how beautiful and unusual to decorate the dacha? Review + Video

how beautiful and unusual to decorate the dacha? Review + Video Ideas from Australia: how beautiful and unusual to decorate a dacha

Cottage - this is a great place for every person, where you can take a break from the bustle of the city, paint the walls of the house even purple and enjoy it. This is a place to enjoy your time. But how to decorate a house? We suggest looking at ideas from Australia that fit perfectly for the design of two houses, examples of which are given below.

We will tell you about two completely different families who decided to design their own homes in Australia in an unusual way. Read, remember and be inspired!

Dacha # 1

If the wife is a party organizer and stylist, and the husband is a wonderful landscape designer and collector of vintage things, then the house will definitely not be boring and ordinary.

This is a real storehouse of ideas for decorating a suburban area of ​​the house. So, the first idea became. ...

black facade! The owners of this cottage are the married couple Jane and Michael, who moved from Sydney to finally live in a place with clean air for a quiet life for their children (and there are three of them) - Jasper, Scarlett and Rafferty. The family is distinguished by the fact that they always made bold and non-standard decisions, and even the choice of a house was no exception. You can imagine the following - a couple, when looking at a future home with an agent, saw the first home and immediately fell in love, which led to the decision to buy.

"When we first entered, even without words, it became clear to each other that this is what we really wanted, so we did not even see the point of wasting time searching. We immediately told the realtor that we wanted to buy this house.

The woman-consultant was at a loss - in her memory there were no such cases with a quick choice of a house yet. "

how beautiful and unusual to decorate the dacha? Review + Video Almost immediately after the couple moved with the children, they started repairing work and decided to refresh the walls of the house, as well as the house itself, with paint, inserted new windows, and also decorated the interior with vintage lamps and new carpets. A little later, they started looking for unusual pieces of furniture that match their bright image and emphasize their personality. The couple's not the easiest approach to the choice of design cannot be disputed, but who else paints the facade of the house black and comes up with the name "black hut" for the house?

"Our house fully reflects our essence and is personal adventure. Why an adventure? Because when you are looking for pieces of furniture at a vintage fair or you decide to paint the walls in yellow-blue.

We really want to buy a swing chair for the nursery. Besides, since the main function of the house and each room has already been determined, it remains to deal with the details, namely furniture and decorations. For example, there is one item that many would not refuse (a swing chair). A good solution would be to hang them in the bedroom, living room or in the home office. Moreover, this idea will definitely please to our children.


how beautiful and unusual to decorate the dacha? Review + Video Jane and Michael are passionate about vintage items and are ready to look for unusual pieces wherever possible. Every year in Australia, there is an incredibly large scale garbage collection, when people put unnecessary trash on the side of the road. This particular day is happy for the couple, as they love to travel around Sydney in search of something unique, inimitable.

For example, there is a picture of a sparrow in Scarlett's room, and it is the oldest real estate sign Jane could find by the side of the road. Most of the things they find require only a little paint and a couple of nails, they say.

Jane's office desk is an old billboard that previously hung by the road.

"In the work of a stylist, most of all I love the play of colors, scales, proportions and textures. So why not take care of your own home? You can definitely play with it as you like."

And a little more about ideas from Australia. The walls in the house are painted in light shades.

They became the perfect backdrop for colorful pieces of furniture from a variety of styles - a decorative birdcage, a Moroccan couch, a typewriter, and a series of floral paintings that the couple acquired at an auction in Sydney. The house went along with a large garden, and although the decision to buy a house was simple, at the very beginning, the large-scale area of ​​1/2 hectare seemed frighteningly huge.

"Still, we managed to cope and even put things in order in the garden. Now the backyard of the house has become an outlet to a real paradise in the form of a grove with fruit trees, wild irises and bright purple tops of agapanthus. We are also serious approached the issue of lighting the room.

I believe that this moment is the main thing when creating any type of interior. If you use the wrong lighting, it can ruin everything, even if you have beautifully decorated the room and successfully selected furniture. Buying without looking chandeliers is a huge mistake. It is imperative to think over what style of lighting is required, how the design of a particular lamp will be combined with the design of the room, and what type of lighting will favorably emphasize the overall interior of the house. "

In addition, since the family had a private home, Michael decided to please the kids and built a tree house, which became a pirate ship, on which every now and then he constantly has to fight with large and variegated cockatoos.

In addition, the couple decided to plant a miniature vegetable garden directly on the territory of the house, and they call the harvest a real treasure from the garden. The family has a special love for their trees - lemon, orange, cherry and apple. In addition, it was thanks to the garden that the family was able to make new acquaintances, since sometimes Jane shares part of the harvest with neighbors. And also near the house itself there is an old van, which currently plays the role of a guest house.

Dacha # 2

This house and garden has a lyrical name "Glenmore" and is a wonderful and cozy residence, which was built in 1840.

It also consists of utility buildings, a residential building, a vegetable garden, a garden, a rose garden, as well as a large number of decorative flower beds. It's been 25 years since Larry and Mickey Robertson stumbled upon a dilapidated dilapidated house. Now on the site of the old unsightly house there is a unique object of historical character, which perfectly conveys all the beauty of the Australian lifestyle in the countryside.

how beautiful and unusual to decorate the dacha? Review + Video In order to celebrate such a big anniversary, they decided to open the garden to all people as part of the "Open Gardens in Australia "held annually. People are divided into groups and visit many residences, which are open for inspection for several weeks or days (at personal discretion).

