especially to children and pregnant women. Avoid the presence of ammonia and chlorine in the composition, which evaporate harmful substances. You should also be wary of other hazardous components in the form of phosphates, propylene glycol, SLS and others.

You should also try to choose ecological products for cleaning. For easy cleaning, even improvised compositions are suitable, for example, the same lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and soda. But if you still need to use household chemicals, then you should open the windows for ventilation, follow all instructions for use and think in advance about keeping aerosols and bottles as far away from children and pets as possible.

Old materials for finishing from the last renovation

If you live in a Soviet-built house, try to find out as much as possible about those building materials with which the apartment is finished roof, walls and floor. For example, until 1970, roofing sheets were made of asbestos, but at the moment this material is recognized as extremely dangerous for people and health, as it can provoke cancer.

In addition, lead white was previously used, which is currently prohibited from using for painting. If you try to remove such material during repair work from floors and walls, then there is a greater risk of serious health problems.

Bad habits

Lack of attention to detail

Remember the last time you wiped the TV remote from dust or called the service for cleaning upholstered furniture with special products, for example, to clean the sofa in the living room or the mattress in the bedroom? Lack of attention to such things leads to the fact that bacteria begin to multiply in the house. Make it a rule for yourself to wipe down doorknobs and small objects like a computer mouse or TV remote control. It is also worth budgeting in advance to spend on dry cleaning of furniture, although in theory you can clean the upholstery of the sofa yourself.

Poorly cleaned bathroom

The bathroom is always very warm, and is also the wettest room in the apartment / house, and the presence of a high level of humidity will be negative affect human health, and also contribute to the growth of bacteria. Moreover, other dangers may lie in wait for a person in the bathroom, for example, cross-contamination from the use of rugs and towels, the use of aerosol-type air fresheners and even poor quality water. to reduce the potential risk of disease, you should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the bathroom, do not forget to wash hard-to-see areas (the spout on a bottle of liquid soap), wash curtains and rugs, and also consider installing a filter system for water.

Lack of attention to food habits

Household habits of households that enrage: Review + Video And the last satisfied bad household habit - it is inattention to food. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract) are not only commonplace poisoning, although even it can cause serious harm to health.

And, nevertheless, we run the risk of "earning" them if it is wrong to prepare and store food. For example, using the same cutting board for bread, vegetables and raw meat, and poor dishwashing. Try to keep your refrigerator, kitchen sink, and utensils clean at all times so that you don't get into trouble like food poisoning or anything else.

The most unloved things

We spend so much free time and energy on it, and the results of labor are practically invisible. So maybe you should stop killing yourself with household chores? More than 25 years have passed at the time when the Soviet Union collapsed, but the habits that entered the life of housewives thoroughly in those days are still alive and even popular.

Interestingly, much of this is not even beneficial, and even more, it takes away energy that could be spent on something more pleasant. Here are the habits that it is time to give up once and for all.


As it turned out, what our grandmothers put into our heads from early childhood is not so necessary.For example, ironing is not a vital matter, and scientists were able to find out and prove that during this procedure, the fabric becomes denser and does not breathe. During sleep, a person begins to sweat, due to the fact that the linen has been thermally processed, it is not able to absorb moisture.

For this reason, every morning begins with the thought that you urgently need a shower. In addition, an ironed sheet creates not the most pleasant tactile sensations, and it seems as if you are hiding yourself with a large sheet of paper. And someone desperately ironing linen in order to get rid of harmful microorganisms. There is a way out here too. You can simply use the steam treatment to soften the fabric and remove unwanted microorganisms, without touching the fabric with the sole of the iron.

This is much faster and easier than shoveling endless mountains of linen with desperate pedantry.

It is interesting that there are fabrics that do not need to be ironed at all:

  • Satin-jacquard - the fabric is durable and durable, and when gently dried it creates the impression that it has already been ironed.
  • Walking to - material of natural origin, breathable, perfect for sleeping and wearing. It boasts a high wear resistance. It is better not to iron so that the product is not burned and there are no traces of the iron.