Such a tradition is extremely interesting from a worldwide point of view, as it happens that walking in an unfamiliar city in your home country or abroad, you unbearably want to see the life of ordinary people, see what kind of gardens they have and what grows there ... And such an event as "Open Gardens in Australia" helps people from other regions and countries to get to know, gain experience and just have a pleasant / entertaining time.

While showing the beauty of their own garden, the Robertsons also enthusiastically talk about the history of the creation of the house.

Everything was done practically from scratch and with minimal experience. Their home has become a real exciting story and a great testament to how great results can be achieved with consistent work. Despite the fact that the family spent all 25 years in constant worries about the site and repairing the house, the dacha became for this family a real reflection of the essence and an outlet from the hustle and bustle of life. You can see your own reflection in it and this is incredibly pleasing.

The Glenmore estate is located very close to the city of the same name, which, in turn, is located in the southern lowlands of the Camden area (in fact, it is an hour's drive from the capital of the country, Sydney).

Mickey and Larry use the house as a summer residence, while they themselves live in the city limits. Most often, they spend the summer in nature, enjoy their own plot, which blooms and smells, and also reap the fruits grown by their own hands.

how beautiful and unusual to decorate the dacha? Review + Video If you want to get ideas from Australia, there is no better example. The warm season in local latitudes lasts all year round, but there are 6 months separately, when there is a big drought in the area and special attention is required for summer cottages, as well as constant watering. The rest of the time the family comes only when they can or just want to take a break from the frantic rhythm of the city.

The Robertson family decided not to adhere to a certain design style in their own garden, as they simply do not understand why they should limit themselves to some kind of style framework.

When they have free time, they are happy to try to implement new ideas that come to mind, and also do not forget to take care of their own plot longer. In a sense, the garden can still be called Australian, and all because of the choice of architecture of buildings, as well as plants. They wanted to create a place for themselves for a comfortable life in the bosom of nature, so that everything would please the eye.

A long time ago, Larry thought for a long time, but after that he decided to experiment and planted large local plants on both sides of the main entrance to the house.

You can see them in the photo above. At that moment, Mickey said that it was even extravagant for her, but now she completely agrees with her husband and sees that it was Larry's decision that led to the garden becoming truly original and interesting. For this reason, the Robertsons realized that there is a perfect balance between creativity and practicality to create a garden that is both unique and comfortable.

"I wanted to share my own thoughts about working on the site. The most terrible thing for me when decorating the site was that I could not implement some very interesting ideas in practice.

For example, I dreamed all my life about the fact that when I have my own home, flower pots should hang under the window from the outside. Unfortunately, due to the peculiarities of our house, this cannot be done. We thought, and then decided that it was worth putting a bench under the window on which pots will be delivered. After a while I began to like this option even more, because ours, our own! " buildings in which perennials grow themselves. He tries to embody this idea of ​​minimal interference in all places where possible.

"It is extremely important to make the dacha comfortable and suitable for you, the homeowners. When there are enough shelves in the house, sheds, tools, beds and benches, the rest is solved as if by itself. even a small job will take you a lot of time to organize, everything will become a burden, even pulling up a couple of thorny weeds, all because you do not know where to look for gloves for working in the ground. To find them will take at least 15 minutes. Now we have everything in its place, and on the site in the required place we even built a small shed on our own, which looks somewhat like a booth.

It has all the tools that might really be needed at the most unexpected moment. "

Even though after the purchase the Robertsons found that many outbuildings are extremely dilapidated, constant and high-quality care of them paid off, because most of the buildings are over 40 years, and they still stand, and the new owners have replaced only the roof covering.But around the whole family is trying to decorate the space and at the same time be careful in any work. For example, at the back wall of one of the sheds there are pots along the ruler, and even so a large accumulation of small objects looks much neater.

At some point, a married couple was seriously carried away by the cultivation of tapestry plants, and it was on this wave that a whole tunnel was made, which leads directly to the resting place, namely to a small shop.

This design stands in the middle of the garden, and therefore has become even more useful - as soon as you need rest, respite, you do not need to go through the entire plot to the recreation area, which you try with all your might to keep in order and beauty, like ceremonial flower beds. Here you can feel calm and comfortable even in ugly work clothes. This is also how it turns out to have a rest without removing gloves in order to continue working further as soon as possible. In addition to standard garden plants, the Robertsons do not like succulents, which are placed in pots throughout the garden. For Australia, this choice is understandable because the plants do not require frequent watering.

Under a huge canopy, the family decided to make a large and spacious dining room - all family holidays, as well as friends' visits, are celebrated here. 3 tables, which can accommodate 6 people, were taken from neighbors at the moment when the latter decided to just throw out the old furniture. The Robertsons decided that if the thing can still serve, then let it serve and set the tables with beautiful tablecloths, and then arrange them as you want. Here, under a canopy, many seashells that were collected on the beaches of Sydney are suspended on colored ribbons. Such beauty not only reminds of a wonderful vacation at sea in such a hot valley, but also helps to give wonderful memories of the whole family.

Above the main entrance, the family couple did not work for a long time, and only in recent years they got down to business, and began to ennoble this site. Now, following the European example, there is a convenient platform for transport access, which often helps out if friends and relatives come to visit. Moreover, a bench is installed here and large and unpretentious plants are planted geometrically. This helped to make the maintenance of the place minimal, and the beauty and care of it noticeable.


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