    Light steam will do.

  • Coarse calico is a very resistant material that can last more than ten years. It is very pleasant to the body, especially if during washing you will add fabric softener and not dry in the scorching sun.

So, let's look at another unnecessary habit.

Boiling white clothes

Boiling laundry for many people is a terrible dream, because it is a full kitchen of steam, terrible smell, high humidity in the whole apartment, exhaustion is such as if he worked a shift in the mine.

In addition, due to such processing, the linen wears out faster - due to the long exposure to high temperatures, when combined with "heavy" household chemicals, the fibers begin to deteriorate. However, there are also such housewives who even now boil linen and accuse everyone who does not do this for laziness. Fortunately, at the moment there is an opportunity to get rid of such a harmful and unnecessary household habit, since there are many gentle and alternative ways to return the products to their original whiteness.

Recipes :

  1. Salt solution - prepare a solution in which 3 tablespoons of water will go for 5 liters of water common salt. After a thorough wash, you should soak kitchen towels for 1/3 hour in the solution, and then rinse and hang them to dry.

  2. Pine turpentine - Dissolve 3 tablespoons of pine turpentine in 3 liters of water (the product can be purchased at the pharmacy). Soak laundry in this solution and leave overnight.
  3. Lemon juice or vinegar - 3 liters of water will require juice from one lemon or 3 tablespoons of vinegar. The laundry should be soaked in this solution for 6 hours.
  4. Oxygen bleaching agents - they contain sodium percarbonate (a substance that is quite effective and safe for bleaching).

    When it interacts with water, it breaks down into oxygen and soda, and a similar chemical reaction helps to effectively deal with pollution.

Let's move on to one more item, which should be discarded.

Washing with whiteness

Naturally, due to its unique properties, whiteness has become a leader in bleaching fabrics, but its smell…. Uh, that discourages doing washed clothes. In addition, at the moment there are a huge number of more gentle household cleaning products that give the result no worse.

There are special powders that are able to deal not only with difficult stains from tomato juice or coffee, but even remove ink from clothes. Moreover, they smell much better thanks to the fragrances.

Use of laundry soap

In Soviet times, laundry soap was considered a panacea for all ills - you can wash it, and treat it, and even wash your head. At the moment, there are those people who rub bar soap on a grater and add it to the washing machine, which slowly but surely reduces the operating life of household appliances. If you wash it by hand, then laundry soap helps to get rid of dirt well.

But in this case, you have to rub the laundry, and strongly, because of which it wears out a lot. There is another drawback - the soap smells bad, and also dry out the skin of the hands due to the alkalis that are in the composition. Nowadays, housewives have a great opportunity not to spoil the manicure and give preference to less rough washing options.

Wiping windows with newspapers

This method is the most economical in terms of drying windows. By the way, in the West, hostesses have discovered this life hack of Soviet women only now and are enjoying it as if it were exotic fun.

But he also eats another great option that will help save time and energy. For example, glass can be wiped with microfiber cloths that do not leave small lint, hairs and marks on the surface. For a person, stability is a kind of stronghold of peace and a guarantee that everything is right and goes on as usual. A person in a state of uncertainty is unsafe, he feels extremely uncomfortable. For this reason, people are in no hurry to leave their comfort zone, which is subsequently destructive.

Habits that have become firmly established become more difficult to overcome with each new year.

Yes, this is a real paradox, but people often think that right now they are the happiest of all, and it simply cannot be better.When, making incredible efforts, they destroy these beliefs and boundaries, they are sincerely surprised: "What, and so it was also possible?" It should be remembered that time does not stand still and moves forward, so it is worth rebuilding in order to achieve success. What was the authority for the older generation is the relics of the past for the present. Do not be afraid to give up old bad habits from everyday life and make your life fit!